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Posted by: nitin kumar.p
When: 5/9/2013 5:38:34 PM

Query/ Response:
Hello every one,as am in very confused state i need few suggestions from you people.I've completed my Engineering in 2013 i.e., this year.I got an offer as "trainee software developer" by one of the start up company(Inventra global services)which has started its service this year.The company keeps the following conditions, 1)There will be a training for three months.In the duration of training,they are not gonna pay me single penny. 2)After 3 months,they'll observe my performance and if its not to the mark they'll terminate us from the company. 3)If my performance is good,they'll pay us 10k for 3 months and again after 3 months it'll be hiked based on performance. I would like to request all of you to suggest me whether is it worthy to accept the offer or not.Since i haven't got any job from past 3 month, i dont want to loose any oppurtunity.so please reply me with your answers by today(5/9/2013) as i need to submit my documents tommorow(6/9/13). Thank you


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