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March 2011
Jalgaon District News

31st March:
Team India cheering victory marks Diwali alike crackers celebration:

Entire Khandesh marked its mini Diwali yesterday with India’s crucial winning in semi-finals of world cup cricket competition 2011 defending Pakistan by 29 runs. Region had large presentation screens at many crossings, halls, movie theatres to present the live broadcast of the match. Every wicket fired crackers and desperate cheer in every Indian yesterday. Roads and traffic remained lowest since start of match and even government offices remained low.

Banana continue upward trend:
Khandesh region banana continue to mark upward pricing trend and jumped by another Rs. 50 yesterday to reach new high. The Kandebag banana touched Rs. 1,050 with Rs. 24 difference rate totalling to Rs. 1,194 wherein Pilbaug had 950 with Rs. 20 difference totalling to Rs. 1,070.

NMU management council election voting today:
North Maharashtra university Jalgaon management council year 2011’s first meeting is being organised today. The administration would also present its written annual grants request rather budget following election code of conduct. Council election has one from principal category, one from management representative and other category representation. It would also approve university department head representation on council today.

  • Railways inaugurate Dharangaon computerised passenger reservation system
  • Central Railways general manager today in Bhusawal
  • JDCC Bank board of directors meeting today – to discuss on Vasant and JT Mahajan ginning sales process

30th March:
District democracy day on 05th April:

Jalgaon district’s monthly democracy day has been scheduled on 05th April to that of Monday, 04th April following Gudi-Padwa festivity public holiday on the day. It would be conducted at Collectorate office from 10am until 12pm.

Corporation standing committee special meeting today:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation standing committee is meeting today at 12pm to discuss extension of escorts fees tender by 1month and retendering of the new tender. It would also discuss on budget approvals aspect.

  • March-end picks pace – Government offices in full rush along with banks
  • Corporation stays licensing fees until next decision following traders strong protest to doubling of taxes
  • Post offices to accept electricity bills payment
  • District sports confederation urges State for increase in sports aid under gold package

29th March:
Onida, Hindustan Uniliver interested in Nardana (Dhule) MIDC setup:

Dhule district has golden time with large number of government and alike setup continuing to inflow. Ample water, railways facility, four lane express highway, easy connectivity with Mumbai, lower rates have attracted India’s leading industries like Onida and Hindustan Uniliver subsidiary company in Nardana MIDC area. Onida reviewed its required land availability of 50 acres and HUL subsidiary third party reviewed 20 acres land requirement. Arrival of both companies would add golden arm to Dhule’s growth.

JDCC banks opens tender for Vasant: Gets Rs. 37.35 Crores bid:
Jalgaon district central co-operative bank yesterday opened up Vasant co-operative sugar factory selling tender. It has received Nandurbar based Jaiganga Sugar industry’s highest bid of 37.35 Crores. In the meantime Aurangabad bench of Mumbai high court has permitted opening bids and stayed sales and transfer process until 31st march 2011.

Banana rates continue to shoot up:
District banana producers have high time with continued rising in demands and lower inflow and festival times ahead. The 10kg bunch of banana for first time yesterday received Rs. 1,001 per quintal rate. Producers have estimated continued rising trend following current availability and demands equation.

  • District administration revenue department collects 68.17 Crores revenue during current financial year (103% of target assigned)
  • Mercury touches 43 degrees at Faizpur
  • District police plans setting up of CCTV camera at major locations in city

28th March:
Corporation tax woes – doubles licensing fees for shops in its complexes:

Every March end brings in set of taxation woes on either State or Corporation front. This year when State budget didn’t achieved this delight, Corporation has doubled its spice by simply doubling its licensing fees charged to shop owners in its owned complexes. The tax doubling has come amidst is apart from daily sweeping, there is no security, maintenance and repairs, facilitation services by Corporation in these complexes. Hence this doubling has equally pained traders and traders have reunited them to form protest march to Corporation.
The earlier cancelled licensing fees during council time has been reintroduced in Corporation and is charged as a sort of license facility in spite all shops are being leased not sold by corporation. Golani shopping complex is now aged more than 25 years and there has been not even a single maintenance work carried here. As a result of this, most of shops now have leakages during raining or water logging in upper floors, toilet waste and bathroom drainage water is freely getting explored on floors. Same or worst state is with Fule market where parking is biggest trouble followed by leakages and alike set of issues.

Vasant sugar factory revival meeting:
The Vasant co-operative sugar factory Kasoda shareholders, employees and well-wishers met yesterday at Vankotha (Erandol) to discuss strategy on revival of the factory and JDCC Bank stand on auctioning the same. Major concerns are JDCC Bank dues and few creditors’ dues and hence the group focussed on two working options in the reference. This included onetime settlement and following focussed evaluation based action as bank still has one year time for coming out of NPA. Selling factory at this stage would paralyse co-operative movement and would hurt large number of employees and shareholders. Hence bank should have preference of 15-20 years of long term lease for rejuvenating the factory.
If other options not working, bank should equally consider sugarcane producing member farmer’s due 8 Crores, worker’s 44 Crores and other outstanding dues in equal consideration and have most of sugarcane of the area utilised before selling. Bank is yet to revert on this aspect.

District sports confederation summer camp from 20th April:
Jalgaon district sports confederation, district sports complex committee, sports authority and all organisations jointly conducted annual summer camp is beginning from 20th April until 11th May 2011 at district stadium. Forms filling would begin from 02nd April. This is third year of the camp and it has received fabulous response for participation in both the years. Keeping quality of coaching and camp through experienced personnel and transparency in execution are key challenges here.

  • Brahmin community youth introduction meet on 10th April
  • Class IV and VII scholarship exam result in May/June 2011
  • State announces increase in sports scholarship – to benefit large number of school students in sports

27th March:
Summer drinking water supplies – a challenging perspective for Corporation:

Every summer brings in set of painful and harsh mercury scaling heating along with drinking water woes. Jalgaon city having Waghur dam as one of its key reserved resource for drinking water supplies has set of challenges this summer. Administration having doubled water taxes is facing tougher time on maintaining normalised state for supply lines. The hardly 5 years life supply lines have more than countable number of leakages every rising day wasting water largely. As a result of this leakages and repair works, the alternate day drinking water supplies turn to after 2/3 days troubling citizens badly.
The 5-Lakh populace based Jalgaon City has drinking water supplies as one of key political issues since decades. Starting up of water supplies from Waghur eased this largely but keeping it in healthy state has raised question of likely possibility of scarcity of water during peak summer. The doubled tax paying citizens still awaits administration execution above self-interests and smoothening life’s basic need.

Banana rates crosses historic marks:
District’s banana has achieved historic high rates in this season and touched Rs. 1,094 per quintal in wholesale markets. Lower inflow has been major reason of shoot-up and last week itself witness strong buying on this ground. Jalgaon yesterday had Rs. 961 and Chopda had Rs. 951 rate.

