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August 2010
Jalgaon District News
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31st August:
Indian medical association Dhule conducted Evecon 2010:

Dhule district Indian medical association unit is conducting two days State level women medical practitioners event Evecon 2010 from 25th September. Event will have participation of around 500 women doctors from State and will also have an open public session on women health related aspects.

District inter-school sports competition rescheduled:
Jalgaon district authority conducted sports competition has been rescheduled and would now be conducted from 13th September. This would begin with Handball competition on Corporation and rest district levels in boys and girls category followed by cricket and end in fencing.

  • Marathon competition at Bhusawal on 02nd September
  • Sachin patil wins district level body building competition
  • St. Teresa School team qualifies for State competition in Table tennis by winning divisional competition
  • Nehru trophy hockey competition – Anglo Urdu, Biyani, Godavari Schools win
  • District basketball team moves for participation in State competition at Pune

30th August:
Heavy raining in Bhusawal and Raver:

Both Bhusawal and Raver Taluka yesterday witnessed heavy raining after a gap of week. This raining has spread joy in farmers and has overflowed various water hand pumps. Jalgaon city also had medium showering yesterday afternoon and later in night. Neighbouring Dhule and Nandurbar districts also witnessed heavy raining.

73 players honoured on eve of National sports day:
District sports authority yesterday honoured Jalgaon’s 73 various players on eve of National sports day. These players have participated in international, national and State levels. Authority also announced clear plan on 13 out of 15 Taluka based sports stadium. The Jalgaon Taluka complex has 19 acres land and youth hostel has 3 acres land allocation received. It honoured various players having performed in various games.

  • State sugar factories counter-guarantee scheme – to benefit Belganga factory rejuvenation amongst 10 in State
  • District amateur swimming association conducted competition – evokes fabulous response
  • Jalgaon jewellery market estimates sharp rise in gold and silver rates following recessionary aspects in USA
  • District Atya-Patya team selection today
  • NMU affiliation change proposal last date 31st August

29th August:
Adv. Baheti memorial trophy debating competition:
Adv. Baheti Arts, Commerce and Science College Jalgaon is conducting State level Adv. Baheti memorial trophy debating competition on 25th September. This is seventh year of the competition and it aims at spreading social awareness and responsibility through such event. This year’s topic is “Today’s education system – is it complete in providing employment opportunities”. Students studying in any college in Maharashtra and College having affiliated to any University within Maharashtra can apply for participation in group of 2 for team. Competition attracts first prize of Rs. 3,501, second prize of Rs. 2,501, third prize of Rs. 1,501 and Rs. 551 based 4 consolation prizes. Please contact college on 0257-2226147 for detailed information and participation.

  • Chalisgaon Taluka leads wresting competition conducted at Chalisgaon
  • SSC/ HSC March 2011 forms submission extended until 15th September
  • District level body building competition today

28th August:
Heavy raining pleases region:
Jalgaon district witnessed medium to heavy raining on Thursday night throughout region. As a result of this raining standing crop and many a dam of region are in good storage now. District’s Girana and Hatnur dam has raised levels wherein Manyad, Suki, Ambhora, Tondapur, Hivra and Mangrul have turned full. Chalisgaon and Jamner had heavy rainfall and Girana dam also witnessed sharp rise in levels. Please refer Monsoon 2010 section for details.

St. Aloysius and Bahinabai shines in SAI competitions:
The Sports authority of India conducted district level inter-school competition ended yesterday with St. Aloysius School Bhusawal boys and Bahinabai School Jalgaon girls winning the respective groups. Competition begun on 21st August and had 21 teams participation. Shanbhag school boys won runner up and Zambre school secured girl’s runner up award.

  • Maharashtra talent search exam for class VIII to X in April 2011
  • Shanbhag school wins inter-school football competition defeating Dr. Patil School Savda by 6-0
  • Skating hockey competition today in Jalgaon on eve of national sports day
  • District agricultural department initiated immediate meeting on banana infection today

27th August:
Chopda sugar factory aims 3 Lakh tonnes sugarcane processing:
Jalgaon district’s one of top performer co-operative sugar factory, Chopda factory has announced its action plan for this season sugarcane processing. It has set ambitious target of 3 Lakh tonnes of sugarcane processing during this season and would look forward to have more procurement from out of its territory zone. Factory has 4,200 hectares land under sugarcane cultivation and has announced processing to be continued for 160 days. Factory offered Rs. 2,100 per quintal rate last year and had average of 10-11% produces and would likely start by October.

Swine flu positive 4-years girl dies:
Swine flu is badly spreading and hitting region. District civil hospital under treatment 4-years girl having swine flu died yesterday. Her 18 months old brother is equally serious and has been moved to Aurangabad for further treatment. This family was resident of Shivaji Nagar. This is first death following swine flu in Jalgaon district and has alarmed health authorities.

Silver and gold goes dearer:
Jalgaon jewellery market yesterday witnessed sharp rise in gold and silver prices yesterday. Gold touched its new high of Rs. 19,750 per 10gms wherein silver touched its new high of Rs. 32,000 per kg. This rise is mainly following international markets upward trend and higher demands. Both precious metals have reached their lifetime high.

State electricity distribution Company announces reduction in load shedding:
State owned Electricity distribution Company has announced reduction in its on-going electricity load shedding. As per new schedule rural areas will now have 10-12 hours load shedding to that of earlier 13-15 hours and urban areas will have 2.45 to 6.30 hours to that of earlier 4.15 to 8 hours depending on its category. Key challenges for Company would be real genuine implementation as most of its alike announcements made public panic more on electricity sudden cuts.

