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29th July:

Ramazan Eid Greetings from Team EJalgaon.com

Raining affects Yawal Tahsil:
Yawal Taluka having witnessed heavy flooding on Monday night marked troubling day yesterday with water logging in many homes and a lady getting poured in flooding. Sakli area based many banana farms have huge water logging. Manwel/ Chunchale/ Sakli in Yawal Tahsil had rain pouring on Monday night around 9pm causing flooding to Manaki and Bhonak River confluence near Ajanti village.

Assembly Election Electoral roll publication on 31st July:
Jalgaon district administration is publishing final electoral roll for upcoming Assembly Election on 31st July. Administration is exercising special precautions in preparing electoral roll following many names deleted in last parliamentary elections.

  • Hawker’s zone formation – Corporation receives 15 objections by now
  • Engineering students’ mega tussle in front of NMU – demands engineering carry-on announcement at earliest
  • ITI Admissions – First merit list announced, admissions till 31st July for next round
  • Inter-School football competition from 02nd August
27th and 28th July:

Shravana Monday festivity greetings from Team EJalgaon.com

LBT the worst dictator on trading:
Local body tax levy in Corporation areas in Maharashtra has paralysed trade in tier-2 and tier-3 cities and is isolating wholesale trades from district headquarters to Tahsil marking severe discomfort in trade fraternity. Federation of Associations of Maharashtra made a review meeting yesterday in Jalgaon district Traders confederation hall to discuss on this aspect. FAM officials quoted State bureaucracy and political fraternity amongst key hurdle in complete removal of LBT tax. State in spite of huge VAT earning is purposely not diffusing this tax. FAM has posted a request to State officials even to levy surcharge on VAT to diffuse LBT separate charging. This proposal has also been defeated by officials. Association has announced conducting State wide protest if LBT removal is not done in next 1month.

Shravana Monday festive begins with rain showering all around:
Today is this season’s first Shravana Monday and Lord Shiva has sent blissful rain showers to mark this special eve. Region is under lower pressure zone and is witnessing showering to medium rainfall since last evening. Jalgaon, Amalner and Yawal Tahsil have reported good rainfall since last evening. Cyclonic winds and raining losses have mounted to 12.70Crores in Raver Tahsil.

Shahu Maharaj complex block holders demand review of Corporation decision on tax:
Jalgaon city’s municipal Corporation owned complexes rising concerns and legal battles are observed these days with no clear approach at Administration front and purview these issues as opportunity to write off debts on Corporation. General body resolution taken in meeting on 25th July marked charging ready reckoner based rates taxing for both B.J.Market and Shahu Complex instead of five times rates. Block holders on estimating calculations from this pattern has figured out approx. 10,000 per block per month rental/ tax in new pattern which is practically not affordable. Block holders have demanded doubling of earlier rates to mark/ afford paying these days.

INOX leisure inaugurates Jalgaon multiplex at Khandesh central:
Nationwide chain of Inox leisure multiplex theatres has launched its Jalgaon multiple with four screens projection and total seating capacity of 1,141 seats in Khandesh central. Theatre inaugurated yesterday is first entrant from national level in Jalgaon market after local cinema theatres like Regal, Metro and Natwar theatres and is pioneer entrant after Natwar multiplex started in last year. Theatre is equipped with digital projection system, online ticket booking.

Waterborne diseases control fortnight begins today:
District Health Department is conducting waterborne diseases control and awareness fortnight beginning from today until 08th August. Administration aims to avail 4.27Lakh ORS packets to 0-5 years’ age group kids through Asha self-help groups and Anganwadi officials right at their homes. It will also guide families on feeding borne, children diet monitoring and family planning aspects.

  • Student Unions demand Carry On for Engineering Students with NMU – to observe protest march after Monday if not accepted
  • District’s five public libraries get Computer systems under Ram Mohan Roy Library foundation project
  • District to get 3,800 new EVM for upcoming Assembly elections
  • Jalgaon Milk Union’s 43rd Annual General meeting on 12th August
26th July:

Corporation General Body meeting review:
Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation General body met yesterday to discuss various projects and developments in city. All members including ruling party Corporators marked strong protest to city’s devastating infrastructure and Corporation’s no care approach in name of no funds. Raining led roads are in its bitter state wherein shopping complexes are now full of garbage with no one willing to clean and keep up with city’s theme line Jalgaon city – Clean and Green city. Highways parallel road and hawkers’ re-establishment and like many issues are kept in abeyance with no concrete decisions taken on administration front has miser city.
Body has approved unanimously awarding of ‘समाज-रत्न’ award to Late Dr. Avinash Acharya, founder of Jalgaon Janta Co-operative Bank Limited. Ruling party members amidst State’s decision marked further unrest in Escorts fees removal marking it troublesome on Corporation front. It further urged State to take charge of Corporation following no financial freedom and lack of grants to execute works.
Amidst other important decisions include cancelling of five times penalty rate based rental charges levy to V. J. Market and Shahu complex block holders and charging them on ready reckoner rates based rentals and pay the same until 31st March 2015. Corporation administration is yet to respond on this resolution through legal framework assessment. Body also approved formation of all party committee to review proposed 35% charges for blocks transfer.

Dhule district Court Building inauguration today:
Dhule District Court’s newly built up building inauguration ceremony is being held today. Dhule district Court was setup almost 150years ago and this new building is setup behind existing main building and has 12 Courts arrangement built by PWD at 8.98Crores cost.

  • Jalgaon’s Ashwini Patil gets Denver University International Scholarship of $84,000 for Higher Education in Engineering in University
  • NCP organised two days Employment fair/ meet begins today at Dhule
  • JDCC Bank Board of Directors meeting today – to discuss starting up of Belganga sugar factory
  • ZP Education, Health and sports committees head election on 31st July in special meeting

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