Scholarship exam today in district:
Class IV and VII pre secondary and secondary schools scholarship exam is being conducted today. It includes language and English as first paper followed by general knowledge and IQ as second subject. District has many centres setup for exams. There are around 32,000 students appearing for class IV and 20,955 for class VII in this exam in district.

  • Mercury intense to 44.7 degrees at Faizpur
  • Kanifnath festivity at Uchanda (Muktai Nagar) from 28th March
  • Vasant sugar factory auctioning by JDCC bank – protesting group meeting today to formulate action plan for revitalising
  • Badgujar community youth introduction meet in Jalgaon on 03rd April

26th March:
District’s 33 villages ‘dispute-free’:

Jalgaon district’s 33 villages have received year 2009-10 State dispute free village award amounting to Rs. 58 Lakhs. This includes villages from Raver, Bhadgaon, Chalisgaon, Erandol, Dharangaon, Chopda, Parola, Amalner and Jamner Taluka based 33 villages. District administration would honour these villages Panchayat in ceremony soon. Most interesting aspect of this drive includes aligned approach of Police, bureaucrats and administration for resolving conflicts in citizens.

Single-projection theatres on verge of closure:
Maharashtra State’s all single film projection and executing movie theatres are in critical state these days. Their prolonged demand of easing entertainment tax, removing compulsion of showing Marathi movie 4 weeks in a year and all such demands are in prolonged state of diplomacy. As a result of this State association of films exhibitors are going on strike for seven days from today. Jalgaon district counterpart of this association has also supported the strike along with whole Khandesh region.
Khandesh and Vidarbha have around 128 theatres having single film exhibition and have closed following not being able to sustain financially. State currently charges Rs. 7.75 entertainment tax on Rs. 30 ticket and Rs. 15.75 tax on Rs. 60 ticket. Cancelling of this tax would reduce ticket rates and can improve viewers’ participation.

Jain community youth introduction meet on Sunday:
Jain alliance global organisation has organised SETU-2011 youth introduction meet for Jain community’s well educated youth on Sunday, 27th March at JDCC Bank hall. Event has received participation of 111 boys and 69 girls till now and will have nationwide community member presence.

  • District Committee meeting to aid suicide farmer’s families – six proposals approved
  • NMU management council elections – last date of withdrawal today
  • District Sepak Takraw game (kick volleyball) association established
  • District Kho-Kho team selected for State competition at Thane from 28th March
  • Corporation to begin anti-encroachment drive on Tower to Pratibha Bank Chowk from Monday
25th March:
Raver and Yaval Taluka in dark zones:
Jalgaon district’s Raver and Yaval Taluka continue to witness large water drifting since last 31 years. As a result of this both Tahsil are in dark zone since last many years. Water levels in these Tahsil have gone down sharply. There has been a large requirement of water levels enhancement. Raver Taluka well have reported water level going down to 31mm from that of 14.95mm in 1978. Yaval Taluka level has gone down to 19.5mm from 7.2mm in same duration. Year 2004-05 has been the worst affecting year and most of well went dry. There is an intense desire and need of enhance ground water level and district’s around 43 villages are in permanent scarcity of water since last many decades. District administration needs to review its summer planning with good focus on permanent planning for such critical aspects.

Chopda sugar factory produces 17,000 electricity units per day:
Jalgaon district’s second large sugar producing factory Chopda co-operative Sugar factory  has another joyous yield to share this season. Factory is producing around 17,000 units of electricity per day from sugarcane processing as a bye-product and is selling this electricity at Rs. 3.10 per unit to willing parties. T has processed 218,205 tonnes of sugarcane till 24th March and has produced 210,585 quintal of sugar along with 1,787,126 units of electricity till now. Annual yields have reached 9.80 points.
  • State Budget 2011-12 – funds allocation for various Tahsil in district to boost overall growth
  • Jain Mahila Mandal conducted handcrafts camp on 27th march
  • Daudi Bohra community Guru Dr. Sayyadna 100th birth celebration – community fellows celebrates widely in Jalgaon
24th March:
Maharashtra Budget glees Khandesh:
Maharashtra State Government yesterday announced its annual budget for year 2011-12. The budget has hefty provisions for Khandesh region. This includes setting up banana exports facilitation centre at Yaval, 50 Crores for Bodwad drift irrigation project, 120 Crores for various works in Amalner Taluka, 4.50 Crores for roads development in Bhusawal Taluka, 63 Lakhs for Bhusawal Tahsil office reconstruction, 18 Crores for Shelgaon barrage works and repairs and renovation works of Dhule airport as well. Budget has also announced farmers’ electricity bill debt waiver.
The budget has disappointed special provisions of proposed River linking project, doesn’t have any special provisions for Jalgaon city apart from airport funds. Trader’s most demanded permanent removal of Octroi and LBT tax did not had even a single mention in the budget.

Indian dental association divisional conference in Jalgaon:
Indian dental association Jalgaon branch is organising one day State level divisional conference of dentists on Sunday, 27th March at Jain hills. Event will have participation of various experts in the respective field and their lecture.
  • NMU convocation ceremony evokes revolutionary approaches in education
23rd March:
NMU 19th convocation ceremony today:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon’s 19th annual convocation ceremony is being conducted today in NMU campus at Jalgaon. The eve has March/ April 2009-10 and Oct-2009 academic year based students getting their degrees. Today’s ceremony will honour 94 Ph.D., 75 gold medallists along with 28,708 degree holders in various streams.

Food and drug department workshop for traders:
State food and drug department is implementing central Food safety standards Act 2006. The department has initiated awareness drive for traders to describe all aspects of the new regulation to be applied. State FDI in association with district traders’ confederation is conducting a workshop on this reference on Thursday, 24th March at JDCC Bank hall from 3pm until 6pm. This workshop will have department’s State level authorities describing the new act and traders related aspect.
  • Railways extend Amravati – Mumbai express coaches to 16 coaches from existing 13 from today
  • District body building team selection today at Bhusawal
  • Summer cricket camp – team selection on 10th April in Jalgaon for 6-14 years age group
  • State Budget today – Traders hope complete removal of Octroi and LBT Tax
22nd March:
Angaraki Chauturthi festivity today: City and whole region is celebrating Angaraki Chaturthi festivity today. Region’s most of Lord Ganesha temples have various religious events and activities throughout the day. Tarsod (Jalgaon), Padmalaya (Erandol) based Ganesha temples have special arrangements today to facilitate devotees.

Agricultural produces exports avails 10 Crores revenue to railways:
Central Railways Bhusawal division has earned around 10 Crores revenue by exporting and shipping around 40 wagons of corn and Jwar from region amounting to around 10 Lakh quintals in current financial year. The Bodwad and Varangaon region has shown consistent rise in corn and Jwar produces and all such produces are exported to Bangladesh, Yamunanagar and Punjab States. Currently traders here are shipping around 1 Crores worth grains from Bhusawal to rest of country and outside.