  • Medium to heavy raining in district – Chalisgaon witnesses pouring
  • District’s Banana faces fungal infections while being in Delhi shipment – losses worth 70 Lakhs estimated
  • Corporation announces 9.50 Crores based road and alike development works

26th August:
State approves Rs. 4,290 Crores based new 660MW thermal power project:
Maharashtra State government has approved setting up of a new thermal power generation centre with 660MW capacity at estimated cost of Rs. 4,290 Crores. State would avail 858 Crores to Maharashtra Electricity generation Company as its capital in 5 year’s span and rest would be through finance from banks. Proposed project would require 109 hectares additional land. District has made warm welcome to this announcement with hopes of good employment and growth opportunities and has equally expressed it’s concerned on rising pollution level following this setup.
Bhusawal was first chosen for electricity power generation in 1962 for 62.5MW unit and continues to remain on higher preference following existing setup, being railway’s junction point and divisional office, having various State and Central Government setup and added security following all such aspects.

Raver banana faces infections:
District’s banana produces hub Raver is facing hard times with rising amount of infection and alike spreads on standing banana crop. Banana producers here estimate around 20% crop losses this season following this spread. Cloudy atmosphere, imbalanced raining and alike moist climate are a few of key reasons of risen infection. Raver Taluka has crossed 600mm raining in this monsoon before end of August and many farms have redness on banana leaves.

Village Panchayat elections – 84 unopposed:
Jalgaon district’s second round of village Panchayat elections now have clear picture of fights. Yesterday was last day of withdrawal of nominations and it witnessed large number of withdrawals. This election will now have 84 Panchayat having candidates unopposed elected. Most of candidates have now begun full pace election campaigning.

  • Dhule based teacher Suman Gopinath Patil nominated in Central bets teacher award 2009
  • ABVP State wide Colleges closure strike marks 100% response
  • State orders Corporation to submit revised proposal for shopping complex cum parking centre at old Council building, Sane Guruji Complex
  • Swine flu counter rises – One more out of 3 samples sent marked positive

25th August:
Village Panchayat second round nominations withdrawal ends today:
Jalgaon district’s various Panchayat undergoing election have today as last date of withdrawing nomination forms. There are 653 Panchayat in district undergoing voting on 05th September and today’s withdrawal would post clear views on fights in the election.

ABVP announced Colleges protest closure today:
ABVP has announced a day protest closure of all Colleges in State against on-going trade alike policies in education, strict norms implementation for fixing of fees and controlling admission process alike various issues in educational field. It appeals government to form education tribunal act to regulate all processes, avail scholarships at year beginning and conducting College representatives open elections.

  • District basketball team selection for Under-13 State competition at Pune today at district sports complex
  • Raksha Bandhan festivity celebrated with cheer and enthusiasm
    District awaits heavy raining – humid climate discomforts life

24th August:

Raksha Bandhan greetings from Team EJalgaon.com

Village Panchayat election results shows desire for change:
Round-1 of village Panchayat election results announced yesterday has shown a wave of change amongst villagers. At many Panchayat, established candidates witnessed pull back and new youth faces have replaced them. Second round has 653 Village Panchayat and this result has turned eye opener for rest of Panchayat candidates. Bhadgaon has change of ruling party wherein Amalner and Parola now have youth faces. Jamner has Congress-NCP alliance winning 8 and rest 6 by BJP.

New Corporation commissioner takes charge:
Newly appointed Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation Commissioner Prakash Bokhad yesterday took charge as new Corporation Commissioner. He has announced his priorities to resolving citizen’s grievances along with priority to infrastructural resources development.

State announces replicating Jalgaon LBT module in rest 16 D-category corporations:
Maharashtra State government has announced its plan to implement LBT in 16 other D-Category municipal corporations replacing Octroi. This announcement came after first trial on this LBT applied on Jalgaon, Nanded and Meera-Bhayander Corporations getting good revenue collection. Corporation areas now have 0.5% cess on franking services generating additional revenue for Corporations. It now plans to convert all other D category Corporations into LBT and has no plans to discontinue LBT or Octroi tax.

Jalgaon wins State swimming competition at Aurangabad:
Aurangabad district amateur swimming association conducted Swimming championship has witnessed dazzling performance by Jalgaon swimmers winning 19 gold, 20 silver and 19 bronze medals totalling to 58 medals and top in the tally. Jalgaon boys and girls participated in almost all categories of the competition.

  • ABVP announces protest closure of all Colleges on Wednesday, 25th August – marks various issues needing good attention

23rd August:
Village Panchayat elections – 80% voting:
Jalgaon district’s 8 Taluka based 110 village Panchayat witnessed around 80% voting turnout yesterday. Votes counting would begin today at 10AM at Tahsil level. Results are likely to be clear by afternoon. Voting went peaceful and no major incidence was reported. Amalner had 83.70% voting wherein Jamner was on top with 86% voting.

St. Teresa School wins Cadet challenge trophy cricket competition:

St. Teresa Convent English medium School has won district cricket association organised 6th inter-school cadet challenge trophy competition by defeating Anubhooti School by 16 runs. This is second consecutive year victory of Teresa School in the event. School’s student Vedant Dhande won man of the match award for chipping 11 valuable runs and taking 3 wickets, 2 catches. He also won man of the series award for 84 runs and 7 wickets throughout competition. Teresa batted first and scored 106 runs in 22.4 over. Teresa bowled out Anubhooti on 90 runs with Vedant’s marvellous bowling performance.

  • Pulse polio vaccination drive – 87% target achieved, houses and public places remote vaccination begins
  • District level softball competition – Rashtriya School and Tatya Samant Schools Chalisgaon wins
  • Bhusawal thermal power station reports lower electricity production following wet coal receipts
  • SIP prodigy Khandesh level competition – Shirpur wins, Jalgaon centre wins runner up award
  • State Right to Information Act Commissionerate in Jalgaon from 23rd until 26th August

22nd August:
Swine flu deters festive season – 4 positive:
Jalgaon district civil hospital yesterday received reports of Pune laboratory confirming 4 patients earlier admitted as alike cases of swine flu as swine flu positive. This has raised count to 7 in this season and it has alarmed citizens and administration on controlling its spread ahead. Positive confirmed patients are from Amalner, Chopda, Raver and MuktaiNagar.

