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26th July:

Corporation General Body meeting review:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation General body met yesterday to discuss various projects and developments in city. All members including ruling party Corporators marked strong protest to city’s devastating infrastructure and Corporation’s no care approach in name of no funds. Raining led roads are in its bitter state wherein shopping complexes are now full of garbage with no one willing to clean and keep up with city’s theme line Jalgaon city – Clean and Green city. Highways parallel road and hawkers’ re-establishment and like many issues are kept in abeyance with no concrete decisions taken on administration front has miser city.
Body has approved unanimously awarding of ‘समाज-रत्न’ award to Late Dr. Avinash Acharya, founder of Jalgaon Janta Co-operative Bank Limited. Ruling party members amidst State’s decision marked further unrest in Escorts fees removal marking it troublesome on Corporation front. It further urged State to take charge of Corporation following no financial freedom and lack of grants to execute works.
Amidst other important decisions include cancelling of five times penalty rate based rental charges levy to V. J. Market and Shahu complex block holders and charging them on ready reckoner rates based rentals and pay the same until 31st March 2015. Corporation administration is yet to respond on this resolution through legal framework assessment. Body also approved formation of all party committee to review proposed 35% charges for blocks transfer.

Dhule district Court Building inauguration today:
Dhule District Court’s newly built up building inauguration ceremony is being held today. Dhule district Court was setup almost 150years ago and this new building is setup behind existing main building and has 12 Courts arrangement built by PWD at 8.98Crores cost.

  • Jalgaon’s Ashwini Patil gets Denver University International Scholarship of $84,000 for Higher Education in Engineering in University
  • NCP organised two days Employment fair/ meet begins today at Dhule
  • JDCC Bank Board of Directors meeting today – to discuss starting up of Belganga sugar factory
  • ZP Education, Health and sports committees head election on 31st July in special meeting
25th July:

Monsoon rain eases after two days span:
Raining gripped over entire Khandesh eased yesterday whole day with sunny intervals and clear climate. Two days continued raining logged huge water everywhere moved out and life normalised with this gap in rain yesterday. District authorities have reported 550 animals killed at various locations during two days continued raining. This includes 180 animals in 9 Tahsil of Jalgaon having rain pouring along with 350 animals in Dhule district. This includes cows, bullock and other smaller animals. Raining led to losses to around 150 hectare standing banana crop in Muktai Nagar. Raining also affected electricity supplies in Bhadgaon area due to disconnecting of electricity supply lines in heavy raining. Raining’s worst effect is on roads and city’s almost all road are no win bitter mode with drags at many places. Hatnur dam’s 41 gates are open to ease water pressure in Tapi River.

Ganesh Chaudhari tops in entire country in Agricultural research services OBC category:
Yaval based Ganesh Vasudev Chaudhari has topped Agricultural Scientist Class-1 examination in OBC category across entire India. Nimgaon (Yaval) native Ganesh will now likely get appointment in National agricultural research organisation Hyderabad. Ganesh has completed secondary education at Yaval, B. Sc. in Solapur and M.Sc. in Vegetables science at Akola and has passed NET exam twice and is currently in Ph.D. research work in Dr. Punjabrao Agricultural University on generation analysis of milky bottle gourd. He has topped in OBC category while appearing for central government conducted exam for 11posts.

NMU approves Carry-on for second year engineering students:
North Maharashtra University Jalgaon has yesterday announced approval of carry on decision for admission to third year in engineering courses subjected that student has maximum of 15subjects failed combining together first and second year and has appeared May-June 2014 CGPA pattern exam. This decision will not apply to new admissions under CPGA pattern in next year.

  • Corporation General body meeting today – to discuss block rental charges review
  • Railways mega block for repair works at Deolali today – to delay trains to and fro of Mumbai side
  • District’s 824 Co-operative organisations to undergo term election before December-2014
  • Jalgaon’s Mayur Patil, Nilesh Patil and Mansi Chaudhari selected in State team for western divisional jump rope competition at Nashik
  • Jalgaon chess competition – Mukul Tare and Dhruv Kabra wins
24th July:

Khandesh turns watered with continued monsoon raining:
Two days of non-stop raining in medium to heavy form in Khandesh region’s all three districts namely Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar added with heavy raining in Madhya Pradesh has led to flooding in Tapi River leading to opening up of all 41 gates. This opening has caused heavy water logging in Raver area with backwater filled in most of villages and farms. All 57 villages of Dhule along with many from Jalgaon on banks of Tapi River have been notified of danger and shifted. Raining in this form has cheered farmers and has made all small dam 100% full in Raver belt. All three districts have witnessed whopping 122mm rainfall in just 24hours. Raver area alone had 140mm rainfall wherein Jalgaon city had 126mm raining.
Raining has overflowed Mehrun Lake and Girana River is also flowing with good water. Muktai Nagar based old Kothali temple has gone underwater. Raver’s 5, Yawal and Muktai Nagar each’s two villages have lost connectivity due to heavy raining and roads blocked with water. Chopda Tahsil lost connectivity with 9 villages in Adavad area following water logging. Patalganga River in Savda area has mega flooding disrupting routine of all nearby villages. Jalgaon city’s name ‘जल – गाव’ turned real with water logging everywhere in city including prime areas and no disaster management or local government cells working. Street lights in many areas remained on for whole day yesterday. Lendi Nala, Bajrang pool and many like areas had huge water logging disrupting traffic.

Corporation’s yet another formula to generate revenue – announces 35% taxing on blocks transfer:
Jalgaon city Municipal Corporation amidst continued shockers announced levy of 35% tax to that of market rates for approving transfer of its owned blocks. Upcoming general meeting will have this proposal for approval along with reduction of block rentals reduction in Shahu Complex and old B. J. Market having served with penal notice for payment of taxes 5times of normal rates. Corporation’s this announcement of 35% levy is based on Kolhapur pattern of levy for transfer of leased blocks and yet another attempt to increase revenue without any practical understanding of transaction patterns. Body will also have proposal to double house taxes for both Shahu complex and B. J. Market for year 2011-12 onwards bills.
Corporations’ build a complex and trigger growth phenomenon is unique amongst all other Corporations in Maharashtra and comparing it with rest for tax levy will not justify due to its pattern of use. Jalgaon city’s Corporation owned most shopping complexes have witnessed multiple levels of transactions for profit booking and levying this huge tax will again lead to many not showing exact current status. Reasonable flat rate based levy for such transactions might justify grounds and see actual response of current buyer rather Corporation eyeing on profits earned in transacting.

  • Drinking water supplies gets affected with raining – Electricity supplies poles damages to take a day time to restore services
  • Jalgaon Corporation to receive 1.23 Crores from Cess tax on franking charges for year 2013-14 fourth quarter

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