State electricity distribution Company opens tender for Jalgaon electricity
distribution privatisation:

Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company yesterday opened up Jalgaon city and Taluka electricity distribution franchising tender requests. The Company received around 20 participants for the bid and has reported Crompton greaves to be on top of the tendering process. Final decision in reference would come by next one month and actual implementation might take around 3-4 months.

  • Holi and Dhulivandan festivity celebrated with cheer and enthusiasm
  • NMU convocation ceremony tomorrow – 93 Ph.D. and 75 gold medals marks key attraction of the event
  • Daude-Gujat community youth introduction meet in April in Jalgaon
  • Fire at Texmo pipe factory, Burhanpur – losses worth 35 Crores estimated

21st & 20th March:
धुलिवंदन निमित्त हार्दिक शुभॆच्छा!

Mercury touches 43 degrees at Bhusawal:
Jalgaon district’s boiling point Bhusawal has begun showing intense summer signs. Yesterday it touched 43 degrees marking to be State’s highest in this season until now. This heating has unrest life in region and places like Jalgaon City, Bhusawal and Faizpur are major zones of this intense summer temperature.

Jalgaon city highway parallel roads in discussions again:
District administration review meeting yesterday discussed various means and options of having parallel roads for Highways crossing from within city areas. Authorities have announced planned execution of parallel roads from Girana River Bridge to Khedi based Doordarshan broadcasting on national highway. The 10kms based distance road proposal is to be executed by Corporation and will have highway Authorities assistance and guidance only. Parallel roads would be 7-8 meters in width, gutters, Signals on crossings, foot walk and street lights.  Central authorities have approved National Highway authorities proposed 350 Crores cost based highway bypass from Paldhi. Official details and announcements on this front would be announced soon.

  • Water literacy council today in Jalgaon
  • District to observe dry day today following Dhulivandan festival

19th March:
Jalgaon Ratna and Jalgaon Bhushan awards distribution ceremony today:

Jalgaon city municipal Corporation’s first ever जळगाव रत्न, जळगाव भुषण awards would be honoured today in ceremony at Bal-Gandharva open theatre. Event has Indian Planning commission member Dr. Narendra Jadhav as chief guest along with Kusumagraj trust president Jabbar Patel and region’s all M.L.A., M.L.C. along with Corporation office bearers.

Jalgaon people’s bank inaugurates Pune and Dombivali branches:
Jalgaon city’s co-operative banking movement is spreading one step ahead with expansion on State level. Jalgaon people’s Bank has announced opening up its Pune and Dombivali branches on 26th and 27th March. Bank’s Vitthal Peth branch is also shifting in its own premise on 24th March. Earlier Jalgaon based Jalgaon Janta Bank spread its wings in Buldhana district, Mumbai, Pune and other districts in State.

Corporation Mayor and deputy elected:
Jalgaon city municipal Corporation Mayor and Deputy mayor election  process completed yesterday with ruling Khandesh Vikas Aghadhi candidates securing Mayor and its alliance Shahar Vikas Aghadhi securing deputy mayor posts. The newly elected candidature includes Mr. Ashok Sapkale as city Mayor and Mrs. Rakhi Sonawane as deputy Mayor.

  • Jalgaon tops in State on mercury chart – 41.1 recorded yesterday in Jalgaon city
  • Water literacy council meet at JDCC Bank hall on Sunday, 20th March
  • Conference on Nano structures and Nano materials and recent challenges in pharmaceuticals in NMU Chemical department today

18th March:
Ordnance Factory Bhusawal to manufacture rocket material:

Bhusawal based Ordnance factory has received prestigious 80 Crores cost based Pinaca pod rocket project in its sprawling 28 acres campus. The project would take around 2 years’ time and would avail good employment opportunities for localities. The Bhusawal unit was established in on 22nd January 1949. The unit has completed works of around 120 Crores to that of given target of 110 Crores and currently processes and manufactures 20 types of boxes used and required by all 3 streams of army. The proposed project would manufacture outer layer of rockets and would need around 400 qualified personnel.

Indian Bank inaugurates its Jalgaon branch:
The Government of India owned Indian Bank is entering Jalgaon’s business boon beginning today. The bank was established on 15th August 1907 and around 1,819 branches in Country. Jalgaon branch would have ATM, core banking and all alike features from the bank and is located in Dana Bazaar’s main hub Polan Peth area.

Mercury intense and reaches 41 degrees:
Jalgaon city yesterday touched 41 degree centigrade temperature making it one of most uneasy living day. Jalgaon had temperature in sub-40 degrees in last 2-3 days and sudden rising in mid-March has panic citizens of intensive summer ahead.

Jalgaon’s Ujjwal Nikam honoured with Doctorate:
Jalgaon native special government counsel Ujjwal Nikam has been honoured with honorary Doctorate by Pune based Dr. D. Y. Patil University. He would receive this honour in University’s annual convocation ceremony today.

Bodwad irrigation andWaghur gets CWC approval:
Bodwad irrigation project and Jalgaon city’s water lifeline Waghur dam have received central water commission approval for various works. Both projects are now being sent to Central government under accelerated irrigation benefit program for funds. This is sixth administrative approval for Waghur project and earlier 12 Crores project has now turned to massive 1183 Crores. Proposed additions include raising height by 2 meters, electricity generation by water and benefiting 9,000 hectares land in Jamner.

  • Corporation Mayor and deputy election today
  • State electricity distribution Company report – electricity bills outstanding mounts to 1,221 Crores in Jalgaon circle
  • Fire in Weekly market area – losses worth Lakhs estimated, 6 shops and 6 houses damaged with fire

17th March:
Jalgaon district council (ZP) present its annual budget:

Jalgaon district council (ZP) yesterday presented its annual budget 2011-12 having Rs. 10.27 Crores provisions and allocations. The proposal has 42% spending from total approved grants and 12% allocation for rural area works development. Amongst various provisions include 65 Lakhs for honorarium to members, 4.40 Crores for general administration salary, 89 Lakhs for water supplies repairs and maintenance, 1.13 Crores for water supplies department salary, 1.80 Lakhs for educational activities, 50 Lakhs for irrigation projects, 10 Lakhs for spreading diseases control, 30 Lakhs for lower land owning agricultural equipment, 25 Lakhs for animal bite control injections, 10 Lakhs for roads, 89 Lakhs for social welfare and 44.40 Lakhs for women and children welfare.
Amongst other major provisions include destruction of existing old ZP building and construction of new B.O.T. based shopping complex. This decision evoked mixed response with opposition making strong protest on it.

Mercury intense further – crosses 40 degree centigrade boundary:
Region has harsh summer signs this year with mercury already crossing 40 degree centigrade mark in mid-March this year. Faizpur based Madhukar Sugar factory yesterday recorded 44.5 degrees in its record, region’s highest temperature in this season. Faizpur city had 49.2 degrees highest record last year and this year equally seems equal or more intense in heat with April and May yet to come. Jalgaon city yesterday had 39.5 degrees temperature recorded.