District’s 110 village Panchayat go for voting today:
Jalgaon district’s 7 Taluka based 110 village Panchayat are undergoing election voting today in first phase. List included 128 Panchayat in all and has 18 Panchayat elected unopposed. There are 1,883 candidates in fray. Administration has appointed around 2,000 revenue department employees for smooth conduct of election process. This includes Amalner, Jamner, Bodwad, Parola, Chopda, Bhadgaon and Chalisgaon Taluka at 380 polling booths.
This election would follow second round of voting on 05th September. Administration has received 12,112 nomination forms till yesterday being last date of filling. Administration has issued weekly markets closure for 22nd August and 05th September.

Pulse polio vaccination drive today:
District health authority is conducting pulse polio vaccination drive today throughout district. This mop-up drive is a special measure being introduced following second polio patient in neighbouring Malegaon. It has targeted 327,698 children from 0-5 year age group at 1,231 polio booths. All public locations like railway station, bus stand and major markets will have transit mobile vaccination team. Authorities have urged citizens to take their children in this age group to nearest booth for vaccination.

Cadet challenge trophy cricket competition – Anubhooti and St. Teresa in finals:
District cricket association conducted under-12 district level cricket competition yesterday witnessed Anubhooti and St. Teresa Schools entering into final round of the competition. Anubhooti defeated Orion English School by 10 runs and St. Teresa defeated Rustomji by 22 runs. Final match and prize distribution is in today evening.

  • Pioneer club basketball competition – Pioneer, Chalisgaon marks inaugural day victories
  • Khandesh level SIP prodigy 2010 abacus competition in Jalgaon today
  • Road race cycle competition from 27th August, contact district triathlon association for details
  • Sindhi community youth introduction meet today at Saint Hardasram Hall
  • Jalgaon city’s JMTU public bus service completes one year today

21st August:
Meteorological department alerts heavy raining:
State meteorological department has alerted heavy to very heavy raining in Jalgaon district. District administration has raised alerts to every Tahsil level and has sent warnings to villages on banks of Rivers. Meanwhile Hatnur dam’s two gates are open following raining in Madhya Pradesh and Tapi River’s origin. District had medium showering yesterday evening and late nights.

District industrial associations raises demand of shifting divisional office to Jalgaon:
Jalgaon district’s industrial associations have formed a resolution to get MIDC’s regional office setup at Jalgaon rather State’s yesterday announced Dhule. Associations have demanded Jalgaon office on grounds of huge MIDC extension in Jalgaon along with its geographical extent a plus and above all district has more number of queries and requirements than Dhule and Nandurbar. This ambitious demand would equally need political push on State front to get real benefit.

State marathon competition – Shyam Pawar and Rita Jagtap tops:
District youth congress and district athletics association conducted State level marathon competition yesterday witnessed 2,272 athletes participation. Shyam Pawar won men category along with Rita Jagtap winning women category competition. Event evoked active participation of large number of youth.

Rustomji and Orion enters semis of challenge trophy competition:
District cricket association conduced cadet challenge inter-school cricket competition yesterday witnessed Rustomji and Orion Schools entering in semis. Chirag Agrawal and Kalpesh Khadke of respective schools won man of the match award. Rustomji boys defeated Zambre school wherein Orion defeated Palod School. Today Anubhuti would play versus Orion and St. Teresa versus Rustomji would play in semi-finals.

  • Corporation general body meeting – announces 2-days alternate water supplies from 15th September if raining fails
  • Chopda municipal council wins Saint Gadge Baba cleanliness drive award comprising of Rs. 8 Lakhs cash
  • Goa express gets halt at Jalgaon railway station from 15th August
  • Village Panchayat nominations filling – 6,678 applications received till fifth day
  • DIC conducted entrepreneurship development programme – contact DIC for details

20th August:
Cadet challenge trophy cricket competition:
Jain sports academy and district association jointly conducted sixth cadet challenge cricket competition yesterday witnessed A. T. Zambre School, Orion School and St. Teresa Schools entering into semis of the competition. Rohan Marathe, Shailesh Patil and Apurva Aswar won man of the match awards for the respective teams. Today Orion would play versus Palod School, Zambre versus Rustomji School.

Bhusawal boys wins gold in boxing:
Bhusawal based Kalicharan Kharare has won gold in 52-54kg category competition conducted at Bhadravati in Chandrapur district by Maharashtra boxing association. This is his third consecutive medal in the event. His brother Yuvraj won gold in 30-32kg cup class category.

  • Corporation general body meet today – To be chaired by in-charge Commissioner
  • Village Panchayat elections – drinking water, electricity scarcity key sellers
  • Sports association of India organised district level sports competition begins from 21st August
  • Pioneer sports club organised open basketball competition from today

19th August:
Greetings on eve of world photography day!

State announces opening up of MIDC divisional office at Dhule:
Maharashtra State government has announced opening up of Dhule divisional office of Maharashtra Industrial development Corporation to cater to various industrial services need of Khandesh region. Earlier Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar were under Nashik divisional office and all approvals and allotments were being carried through this office. As a result, entrepreneurs and their representations were required to visit Nashik for the same and have been facing stiff delays in executions.
This office will have around 15-20 staff with divisional officer and it is currently looking for land for its own office. Divisional office being set up at Dhule is mainly for key reason of future implementation of Delhi – Mumbai industrial corridor (DMIC) ambitious project. Under this new project, Dhule will have one more MIDC along with neighbouring Nashik and Aurangabad. Dhule district’s Dondaicha and Songir mega electricity projects, solar city project in Sakri, central government’s ambitious cargo hub project and Lupin foundation’s Unnati project are also in full pace processing here.

FIDE rated chess competition – Anup Deshmukh wins:
State open FIDE rated chess competition ended yesterday in Jalgaon with Nagpur based Anup Deshmukh winning with 8.50 points followed by Sameer Kathmode from Sangli on second rank and Solapur based Gopal Rathode securing third rank. Competition was jointly organised by district chess association, State and Central Maharashtra chess associations in Jalgaon. First prize included Rs. 21,000 Cash and memento with trophy, second prize comprised of Rs. 18,000 and trophy and third price was of Rs. 10,000 and trophy. Jalgaon’s Ronak Mehta secured 7th, Hardik Mehta secured 8th, Dhruv Shah scored 11th, Pratik Patil scored 18th and Chandrashekhar Deshmukh scored 20th rank.

