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Posted by: Daryl
When: 29/12/2012 5:11:21 PM

Query/ Response:
Hi, Im a Qualified Chartered accountant. Im trying to find a job in UAE/Middle east but this one thing is disturbing me. People keep saying that once i start working in UAE/Middle east, I wont be able to work anywhere else because the experience that i get there is not considered in India or other countries. Is it true that there are very few Accounting and audit standards applicable there? is it also true that there are no tax laws at all? Once i work in UAE/Middle east will i be able to get job in Singapore (because my dream is to work in Singapore)? Also i have no clue why people keep saying that UAE/Middle east is a place only to earn quick money and you can not grow or we become stagnant in career. I kindly wanted your opinion on this.


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