North Maharashtra University convocation on 23rd march:
North Maharashtra University’s 19th convocation ceremony is being organised in Jalgaon on 23rd March at NMU campus. The eve would have 28,706 graduates being offered with degree and will have K.L.E. University Belgaon, Karnataka Vice Chancellor as Chief Guest of ceremony.
This includes 93 Ph.D., 75 students with gold medals, arts and fine arts stream based 5,629 students, sociology and political science stream’s 4,207 students, science faculty’s 5,355 students, Law stream’s 557, pharmacy’s 810 students, Engineering and technical education faculty’s 2,791 students, commerce and management education’s 5,350 students and teacher education courses’ 4003 students for this year.

  • Corporation Hospitals renewal and registration drive ends on 31st March
  • Corporation announces opening up of citizen facilitation centre for tax payments in Girana pumping office
  • Lord Krishna Rath festivity evokes huge rush of devotees in Chalisgaon – 254 years tradition
  • Corporation mayor and deputy election – 6 nominations received  till now

16th March:
Corporation announces Jalgaon Ratna and Jalgaon Bhushan awards:

Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation has announced its first Jalgaon city Ratna and Jalgaon city Bhushan awards. Jain group of industries CMD and founder Dr. Bhanvarlal Jain and Jalgaon native Adv. Ujjwal Nikam have been nominated for first Jalgaon Ratna award. Corporation has also announced Jalgaon city Bhushan awards to senior journalist Vidyadhar Panat, literate S. S. Sutar, Kho-Kho association secretary Ganpatrao Pol, Prof. Narayan Khadke, Jalgaon native Sheetal Mahajan and social worker Jija Rathod. The award distribution ceremony is on 19th March at 6pm in Bal-Gandharva Open theatre.

Silver and gold witnesses sharp decline:
The precious metals segment yesterday witnessed sharp decline on national levels. Silver dropped by historic Rs. 3,000 per kg in a single day and gold dropped by 400 per 10gms yesterday to touch Rs. 21,250. The silver uptrend got a break yesterday with this sharp decline.

State sales tax department mandates e-payment for vat tax:
State sales tax department has made e-payment mandatory with effect from 01st April 2011 for value added tax as well as central sales tax. Department has assigned 20 bankers for individualised payments into respective banks. The department e-filling website does not have any online payment system and as a result a trader has to visit respective banker for payment into State Government account.
District sales tax department yesterday conducted a review meet of traders to announce this decision and has availed statistics of trade in district. This includes 13 traders in A grade having more than 1 Crore turnover, 85 traders in category B having 10 lakhs to 1 Crore turnover, 1-10 Lakhs transacting 647 traders in category C and around 10,002 traders having less than 1 lakh turnover.

  • Corporation initiates meeting with traders on easing LBT for essential commodities
  • Movie theatres to go on indefinite strike from 25th March following their demand of waiving entertainment tax
  • Rustomji school skating cricket competition
  • Sachkhand and Gitanjali express trains gets Jalgaon halt from Tuesday, Jalgaonities give grand welcome
  • Jalgaon’s Vivek Alvani wins bronze in national badminton competition at Delhi

15th March:
Corporation general body meeting review:

Jalgaon city municipal corporation general body met yesterday to review various aspects in the agenda. Body has approved changing reservation of Khandesh mill land from current industrial land to residential land, approved naming Shani Peth based Katya-Fail area to Hasan Dada Chowk, discussed LBT collection on construction material, illegal constructions and action taken on them.

Western railways reports Udhana – Jalgaon railway line doubling in 3 years:
Western railways has reported priority execution of railway line doubling from Udhana to Jalgaon and has estimated around  3 years period for completion. Region’s passenger representation met GM on visit to Amalner and Nandurbar stations yesterday and posted various demands. It includes availing more trains on Nandurbar route, availing stoppages to all summer and winter special trains on Amalner railway station, extending morning Surat – Bhusawal passenger timing at Amalner to 7.30am, giving model station status to Amalner and Nandurbar and making Surat – Amravati passenger to daily from weekly schedule.

  • Opposition BJP and alliances to decide on Corporation Mayor Candidature today
  • Administration acquires Jamner and Pachora Taluka based 3 well in district to ease water woes
  • JDCC Bank increases fixed deposit rates
  • NMU education council – 5 accepted members elected

14th March:
Turmeric picking and processing unit inaugurated in Rojhoda (Raver):

The Abhinav farmers agricultural science Mandal setup region’s first turmeric picking and processing unit was inaugurated yesterday. The region has 50 acres cultivation of turmeric having yield of around 150 quintals per acre land. This unit would benefit farmers in quicker processing and drying as well. Unit has locally made boiler for drying turmeric to be sold in powder/ dry form as well.

Corporation general body meeting today:
Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation general body is meeting today to discuss various projects and election process conduct. The last meeting had tussle in ruling and opposition on accepting new budget on water taxes. This meeting agenda has 11 topics which mainly include policy formation for taxes outstanding dues shops sealed and possession taken over, appointment of architect and interior decorator for Corporation on grounds of E-governance implementation. It would also discuss proposal received for changing Khandesh Mill land reservation from current industrial land to residential land. It would also elect accepted member through nomination and election if required.

  • Railways closes Bhortek railway station neighbouring gate for update works – causes disconnection of road links in Jaitpir – Dhanora villages
  • Jalgaon wins State level open shot volleyball competition at Nandurbar
  • Marathi New Year ‘Gudi Padwa’ celebrations in pace – eve on 04th April
  • Pahur violence – Police books 17 in custody, investigation continue, situation easing

13th March:
MuktaiNagar – Changdev, Mehun, Kothali gets tourism connection with religion:

MuktaiNagar Taluka based Changdev, Mehun, Kothali and Hartala are ancient religious places in district. District planning and development committee has availed Rs 9 Crores fund for religious cum tourism development facilitation in these places and various developmental works are going on here. Temple trust has planned house boating project in Hatnur dam water Lake in Muktai temple, Kothali temple region.
Saint Muktai temple has gone under renovation and now has various visitors amenities including flattening of ground levels in campus, setting up of bathing base in River area, Road renovation, bridge repairs, rooms for staying, new temples Vitthal – Rukhmai, Tulja-Bhavani temple are also amongst other attractions. Temple area has garden, lawn and kids amusement facilities, drinking water facilities and other features.

Dharangaon and Dondaicha railway stations get passenger reservation systems:
Dharangaon and Dondaicha railway stations in western railways are getting passenger reservation system and unreserved ticketing system with effect from Monday, 14th March. This would facilitate passengers from these locations for ease of reservations and pre booking of plain tickets.