  • Village Panchayat nomination filling in pace
  • Khandesh’s dam holds 30% storage – awaits rain pouring to fulfil drinking water needs ahead
  • D. T. Ed. Final merit list announced – refer district institute of education and training (DIET) for details
  • Inter school sports competition – 6 teams move to next round
  • District table tennis team selected
  • Open basketball competition from Friday, 20th August

18th August:
Banana gets Rs. 772 per quintal rate:

Jalgaon district’s banana is witnessing its peak benefit rates with per quintal rate touching to Rs. 772 with difference rate for good quality. This is season’s highest rate for banana. Medium range banana was sold at Rs. 565 with difference factor at Rs. 8. Shravana and Ramazan festivity demand have made it dearer.

More swine flu patients in district:
Jalgaon district civil hospital yesterday reported arrival of 5 more swine flu alike cases. It has taken all in observation. This includes three from Jalgaon city, one from Pahur (Jamner), One from Anturli (MuktaiNagar).
Gold shoots further – touches 19,400 per 10gms:
Gold and silver continue to witness rising trend following good demand. Yesterday Gold touched its high of 19,400 per 10gms and silver reached 31,000 per kg level in Jalgaon market. This marks around Rs. 400 rise in mere week following risen dollar prices. This is lifetime high price of gold to its earlier high of Rs. 19,300 per 10gms.

Children film festival in Jalgaon:
Government sponsored children film festival begun yesterday in Jalgaon. This festival has district wide chain of children films to be presented at various cinema halls from 09am until 11am. Festivity aims at spreading ethical and good cultural values.

Village Panchayat elections round-2 – 26 booths sensitive:
The second round of village Panchayat elections in district has 194 Panchayat and 936 booths. This list has 26 high sensitive booths as marked by EC. There are 859 candidates from general category in this election and 1,672 seats in all. Administration has initiated training drives for election staff and is in final phase for deciding votes counting results for all Tahsil. Administration yesterday received 421 applications for various Panchayat.

Cadet challenge trophy cricket competition:
District cricket association conducted inter-school challenge trophy cricket competition day#1 witnessed Anubhuti, Rustomji, Vidya and Central schools wining their group matches. Winning team’s Tanmay Chandak, Chirag Agrawal, Mohit Valbani and Prateek Baviskar won man of the match award for their respective teams.

Khnadesh’s 12 players selected in West warrior T-20 cricket team:
Khandesh region’s 12 players have been selected in West Warrior T-20 cricket team. This includes Tausif Khan (Pachora), Prashant More (Pachora), Ravindra Vadekar (Bhadgaon), Bhikan Shah (Chalisgaon), Pravin Tayade (Chopda), Ashfaq Shaikh (Jalgaon), Mohsin Tadvi Jalgaon, Adv. Bipin Patil Jalgaon, Satyajit Mahajan Jalgaon, Gautam Pofli Dhule, Naitin Ahuja Dhule and Vineet Arora Dhule along with Sanjay Jagtap and Yogesh Pardeshi from Nandurbar.

  • FIDE rated chess competition – Anup Deshmukh leads the matches, competition ends today
  • District softball competition – L. N. High School, Lunkad schools win
  • Newly appointed Corporation Commissioner to join on 23rd August

17th August:
State announces new Corporation Commissioner:

Maharashtra State government has announced transfer of existing Corporation Commissioner to Kalyan-Dombivali as Commissioner. The newly appointed Commissioner Prakash Bokhad currently having Nagpur Municipal Corporation deputy Commissioner would join soon. He has been promoted from Class-1 Chief Officer role to Commissioner.

Village Panchayat election second round nominations begin:
Jalgaon district’s 653 village Panchayat undergoing election in second phase witnessed start of process with nomination filling process. Administration received 120 applications on first day. First round of election has 128 Panchayat undergoing voting. These Panchayat now have full fledged election campaigning going on.

FIDE rated chess competition evokes enthusiastic response:
District association conducted first ever FIDE rated chess competition evoked fabulous response with players from across participating in the event. First day marked leads for Anup Deshmukh (Nagpur), Sameer Kathmale (Sangli) on first along with Gaurav Konde (Pune) and Hardik Mehta (Jalgaon) were on second position with 5.50 points.

Jain cadet challenge trophy cricket competition begins today:
Jain sports academy and district cricket association jointly conducted under-12 sixth inter-school competition is beginning today at police parade ground. Competition has participation of 20 schools and will have two sessions each with 15-15 overs each side and final match of 25 overs each. Inaugural day match includes Rustomji versus Pragati School, St. Lawrence versus Anubhooti School. Second session will have Central School versus ZP School and Vidya versus Raisoni School.

  • Khandesh’s 3 Panchayat receives divisional cleanliness award – Includes Giradgaon from Yaval winning 30,000 cash prize

16th and 15th August:
Independence Day 2010 greetings – Long live Indian democracy

Corporation review meeting on swine flu:
Jalgaon city municipal Corporation and medical fraternity met yesterday to review swine flu state in city. Both earlier found positive patients have been confirmed to have swine flu while being out of town. Administration has introduced a check of all incoming persons in city on this aspect and continues its health checks ups in its run hospitals.

Jalgaon’s Patil, Kolpakar nominated with presidential medal:
State home ministry has nominated Jalgaon police sub divisional office based assistant police officer Dinkar Aba Patil and district home guards co-ordinator Vinod Kolpakar for this year’s presidential medals on eve of independence day 2010. List also includes Dhule based Chintaman Chindha Deore, Navapur resident Madhukar Gavit for the same.

JDCC Bank annual general meeting review:
Jalgaon district’s apex co-operative bank JDCC Bank general body met yesterday to review its annual developments. Meeting witnessed chaos amongst members following gratuity, insurance dues and administration decision on writing off 72 Crores 72 Lakhs 14,465 dues of 61 societies. Bank earned 59.40 Crores net profit during FY 2009-10 and now has 155.76 Crores reserved losses till 31st March.

  • Government polytechnic admissions 2010 – 60 seats vacant after admission process
  • IGNOU B. Ed. Admission process begins at NMU in Jalgaon
  • State announces general accidental insurance for farmers as Independence day gift – urges farmers to benefit by just paying Rs. 14 for the same

14th August:
Swine flu hits Jalgaon – two admitted:

Jalgaon city’s Pimprala based two youth have been reported to have confirmed swine flu. Both are admitted to civil hospital for further treatment. Authorities have sent blood samples for further evaluation. Administration has urged citizens to take extreme care of viral spreads and to follow maximum cleanliness.

Corporation tussle with MSRTC on city bus stand:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation after taking over city bus services is in tussle with Maharashtra State road transport Corporation on getting its city bus stand land for city bus operations. State transport Corporation has denied availing the land and has also negated Corporation stand on starting up city bus in neighbouring places. Corporation demanded this extension in service on grounds of losses faced by private party in running this service in city limits. MSRTC has quoted demand of royalty for extending this service beyond city limits. Moreover city based old bus stand land issue is also like to witness legal issues and tussle ahead. None of State ministry has yet arrived in between to resolve this complexity of issue. Jalgaon’s fate of always having opposition ruling party in Corporation to that of in State Government, continues to mark hindrances in its growth and requirements.

FIDE rated chess competition in Jalgaon:
State chess association, central Maharashtra chess association and district association jointly conducted FIDE rated chess competition in begin today in Jalgaon. Competition first round is from 12.30pm and second from 5.30pm and has food and accommodation for outstation players.

  • Gold shoots further – touches Rs. 19,150 per 10gms
  • Corporation ruling party proposes 2 days alternate drinking water supplies in city following lowered storage in Waghur dam
  • Belganga sugar factory likely to start this year following State’s counter guarantee for all sugar factories in State
  • District rated table tennis competition begins today at district sports complex
  • Amalner municipal council begins cleanliness drive after swine flu patient death
  • NMU conducted affiliated colleges digital software training at its senate hall today afternoon

13th August:
Amalner lady dies with swine flu:

District has hard hit with viral infections with swine flu taking its first victim in this season. Yesterday a 50-years aged lady died of swine flu at Dhule. She was under treatment at Dhule and was earlier under treatment in private hospital.

NMU to complete 20 years of establishment on 15th August:
Khandesh region’s educational nerve, North Maharashtra University Jalgaon is completing 20 years on 15th August 2010. University was established in 1990 to take care of educational needs of Khandesh region comprising of Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar districts. NMU now is State’s one of fast growing academic institution having manifold educational curriculum in its services basket and enriches thousands of students through education in its affiliated colleges. Key challenges for University ahead includes identifying local needs, enhancement employment opportunities, promoting itself as an attraction to serve by scholars in respective fields, applying student friendly and cost effective IT implementations and keeping rhythm with overall trends and needs ahead.

  • FIDE rated chess competition in Jalgaon from Saturday at district sports complex
  • State drama competition – last date of participation today
  • Court orders magistrate inquiry in Khandesh Mahotsav trust following PIL
  • NMU chemical technology department gets 20 Lakhs aid from department of science and technology for study of hypoglycaemic activity

12th August:
Village Panchayat elections – 16 Panchayat election goes unopposed:

Jalgaon district’s 128 village Panchayat undergoing election now have clear picture with last date of withdrawal ending yesterday. Now there are 140 candidates for 69 seats of 14 Panchayat in district. District’s 16 Panchayat had no opposition candidate giving unopposed victory. Second round nomination filling would begin on 16th August.

M. J. College sets up Animal house in College:
Jalgaon based M. J. College has setup animal house in its zoology department to initiate research and related work to enhance animal safety and alike educational services. Central environmental and forestry ministry along with forest animal conservation organisation has approved this house. Board would now appoint dedicated animal husbandry doctor to monitor and support animal health related concerns.

  • State government issues resolution confirming artificial ripening of banana – Orders FDA to stop inquiries in same reference
  • District’s 7 dam water management to go in farmer’s hand under water reforms – likely to handover real control by December 2011
  • District traffic police closes Shivaji Nagar railway overhead bridge for heavy motor vehicles - bridge completes over a 100 years span
  • Zambre school qualifies for divisional under-17 Subrato Mukhrjee football competition at Dhule
  • ZP receives 51,865 applications for scholarships to minority students in Jalgaon district

11th August:
Big bazaar pings Jalgaon:

Future group wholly owned subsidy of fast growing retail venture Big bazaar has announced its Jalgaon branch opening. Group owns 120 big bazaar stores and 170 food bazaar stores throughout India and its Jalgaon opening has cheered region. It is currently in process of recruitment and is recruiting team members, leaders, head cashier, assistant and head department managers, warehouse assistants, stockists and cataloguers for this branch. It would soon announce its inauguration. Jalgaon earlier has Vishal mega mart as first entrant in the field. Jalgaon’s per capita income, rising living standards and central location are a few of key attractions for opening up of such malls.

Village Panchayat election battle field picture to get clear today:
Jalgaon district’s various village Panchayat undergoing election in second phase have today as last date of withdrawal of nomination. This process would clear actual picture of candidatures ahead. There are 576 valid nominations for 18 seats in Chopda, 488 forms for 17 seats in Parola, 448 nominations for 15 seats in Jamner. Candidates and parties have tightened up their processes to arrive at decision and quickly move into campaigning.

Siddhi Vyankatesh temple ‘Jhula Mahotsav’ begins today:
Siddhi Vyankatesh temple and Siddhi Mahalaxmi temple committees Jalgaon are jointly organising annual Jhula Mahotsav on beginning of Shravana month from today until 06th September at Vyankatesh temple on Akashwani square in Jalgaon. The rich cultural heritage of this festivity has various types of decorations of Lord Krishna every day and does end with ice decoration as one of key attraction. Organisers have urged all devotees to take blessings.