  • JDCC bank announces auctioning of Vasant sugar factory – auction on 28th March – factory’s 300 acres land, ample water and easy highway connection as key sellers
  • Co-operative sector woes – departments receives no applications for initiating new societies
  • Pahur (Jamner) turns violent on inter-religion marriage – police vigil controls situation
  • Corporation Mayor Election – ruling party to announce OBC candidature for Mayor on Monday

12th March:
Jalgaon soon to have closed drama theatre:

Jalgaon city’s prolonged demand cum dream would soon go practical with State’s likely lift for the same. Authorities have finalised Khote Nagar (Nimkhedi Shivar) based vacant 5.50 acres land currently having mining alike diggings. The proposed 800 seats closed drama theatre will have garden, parking and museum as well. District planning and development committee has allocated 10 Crores for the project along with State’s 4 Crores special fund and rest allocation from DPDC in coming financial years. Project is estimated to take around 24 to 30 months for completion.

NMU gets 3.86 Lakhs UGC grants for languages department:
North Maharashtra University languages department based Assistant professor Ashutosh Patil proposed research project on '1975 नंतरच्या मराठी लॆखकांचा कथा आणि कादंबरी लॆखनातील स्त्री प्रतिमा’ has received University grant commission special grant of Rs. 3.86 Lakhs.

  • JDCC Bank accepts Belganga sugar factory revival offer – Development committee likely to take charge
  • JAGO Jalgaon organised Jain community youth introduction meet on 27th March at JDCC Hall
  • Corporation Mayor Selection likely today – to tussle in ruling and opposition on the reference
  • ZP initiates crematorium, connecting roads works in various village Panchayat under DPDC funds

11th March:
Corporation Mayor Election on 18th March:

Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation general body is meeting on 18th march to elect its new Mayor. Nomination filling would begin from 12th March and process ends on 16th followed by scrutiny and withdrawal on 18th morning.

Jalgaon Jain community’s second ‘Santhara’:
‘संथारा व्रत’ is achieving life’s highest surpass by entering in State of giving up life by moving in fast without food and water and enchanting religion’s highest literary state. In today’s age where everyone looks to save life, moving into State of divine soul by leaving all physical bonds behind is a sort of golden views in life one must feel blessed with. Jain Shwetambar Terapanth community’s Daulatram Lunia (age: 82) completed his 9 days ‘संथारा व्रत’ yesterday night. This was second such highest attained state of soul in Jalgaon’s Jain community and had key aspect of him being in the most conscious mind, no health issues around, opting this on his own and requesting in his relatives and community monks to guide and assist him through various phases of this process. For first time in Jalgaon, ladies were part of funeral procession in full count and came till the crematorium.

District sand blocks auction – 3 out of 13 auctioned:
Jalgaon district’s 3 out of 13 sand blocks have been auctioned in yesterday’s process. Rest 10 locations had no interested tendering parties. The auctioned locations include Jamda (Chalisgaon) getting Rs. 72.23 Lakhs, Savkheda (Jalgaon) getting 55.82 Lakhs and Jamner auctioned at Rs. 2 Lakh.
Saint Gelaram birth festivity in Jalgaon:
Sindhi Community Amar Shahid Sant Kanwarram trust is celebrating 81st birth festivity of Saint Geleram on Saturday, 12th March. It has organised various religious enchantings on the eve beginning from 5am, ferry and ends with play on his life.

Jalgaon Chess players gets FIDE rating:
Jalgaon district chess players Kunal Sable, Vivek Tayade along with Bharat Amle have received FIDE international rating for chess. Kunal has received ELO merit 1256 and Vivek has received merit 1335. Bharat has to play with two more rated players to get his merit. FIDE rating is received when a player plays against 9 rated players and secures desired minimum level for the same.

  • NMU 19th Annual Convocation ceremony on 23rd March in Jalgaon
  • District agricultural department sends detailed report based on district climate for banana coverage in Crop Insurance scheme
  • Divisional democracy day on 14th March at Nashik divisional office
  • State board announces OMR based paper evaluation for Scholarship exam for Class VII

10th March:
District’s 13 sand blocks undergo auction today:

Jalgaon district’s 13 sand blocks would undergo auction today. Administration expects around 7 to 8 Crores revenue from this auctioning. It has introduced tighter security and arrangements at small savings building in Collectorate for the auction process. Administration has earlier received 64 Crores from auctioning other blocks and today’s auction would yield another 7-8 Crores in treasury.

ZP budget meeting on 16th March:
Jalgaon district council water supplies department has proposed special increase in water taxes from current Rs. 600 to 2,000 and general water taxes from 150 to 750 per year. This proposal would undergo approval in general body meeting on 16th March. The Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran activated 80 villages based 18 villages based drinking water supplies has this rise/ amendment of tax. Around 8 supplies scheme from above operational schemes have completed their life span and as a result of this large water leakages, degrading state of storages and low pressure supplies. ZP has key challenges of first smoother implementation and then rising tax levels and already has 6 Crores outstanding dues.

  • State approves Maharashtra’s second banana exports facilitation Centre at Shahada – announces 25 Crores special grant
  • J. T. Mahajan College of Engineering conducted national level event ‘Yantra-naad 2011’ begins today at Faizpur
  • Mobile Court inauguration today – Drive to continue until 02nd April aiming quicker hearing of cases
  • Banana gets crop insurance applicability approval in principal – State orders awaited
  • District body building team selection on Friday for NMU level competition at Dhule
  • District level open volleyball competition on 12th March at district stadium
09th March:
Rajasthan- Culture and traditions hub of India:
Rajasthan is known as the land of Palaces and Forts and is famous for the majestic forts, intricately carved temples and decorated havelis, which were built by Rajput kings in previous ages. The name of this state carves its royal tradition of hospitality, tender gesture and being centre point of all cultural and traditional aspects seen in India. Its rich heritage, colourful culture, exciting desert safaris, shining sand-dunes, amazing variety lush forests and varied wildlife - makes it an incredible destination.
Hospitality industry's most popular theme 'Aao Sa! Padharo Sa!' is born invention of Rajasthan. Delicious Indian foods like Dal-bati churma to delicious desserts, Bikaneri Bhujiya, sweet dishes like Lapsi, Mawa Kachori from Jodhpur, Alwar ka Mawa, Malpuas of Pushkar, Rasogullas of Bikaner, Jaipur Ghevar just to name a few. Rajasthan's cultural tapestry takes in simple folk to highly cultivated classical music and dance, in its own distinct style. Famous folk dances of Rajasthan are Gair, Ghoomar, Bhawani, Kaalbeliya, etc.  Century old skill and imperial heritage of Rajasthan are all that make traditional art and craft of Rajasthan a world famous attraction. The beautifully carved jewellery and dazzling traditional garments allure people of different region of the world to make a visit to Rajasthan. Being located on border area, Army’s wider presence has been a plus for the State. Roads, basic infrastructure, tighter security and having many newer projects and special allocations from time to time are boon factors for State.  Spirituality has been another blissful asset of the State. Rajasthan has Jainism’s foundation and many other such spiritual and religious aspects still holds utmost priority in the State.
Two decades ago named ‘desert’ has turned to lush green with many irrigation and canal projects. State has witnessed record high monsoon rainfall and agricultural yields in recent few years. The earlier trend of moving out of Rajasthan for trade/ jobs has stopped and the equal effect can be witnessed with rising real estate/ property rates in the State.
State’s biggest asset of every individual being able to co-link relationships, effectively handle many a fronts in personal and work front makes them most unique and demanding resources. Gathering this momentum ahead, binding uniqueness of being socially strong and reflecting all such assets in professional and trade is marking golden saga of growth for the State and every entrepreneur born or brought up here.

Axis Bank opens second branch in Jalgaon:

Ushering new dawn in Jalgaon’s banking and financial sector boon, the national level private banker Axis Bank inaugurated its second branch in Jalgaon city. The new branch aimed at focussing high capita income zone has been set off Omkareshwar Road in Jai Nagar. This is third private sector bank branch in Jai Nagar after earlier HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. Bank has ATM, core banking and features loaded various operations.

Gitanjali and Sachkhand express trains gets Jalgaon halt:
Sachkhand Express and Gitanjali Express trains have received halts at Jalgaon station with effect from 15th March. The prolonged demand took years of follow up from region’s MP. Leaders are also in process of getting stoppage for Kamayani express at Raver station. Region is also demanding extending newly announced train Manmad – Mumbai till Bhusawal to facilitate daily commuters here.

  • Jal gaon district Jail receives 10.40 Lakhs fund for solar energy based lamps
  • J. T. Mahajan Polytechnic Faizpur wins Raisoni Engineering conducted Paroksha 2011 competition
  • MLA local constituency development funds – Region’s 11 MLA and 3 MLC completes around 21 Crores development works
  • World women day - Khandesh’s 8 women honoured by ‘Khandesh Kanya’ award
  • District’s 5 football players selected for State level training – Peter D’Souza, Ujjwal Lohar, Abhishek Raje, Vishwesh Deshmukh and Mehul Patil

08th March:
Mercury intense further - touches 40 degrees:
Harsh summer signs are here with rising intensity of heat every coming day. Bhusawal yesterday touched 40 degrees. As a result of this there has been severe heat around in afternoon time. Jalgaon was also at 38.1 degrees with more of discomfort in noon times. Both places having touched 40’s band right in first week of March has raised signs of intensity ahead in peak summer in April end and May months.

March end fever grips – Authorities rushes for utilisation of funds under various projects:
Jalgaon district various departments had 163.28 Crores annual funds planned and have received 147 Crores in actual from State. Out of these authorities have spared mere 65.11 Crores and rest 62 Crores is still with Government treasury. The March end fever has griped administration and most of them are now in final pace of allocation of such grants. Administration has fear of reversal of grants following non-utilisation and could equally result in next year allocation lowered by State.
Until now electricity reforms department has not spared its 9 Crores grant, education for citizens drive has not found anyone to educate in 39.70 Lakhs grant, housing development fears houses construction in spite of 3.46 Crores grants, fisheries department awaits utilisation of 10.08 Lakhs and irrigation projects still have not allocated 4.35 Crores. The tourism development department had 10.89 Crores allocation and has spared mere 56 Lakhs. Social services and group marriages had 51.56 Crores fund and spared just 17.98 Crores. Dozing administrative state and no political pressure continues to be a key barrier in growth amidst funds availability.

Gold crosses Rs. 22,000, silver at 55,500 marks:
The precious metals segment continue to witness rising trend amidst Arab countries peak demands. Silver touched its historic high of Rs. 55,500 per kg wherein gold crossed another significant level of Rs. 22,000 per 10gms in Jalgaon markets. Jewellers here have estimated rising pattern for silver and quoted likely touching of Rs. 75,000 per kg mark for silver.

Bhusawal gets approval for 253 Crores urban reforms project:
Bhusawal city has received Maharashtra golden jubilee urban reforms project based 253 Crores project approval for renovating and rejuvenating Bhusawal city. It has received first instalment of 98 Crores out of this and proposes roads development, over bridge, ring road and whopping 100 Crores cost based speciality amusement park cum botanical garden. First phase funds have allocation of 29 Crores for over bridge, 15 Crores for roads development and repairs work, 9 Crores for water supplies and 1 Crores for solar street lights.

  • International markets rising cotton prices marks positive signs of extension to exports of cotton from India – district farmers awaits Centre response
  • National Workshop on Global economic policies and its impact on Indian Industries at Godavari IMR today

07th March:
NMU annual budget to delay following elections:

North Maharashtra University’s annual budget for the year 2011-12 is likely to be presented in June following on-going election process for senate members. This process follows management council election and both would likely result in around 2-3 months delay in the whole process.
NMU had 96 Crores annual budget in 2010-11 and had deficits of 7.99 Crores and reserves of 9.66 Crores. NMU resources count has touched 550 with monthly payments of 1.80 Crores which includes 1.40 Crores payments from Government aids. The last budget had indoor stadium, helping weaker section students and central laboratory works and around 1.50 Crores cost based annual convocation ceremony dias and sitting arrangements.

District soon to have mobile van court:
Jalgaon district would soon have mobile van court to tackle to prolonged pending cases in Courts and easing plaintiffs on either sides. The proposed van would move to villages and execute pending cases with speedy process. District’s such first experiment is beginning in March end and would continue in April. District legal services tribunal has received this update from State authorities and would soon have such van based on cases pending on Tahsil basis to plan and execute the same.

  • Sant Appa Maharaj 101st annual day on 08th March – various programmes on eve at Lord Rama temple and Appa Maharaj Samadhi
  • NMU PG professor reserved constituency election – 83.66% voting, counting today
  • Muktai Saras 2010-11 ends today with cheering participation over weekend
  • District Police to issue notices to around 150 anti-social elements in Bhusawal – plans booking MOCCA

06th March:
Khandesh’s 19 Taluka awaits stadium land clearance for boosting sports:

Khandesh region’s 19 Taluka are in search of land for proposed stadium formation at Tahsil level. The first order in this reference was announced in year 2003 by State government but has failed its execution in speedy manner. Those Tahsil having land ready are waiting for funds to execute. Jalgaon district’s 12 out of 15, Sindhkheda in Dhule and none of Nandurbar district Tahsil have work for this sports complex cum stadium.
District earlier received 22 acres land at Manyarkheda for full-fledged stadium, but this too got trapped in town planning legalities. Muktai Nagar has 2.35 hectares land and 60 Lakhs fund and only wall compound and ground works have been executed. Parola has 3.19 hectares land has 50 Lakhs fund. Here wall compound and spectators sitting arrangements work is in progress. Bhadgaon has 2.66 hectares land and 60 Lakhs fund and 1.47 Crores budgeted. Tendering process and then actual work would begin soon. Amalner has 4.20 hectares land and 10 lakhs fund and wall compound work is in progress. Raver has land available but no estimates are ready and hence it is going to take much more time.
Yaval has issues with land acquisition and has around 10Lakhs funds. Authorities have demanded 10.87 hectares land near water tank and budgeting and actual execution would take certain time. Bhusawal has 6.92 hectares land available but estimating, technical approval is challenges amidst 10 Lakhs funds in hand. Chalisgaon has 6.92 hectares land awaiting district administration approval. Erandol and Dharangaon both have lands available but no funds have locked the process. Bodwad, Pachora, Chopda and Jamner are still searching for land.