Jalgaon wins 13 gold at State swimming competition:
Jalgaon district amateur team has won 13 gold, 11 silver and 10 bronze in State level swimming competition organised at Jalna. Team’s various players participated in under-6, under-10, Under-14, Under-19 and Under-24 category various competitions. Jalgaon players dominated the event by being on top of tally of medals.

  • Corporation to initiate resurfacing of major roads in city in October
  • Bhusawal thermal power station extension project – Authorities acquire 100 hectares land for proposed railway line for coal transporting
  • Khandesh receives 79.56 Lakhs grants for rural self-employment through rural development authority
  • Jalgaon’s Kishor Chaudhari selected as trainer for Indian softball team for upcoming fourth girl’s Asian softball competition at Washi

10th August:
Jalgaon milk union posts 1.19 Crores profit in FY 2009-10:

Jalgaon district’s milk revolution Jalgaon district co-operative milk producer’s union popularly known as ‘Vikas’ has posted a net profit of 1 Crore 19 lakhs 87,000. This profit has made union debt free from earlier reserved loss. Union has repaid both NDDB and State government soft loans and has achieved 176 Crores turnover during FY 2009-10.
Union has announced availing Rs. 22.54 per litre rate to buffalo and Rs. 13.72 to cow milk in its 39th annual general meeting held on Sunday. It achieved an average daily milk procurement of 152,000 litres milk and daily sales of 155,160 litres. Union has now formed 12 Crores action plan for modernisation of its chilling plant, enhancing storage capacities and reaching more areas.

Corporation initiates swine flu control action plan:
Jalgaon city municipal Corporation has announced its action plan for swine flu’s control along with other viral spreads. It plans to introduce awareness in citizens through various activities, conducting seminars of private practising doctors, and then to individual citizens. It would also begin survey of areas to evaluate future plans and control accordingly.

  • Village Panchayat elections gear political sentiments – candidates begin campaigning through personal touches
  • Corporation standing committee approves Rs 9 Crores road development works
  • FYJC admissions – around 400 seats in arts faculty still vacant
  • Heavy raining slides protection wall in Ajanta caves – traffic disrupts, PWD begins war level repairs

09th August:
District tops in cotton cultivation throughout Maharashtra:

Jalgaon district continue to add crown to its agricultural glory by remaining on top of list by being biggest cotton producer in Maharashtra. This season has 3,934,329 hectares of cotton cultivation in State and this includes Jalgaon having 518,000 hectare (8% of overall produces). District scores fifth rank in grains and alike other agricultural produces. Yavatmal follows Jalgaon with 4.89 Lakh hectares cultivation and Aurangabad with 3.32 Lakh hectares cultivation during the season.

Jalgaon merchant bank now to merge in Hingoli People Bank:
Jalgaon merchant’s co-operative bank ltd. General body yesterday in its annual general meeting has announced merging in Hingoli People’s co-operative Bank. Bank earlier planned merger with Ahmednagar co-operative Bank but failed to comply with and get RBI nod for the same. Merger would include its head office operation along with two branches. Both banks have sent this documentation to RBI for final approval.

Shravana festivity picks pace – to begin from Tuesday:
The mega period of religious enchanting and recharging ‘Shravana’ month is beginning from tomorrow, 10th August. This Shravana month’s 4 Shravana Monday are on 16th August, 23rd August, 30th August and 06th September. Nag Panchami is on 14th August, Raksha Bandhan is on 24th August followed by Janmashtami on 01st September and Pola on 08th September.

State taekwondo competition – Pune tops:
District taekwondo association conducted State level sub-junior competition ended yesterday with Pune being on top with 6 gold and 137 points followed by Mumbai sub-urban as runner up with 136 points and Mumbai city as third winner. Mumbai sub-urban based Akash Waghmode and Pune’s Anaya Dixit won best fighter awards in respective category.
Pune and Mumbai sub-urban both won 6 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze, Mumbai city won 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronzes, Sangli won 2 gold, 3 silver and 5 bronze and Beed won 4 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals in the competition.

  • Jalgaon people’s bank announces merger of Dhule Urban Bank in it – reaches 555 Crores deposits
  • Panchayat elections – 75% voting in Dhule for 73 and 82% in Nandurbar for 12 seats
  • State announces offering of domicile and related government papers at Schools and Colleges
  • District level hockey and rifle shooting competition rescheduled – Hockey to begin on 29th August

08th August:
Monsoon showers chilling weather:

The 3 days continued rain showering in region has led to chilling climatic conditions and many a Rivers and Nala have witnessed flooding. Three youths drown in this flooding at Kingaon. Raining continued for full day yesterday in medium to heavy form and it even did not let sunrise seen. Climate still is cloudy and likely to have more raining. Raining has made 3 out of 13 dams full wherein Hatnur had 43.69%, Girana has 11.53%. This includes Jalgaon city on top with 34.8mm rainfall and Raver in bottom with mere 16.8mm raining. Please refer Monsoon section for detailed news.

Chalisgaon dairy business needs revival:
Jalgaon district’s earlier popular dairy and allied products destination Chalisgaon is going through its difficult times. Government’s dairy closure and lowering infrastructural resources have drastically fallen down this city’s daily milk supplies from 2.50 Lakh litres to mere 50,000 litres to Mumbai region. City has around 150 dairy in medium and large scale on Hirapur road. City earlier 33 milk freezing and chilling plants have reduced to mere 8. Flooded arrival of dairies, lowering quality of milk and counter competition and good quality from Kolhapur and Nagar districts were a few of critical factors of downfall.
Political rejuvenating of this dairy industry by aiding with schemes, availing sufficient animal feeds, latest technology, raw material and lowered rate funding are highly desired. Jalgaon milk union alike NDDB pattern following could also outshine and mark new dawn in this city.

Swine flu hits district again:
Changed and colder climatic condition have led to arrival of drastic swine flu spread again. District civil hospital yesterday admitted one lady having just delivered a baby for treatment. Neighbouring Pune, Nashik, Malegaon and Aurangabad swine flu is spreading further. Administration has issued alerts to citizens and has confirmed availability of all required medicines in its swine flu control room.

State taekwondo competition – Pune tops day#1 with two gold:
Taekwondo association of Maharashtra and Jalgaon jointly conducted 24th sub junior taekwondo competition begun yesterday at district stadium in Jalgaon. Competition first day marked Pune players registering phenomenal performance and picking 2 Gold and one bronze. Competition has 410 players from across State in Under-16, 20, 29, 32 year category in boys and girls.

District science exhibition:
District level science exhibition ended yesterday at Raisoni English medium school with participation of 27 schools from district. Parola based S. V. S. Girl’s High School student Ankita Suhas Pawar won first prize along with Samant Secondary High School Chalisgaon student Tushar Girish Vaidya winning second prize. Participating 27 students used posters, projectors to present their made projects.

  • Village Panchayat elections – 3,880 candidates in fray for 128 Panchayat, last date of withdrawal is 11th August
  • Sindhi community conducted Saint Jhulelal worshhiping at Waghur dam for good water storage in dam on 11th August

07th August:
Monsoon showering glees region:

Entire Khandesh witnessed full monsoon cheer yesterday with showering continued throughout the day. Jalgaon and Dhule city and rest of district had continued rain showering in medium to heavy form. Hatnur dam’s 4 gates have been opened to control water pressure and administration has issued warning to villages on banks of River.

Ajanta and other tourist places turns lush green:
Continued raining in showering form in intervals has led to good growth of greenery all around the region. As a result of this district’s hilly zones are now covered with greenery giving most excitement to tour and enjoy nature at its best. Lakes and waterfalls at many of such locations now are spreading joy of monsoon. Ajanta caves waterfall, Manudevi waterfall and alike such resources are now flowing with full pace giving nature’s beauty at a glance.

State taekwondo competition begins in Jalgaon:
State Taekwondo association and its district counterpart association jointly organised 24th sub-junior taekwondo competition begun yesterday in Jalgaon at district stadium. Competition has participation of around 500 players from across State and this is second consecutive year Jalgaon has received opportunity to host the event.

District wins one gold and a bronze in table soccer:
Jalgaon district players have won one gold and a bronze medal in State table soccer association conducted competition at Mumbai. Sachin Gangawane won gold wherein Vikrant Chaudhari won bronze in the event.

  • Village Panchayat elections – 524 applications in Pachora, 236 in Chalisgaon
  • NMU rejects student associations demand of 4 subject ATKT in engineering

06th August:
Fertilisers and pesticides shortage woes farmers:

District farmers are witnessing sudden shortage of fertilisers and pesticides during on-going season. This has resulted in huge queues in centre receiving slower supplies from governmental agencies. Fertilisers and pesticides supplies are government controlled and every year administration registers its demand to State and this unit to National counterpart to process. District administration yesterday conducted a review meeting and has assumed arrival of 10,300 tonnes of fertilisers and pesticides.

Maheshwari trophy competition on Sunday:
District Maheshwari community is organising a day long cultural and various competition under Maheshwari trophy. Event has received participation from Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar and has various programmes throughout the day.

Indian school games confederation updates rules in five games:
The Indian school games confederation has announced change in technical rules for upcoming 56th national inter-school games. This revision has impact and change in Hockey, Kabbadi, Fencing and Sikai Marshal Art. Major changes include making 18 members hockey team in under-14,17 and 19 years category, taking Kabbadi competition on basis of weight in under-14 category, inclusion of Sabre in fencing in under-19, skating to be conducted in quads and inline category only for under-11, 14, 17 and 19 years category and has included under-14 category in Marshal Art.

  • District artists initiate drive for continuity of two centres for State drama competition in Jalgaon – to meet today at Bhusawal
  • NMU to conduct entrance cum qualifier exam for Ph. D. on 05th September
  • District cycle polo competition begins in Jalgaon
  • Jalgaon’s Amol Lokhande selected for National ground competition through selection test on State level
  • State public works department begins scrutiny of Jalgaon corporation’s proposed space walks and flyovers in city

05th August:
Corporation achieves record LBT collection:

Jalgaon city municipal corporation has marked a new success stone by collecting more than Octroi revenue collection in newly introduced local body tax. Corporation collected 6.41 Crores during July 2010 to that of its targeted 5.23 Crores. This tax revenue includes mere 2,891 fillers to that of 6,806 registered traders in city. It earlier had lower and deficit collection in April and May LBT.
Corporation administration is cheered to see this enhancement and has now enhanced its plans to spread the process. This includes continuing its surveys of traders, making shopping complexes wise checks and assigning individual assessment officer wise targets.

NMU setup student facilitation centre:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon yesterday inaugurated student facilitation centre at its main building in NMU campus. This centre aims at availing student friendly services under E-Suvidha project. It has contracted with MKCL to offer host of services to students and has connected 175 affiliated colleges through various electronic means. This centre would respond to all student queries in this reference on its telephone 0257-2258418.

Mission FYJC admission – colleges completes admission process:
The much debated, prolonged and politically tussled FYJC 2010-11 admissions process has completed finally with around 5,090 students taking admission in Jalgaon city’s 5 Colleges. Admission process got derailed first following newly introduced best of five Pattern and was initiated from 16th July and ended with final admissions on yesterday, 04th August.

  • District 1,720 villages to receive award amounting to 16.23 Crores under Nirmal Gram State cleanliness award for 2008-09
  • District cheers up for independence day 2010 – various events and cultural programmes on the eve
  • Roller skating competition rescheduled – now to be conducted on 20th and 21st August for corporation and rest of district levels

04th August:
Food and oil technology department conducted national conference:

North Maharashtra University department of chemical technology food and oil technology department is conducting national level conference on recent innovations in oil and food technology on 23rd August. Event will have key note lecture on Guard family vegetables, foods and Nutraceuticals and dehydration of agro based food products along with use of vegetable oil in surface coating. Please contact department on 9823935442, 9423773666 for detailed information and participation thereof.