Corporation city bus meeting review:
Corporation city bus reinstating primary meeting yesterday has yielded pathway for restarting the service. The new tendering party has shown interest in offering around 800 Rs. Per bus per month royalty to Corporation. It has quoted not to offer any concession to students and has demanded 20kms route for buses operation. This would likely result in 15 routes getting 25 buses in first phase. Proposal once finalised by Corporation would undergo State approval for finalisation.

  • Khandesh’s 2 honoured with best workers award in district council – includes one each from Dhule and Nandurbar
  • Maratha Patil community youth introduction meet in Jalgaon on 10th April
  • Raisoni Institute of information technology Jalgaon wins NMU conducted Manthan-2011 IT quest and best performance award
  • Jalgaon’s Major sports club wins 2 silver and 3 bronze medals in state skating at Aurangabad
05th March:
Corporation city bus service meeting today:
Jalgaon city municipal corporation is conducting a review cum finalisation meeting for reinstating city bus service. It has received 3 tenders for the service reinstating which includes one each from Jalgaon, Dhule and Akola. Earlier ecobus tendering party closed city bus service on grounds of huge losses on 16th December 2010. One amidst new tenderers has shown interest to pay Rs. 100 per bus per month to Corporation. Major discussion aspects would be ownership of buses, depot for buses, bus stand and workshop land requirement.

Khandesh literary meet at Nandurbar:
Maharashtra State literary and cultural Mandal golden jubilee literary meet is being conducted at Nandurbar from 24th March. The 3-days meet would have wider participation of authors in the region.

KCE Society President Nandkumar Bendale honoured with National Award:
Khandesh College education society and Leva educational union president Nandkumar Bendale has been nominated for National award by Pimpri-Chinchwad based Jeevan Kala Mandal. The award distribution ceremony is on 23rd March at Pune and is for his outstanding contribution to educational growth and works.

Football training team selection:
Western football association has invited 2 each members from all 35 districts of State in under-13 age category at Cooprej football ground in Mumbai. Jalgaon selection test is being conducted on Sunday, 9am by district association. Eligibility norms include having football sporting knowledge, dance, singing, drama and general knowledge skills as well and should have birth date earlier to 31st December 2000.
  • Muktai Saras 2010-11 evokes fabulous response – cultural events glee the evenings
  • State Electricity distribution Company eases load shedding in industrial area – reduces to 6 hours from 14 hours on weekly off day
  • Dhule based Manasvi Kothari selected for International Karate competition at Singapore
  • Government employees co-operative credit society – Sahakar panel flags ruling with 4 members from ruling changes panel
  • Violence in Bamnod (Yaval) – 42 booked, situation in control
04th March:

In search of Excellence – A journey of wisdom:
The quote ‘Angels fly, because they take themselves lightly’ nicely abbreviate human nature and its journey in life. Today’s technology inclined fast track age demands utter focus and devoted approach in meeting time lines and achieving new galore of work beyond physical boundaries. There is always a tussle between meeting deadlines and excelling in work life. This leads to questions on what to lift and which are to give more weightage in execution.
The professional life plays swings in green and red zones of achievements and keeps one shaking to put more and more thrust in execution and tuning balances during critical hours of failures in meeting expectations. This posts dilemma and joy both as co-friends of each other during professional life. A few delightful cares and steps quoted under could nurture this desire into goal seeking and mark real uplifting in excellence in journey of wisdom.

  • Accept every day as new dawn of challenges and talents to learn. Post positivity and enjoy the work that you are doing. Work with burdened or forced approach fades quality and excellence wherein work done with enjoyment gives different results and can diminish/ enrich the work professionalism.
  • Remember Schooling days where CW and HW remained high priority executions. Let HW abbreviate need of continuous learning, innovation and research wherein CW makes you conquer the planned pathways.
  • A professional’s real asset is excellence cum experience gained from execution of various ongoing assignments. Minute aspect evaluation of every critical failure, inclining oneself to work harder to accept and correct such hardships with best positivity. This leads perfection to become routine attire in every execution. Believe in yourself and strengths you have and let Swami Vivekananda quote ‘Arise, awake and stop not until goal is reached’ mark this journey of wisdom.
  • Professional and technology inclined work approaches evolves continuous learning for optimal yields. Technology summits, continuous new areas of research avails a nice mantra to adopt ‘Be a good user first to become the best role model’.  If this most tweaking mantra of success in professional life is evaluated with focus, one can easily read needs and targets ahead. Let every role assigned makes you achieve best of its skillset and cultivate desire of distinction.
  • Adopt, attach and have proactive approach in your field. Sign up, participate and have time tabled activities in the field. Use Internet based alerts to have good track of your field, key entities and your aims. This equally helps in staying in tune with latest happenings around. A nice balance of practical execution of these things without disturbing work life can lead to immense growth in the respective field.
Let this 5-star passion lead to the best of professional experience and mark oneself as most special being there and be the most fruitful and devoted resource. Be passionate to your role today, you would see long term and stable gains and a continuous stream of satisfaction and joy in everything you do everyday.

Jalgaon airport first flight likely to take off by November 2011:

Airport Authority of India is in full pace preparations for setting wings to Jalgaon district’s by likely first flight from Jalgaon in November 2011. The Kusumba based Jalgaon airport remained a dream for giving a pace to Jalgaon’s industrial growth. Authorities have reported completion of air strip, aeroplane stoppage and taxi way completion in next 8 months. Jalgaon airport project was initiated in 1974 but could not get political push and pace to accelerate it going live.
Airport Authority took project on 13th June 2010 and has estimate of 325 Crores for Jalgaon airport. It would complete 61 Crores based first phase having passenger apron and amenities building. Jalgaon airport landing strip is of 1700meters and could have two passenger aeroplanes space with night landing facility and could get 100 seats based Boeing A-391 planes in first phase. Airport also has cargo hub facilities but would likely get fruits and vegetables shipment in first aspect.

Deep Nagar to have additional 1000MW electricity generation:
Bhusawal thermal power station is soon turning to be Maharashtra’s first ever electricity generation centre producing more than 10% of State’s whole electricity requirement. Centre’s third unit would start availing 1000MW electricity from August 2011. Unit currently has 420MW electricity generation units and this second unit would add 1000MW.
Third unit land acquisition has already begun and Company has set target of 660MW from this unit. It expects generation from this unit by 2016. Unit consumes 6,000 tonnes of coal right now and this would mount to 20,000 tonnes on starting up of 1,000MW unit. Company also assured district of no rise in temperature following these two new units introduction.