Corporation standing committee approves water supplies lines laying:
Jalgaon city municipal Corporation general body met yesterday to discuss various requirements and projects. It has approved laying of 110mm diameter based PVC water supplies line laying across new B. J. Market at estimated cost of 3.85 Lakhs. It also approved construction of RCC based gutter construction, new submersible pump in old Jalgaon city and alike requirements.

Electricity disruptions woes life in Jalgaon:
In spite of good raining in district, Jalgaon continues to witnessed unplanned electricity supplies troubling routing life and badly affecting businesses. Many areas in city get sudden failure of electricity supplies and no responses for services for days. Many areas in city in last few months witnessed break down of distribution transformers and to public’s worst experience, it took almost 2-3 days, harsh exchanges of public discomfort for State Electricity Distribution Company to replace it and normalise situation. Apart from this regular load shedding has turned irregular and all of sudden cuts disrupt services badly. State’s largest government funded unit has turned into bad shape of services and is worst affecting growth. There is strong need of revamping this need with thinking above politics and vote bank and for the goodness of whole State.

  • District council (ZP) standing committee meeting today
  • NMU extends last date of external courses admission until 16th August – refer NMU for more details
  • Village Panchayat elections nomination filling picks pace – various Tahsil offices receive nomination
  • District democracy day -  25 applications received

03rd August:
District administration to call 4 racks of fertilisers:

Jalgaon district administration has planned to call four more racks of fertilisers to handle shortage of fertilisers. It has conveyed delay in receiving fertilisers following delayed demand registered by State to Centre. It expects arrival of this fertiliser rack in next week in phased manner.

Corporation actions on non-licensed mobile towers:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation initiated its drive against non-licensed mobile towers in city. It has issued notices to various tower infrastructure building companies on not taking licenses and paying the license fees and penalty immediately. Corporation general body earlier resolved to take Rs. 1 Lakh permanent deposit, use ready reckoner to set up tower on a building/ space, charge Rs. 10,000 per running meter per tower and renewal fees of Rs. 10,000 each and Rs. 10,000 as flat penalty for not taking its licenses. There are 27 norms for setting up of towers in city areas and it has urged all tower companies to comply them. Aurangabad bench of Mumbai high court yesterday ordered a mobile tower infrastructure building company to deposit Rs. 21 Lakhs to Corporation for 21 various towers set by it in city as interim amount. This Company filed petition against Corporation notice and next hearing would be after few days.

FIDE rating chess competition from 14th August:
All India Chess association, its State unit and district counterpart are jointly organising 5 days FIDE rated open chess competition in Jalgaon. Competition has prizes worth Rs. 1 lakh and around 40 prizes in total. Competition has first prize of Rs. 21,000, second prize of Rs. 15,000, third prize of Rs. 10,000, fourth prize of Rs. 8,000, fifth – 7,000, sixth – 5,000, seventh – 4,000, eighth – 3,000, ninth – 2,000 and tenth prize of Rs. 1,500. It also avails consolation prize of Rs. 1,000 for players from 11-15, Rs. 700 each to rankers from 16-20. There are 2 consolation prizes and trophy each for under-8, 10, 12, 14, 16 years category and special prize for above 55 years, non-rated and women candidate and Jalgaon district players. Contact 92262-75077, 92267-73423, 92261-68890, 94227-76865 for details and participation.

  • Tapi festivity ends in Burhanpur – forms action committee to link Tapi and Narmada Rivers
  • Biyani School Bhusawal wins Subrato Mukhrjee football competition defeating Shanbhag Jalgaon by 1-0 in finals
  • Orion English School wins Corporation level Subrato Mukhrjee football competition defeating St. Joseph by 4-0 in finals

02nd August:
NMU avails ATKT for Engineering and Technology branches:

North Maharashtra University Jalgaon has announced availing ATKT for engineering and technology students for this academic year. The new ATKT avails admission to student with maximum of 3 theory and 2 practical subjects combined together in first and second year. Same rule would apply to first year all cleared and second + third year student to move to final year in B. E. and B. Tech. courses. It has sent this circular to all concerned colleges and has notified to take admissions until 09th August.

Adv. Baheti memorial State level marathon competition:
District athletics association conducted Late Adv. Baheti memorial state level marathon competition evoked fabulous response yesterday. Ahmednagar based Dattatrya Jaybhai and Parbhani based Jyoti Gavte won respective category competition. Marathon was flagged off at 8.30AM and had participants from throughout State.

  • District’s 128 village Panchayat election process begins today
  • Corporation democracy day today

01st August:
Friendship Day greetings from Team EJalgaon.com!

Jalgaon district’s 653 village Panchayat to undergo election in second phase:
Jalgaon district administration has yesterday received State EC order for preparation of second phase of village Panchayat elections. First phase election process for 128 Panchayat is beginning from Monday, 02nd August and nominations would be available at every Tahsil level. Form filling for second round is from 16th until 21st August and voting is on 05th September followed by counting on 06th September.
Second round of election has Jalgaon – 43, Jamner – 58, Dharangaon – 48, Erandol  - 37, Bhusawal – 27, Bodwad – 29, MuktaiNagar – 49, Yaval – 44, Raver – 46, Pachora – 67, Bhadgaon – 24, Chalisgaon – 52, Amalner – 52, Chopda – 36 and Parola – 41 villages.

Two days Cow related drawings exhibition begins today:
Jain polytechnic and Utkarsha Vidyalaya jointly conducted cow importance and its religious significance demonstrating and related drawings exhibition is beginning today in Jalgaon at Yash plaza. The two days long exhibition has district’s various artist made drawings.

  • District democracy day on 02nd August at Collectorate
  • NMU level swimming selection test on Monday, 02nd August
  • Sindhi youth introduction meet on 22nd August – contact 9370862203 for details and participation
  • Income tax annual return filling for FY 2009-10 extended until 04th August

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