  • Mercury intense to 38.5 degrees amidst summer arrival
  • District Council (ZP) budget approval meeting on 16th March
  • Corporation rehabilitates 79 slums from Dandekar Nagar to HUDCO housing

03rd March:
Muktai-Saras 2011 inauguration today:
The last year Khandesh festivity’s updated form ‘Muktai Saras 2010-11’ is being inaugurated today in Jalgaon. The 5 days event has exhibition, food festival and Khandesh cultural programmes and is being organised at ‘Shiv-Tirtha’ ground. Event has received around 200 small savings group participation. Event’s key attraction is cultural event daily evening from 5.30 until 9.30 to mark the Maharashtra Government golden jubilee year and Khandesh region’s all types of cultural dances with wide participation of Schools and organisations in the eve. 

Raining disrupt agricultural yields on 2,301 hectares:
The sudden two days continued raining has adversely affected district’s agricultural produces and has worst damages in 6 Taluka based 69 villages having Rubby crop of wheat, gram, cotton, corn and other such yields. Agricultural department primary estimate has revealed such damages to around 2,301 hectares land and district administration has requested opinion to initiate losses assessment from State authorities. Erandol has been worst affected followed by Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon, Parola and Jamner.

  • Padmalaya Ganesha temple trust organised ‘Ganesha Yagna’ on Sunday
  • Shendurni based Arti Zavar tops in Essay competition conducted at Mumbai on State level
  • Raisoni institute conducted Kashti-2011 management students event on Friday, 04th March
  • NMU external courses student application forms acceptance available – refer NMU website
02nd March:
Maha-Shivratri festivity today:
Entire region is celebrating Lord Shiva Maha-Shivratri festivity today. Region’s all temples are lighting decorated and have various religious enchanting and activities throughout the day. Bahal (Chalisgaon) based श्री क्षॆत्र ॠषीपांथा ancient temple has special festivity for the day along with महा-रूद्राभिषॆक on first night of this festivity from midnight 12.30am to 4.30am. Region’s other temples like वालझिरी (चाळीसगाव), पिंपळगाव हरॆश्वर (पाचॊरा), श्री क्षॆत्र संगमॆश्वर हॆमांडपंथी, कपिलॆश्वर, शिवधाम (पारॊळा), नागॆश्वर (पारॊळा), वटॆश्वर महादॆव(गणपुर, चॊपडा), अमॄतॆश्वर महादॆव(चहार्डी, चॊपडा) have organised various events to celebrate the eve. Changdev temple annual festivity is also beginning from today. Jalgaon city based श्री ओंकारॆश्वर दॆवस्थान, शिवधाम निमखॆडी, गौरी-शंकर, सिद्धी व्यंकटॆश temples are all decorated and have huge rush of devotees to mark the eve and celebrate.

Jalod – Budhgaon bridge inauguration today:
The Tapi River based Jalgaon – Budhgaon bridge connecting Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh is being inaugurated today. This bridge has reduced geographical reach for both State based many a villages and would boost business across the border. It has also reduced Chopda and Amalner Taluka based various Villages connectivity. The bridge was principally approved in 1994 with 11.38 Crores estimate and was completed in 2011 with 32.97 Crores cost by Tapi Irrigation development corporation. The 560 meters length bridge has 14 numbers of blocks each of 40 meters and has well alike foundation and circular hollow tapered pillars.

NMU receives 56 new Colleges affiliation proposals:
Higher and Technical education continues to be most rapidly flourishing sector for Jalgaon region. NMU Board of Colleges and University development has received 56 new Colleges affiliation proposals in Khandesh region. This includes 26 from Jalgaon, 13 from Dhule and 4 from Nandurbar. This includes 4 Colleges for MBM, BBM, 1 for pharmacy, 4 for Engineering Colleges. All proposals would first undergo NMU approval followed by State higher and technical education department approval. Affiliating Colleges have to make Rs. 5 Lakhs deposits on its parent promoting organisation name in form of lien to NMU along with its paper formalities.

Waghur dam – 12 Crores project turns 1,184 Crores project:
Jalgaon city’s water lifeline Waghur dam was approved in principal in 1978 at estimated cost of mere 12 Crores. The dozing and slowed approach in finalisation and making live state of this project has now touched it to 1,184 Crores cost project. This includes forestry land, land acquisition, rehabilitation of 7 villages as major reasons. The project escaped water woes of Jalgaon, Bhusawal, Jamner, Raver and Yaval Taluka. Waghur dam’s 95% work, major canal’s 80% and distribution lines 45% work has been completed till now. Pending aspects of this project includes raising height by 2 meters, electricity production from water and drift irrigation for 9,000 hectare land in Jamner. This project has 70 Crores allocation in FY 2011-12.

Raining on second consecutive day:
Jalgaon district witnessed second round of raining and snowing yesterday evening. The raining began with cloudy atmosphere first in evening and later medium to heavy showering in most of areas. The continued raining has made farmers in trouble following standing crop damages with this rain. Jalgaon city, Mamurabad, Kanalda, Shirsoli areas had medium raining.
  • Jalgaon’s Sachin Chaudhari in State T-20 Cricket team for upcoming inter-State competition at Hyderabad from 12th March
  • State deputy Chief Minister in Khandesh today for various public events
01st March:
Real estate boom – region witnesses many new projects arrival:
Real estate i.e. property market is Jalgaon district’s one of most talked and worked around investment instrument. The earlier slowed real estate growth has now triggered with full pace in last two years. Open land rates have shoot up significantly and as a result of this buyers have now inclined towards flat scheme and apartment projects. Year 2010 marked sound pace in this aspect and many local entrepreneurs have flagged such projects with massive local level publicity. Mahabal Colony and it’s allied colonies, Dhake Wadi, Ganesh Colony and Shiv Colony are amongst major clusters having such projects in full pace and good inflow of enquiries as well.
The Pune culture of dedicated parking in flats, lifts with emergency backup, designer living rooms, Vastu based planning, concealed electrical fitting with modular switches, concealed plumbing and CP fittings, granite kitchens and anti-termite treatments have turned to common freebies with every offering. Ability of builders to offer quality services post sales, professional approach in executing commitments, timely possessions, Town-planning rules based transparent execution and above all being able to retain every newly becoming customer as one of best source for mouth publicity remains few of key challenges for builders and developers here.

Raining woes Khandesh:
Entire Khandesh zone yesterday witnessed monsoon alike rain pouring for an hour in evening and later in night. The sudden raining began with huge wind flow and snowing at some locations in district. This has led to severe damages to about to pluck Rubby crops specially cotton, gram, onion, wheat and like crops. Jalgaon city also witnessed raining for around 20 minutes in evening leading to electricity disruption for an hour.

  • Goddess Muktai festivity begins at Muktai Nagar amidst cheering devotees participation
  • Budget-2011 disappoints region – no special tax holidays or soups announced for region
  • District administration calls for tender/ auction registration for sand blocks in Jamner, Jalgaon, Raver, Muktai Nagar, Bhusawal and Chalisgaon


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