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06th May:

98.41% voting recorded in JDCC Bank elections:
Jalgaon district’s co-operative movement center JDCC bank election voting yesterday marked historic turnout with 98.41% voting and few Tahsil marking 100% voting. Voting yesterday marked violent turnout in Jamner. Votes’ counting is scheduled tomorrow.

State to honor Jalgaon’s senior author Bhalchandra Nemade:
State cultural services department has organised a grand honor ceremony to mark respect for Dnyanpeeth award winner Jalgaon’s senior author Bhalchandra Nemade on Thursday, 07th May at gateway of India. Eve includes memorial mark of earlier Dnyanpeeth award winners from Maharashtra along with honor of Mr. Nemade along with cultural programs by various singers/ artists. Entry to event is free and available with various drama performance centers in Mumbai.

Intense heat stroke continues:
Khandesh region is in intense heat stroke popularly named as May heat and is having 43degrees and sub-level temperature. Intense heat stroke is causing difficulties in peak afternoon times and heat waves continues till late night.
Meanwhile Sakli in Yaval marked snowing and raining for around 15minutes. Snowing had small circular shape and had been for around 5mins. Chopda region also marked raining in evening. Raining again has led to troubles on standing banana crop.

  • JDCC bank announces Rs. 1,800 crop loan for year 2015-16
  • Khadse memorial cricket competition – Radiance Baroda wins on Baroda academy by 5wickets
  • Corporation initiates road repair works on Ring road
02nd to 05th May:

JDCC Bank election voting today:
Jalgaon district central co-operative bank election voting is in progress today from 8am to 5pm. Election has two panels in straight fray along with various independent and small groups candidates. Voting is in progress for 15 out of 21 seats and rest seats have been elected unopposed. Votes’ counting is on 07th May with results likely by afternoon.

Jalgaon airport startup review meeting:
Jalgaon district guardian secretary conducted a review meeting of all officials to discuss current status of Jalgaon airport startup. Concerns discussed includes current traffic status on Mumbai airport and likely chance of getting space on airport in morning time, setting up Jalgaon – Pune – Mumbai flight and preparing feasibility report of likely traffic. District administration is expected to submit this feasibility report to secretary to take further.

Pimprala festival ends with cheer:
First ever Pimprala festival 2015 has ended with cheer and active participation from various local artists demonstrating their performance in all sorts of Lavani and cultural programs. Event concluding ceremony on Monday marked various cultural programs along with prize distribution to various contest winners.

MH-CET 2015 on 07th May:
State directorate of medical education and research has announced MH-CET 2015 exam schedule. Exam is on 07th May 2015 across entire State and has 13 centers in Jalgaon city and 4,776 aspirant students. Exam timing is from 10am to 1pm and will likely have result on 05th June.

Jalgaon players wins silver and bronze in national competition:
Jalgaon district Thai boxing association players have won two silver and a bronze medal in first national Thai boxing federation cup competition conducted at Amritsar from 24th until 26th April. This includes Manoj Beldar in junior category lite contact – 64-68kg and Jitendra Khodape in full contact 54-58kg category along with Sanjay Nannavare winning bronze in lite contact in 72kg category.

  • Mercury continues harsh trend – temperature in 43degrees zone with intense heat stroke
  • Maharashtra wins gold in national Kho-Kho competition at Kupwada, Sangli – includes Jalgaon player Twinkle Nandode
  • Khadse memorial cricket competition – Jain sports academy conquers title defeating Shirpur
  • Khadse memorial wrestling competition – Jhansi wrestler Saitan Singh wins title with cash prize of Rs. 31,000
  • Dhule – Mumbai special train extended till Mumbai CST – to continue trial run until 01st June
  • District’s 12 APMC election process begins – final electoral roll on 12th June
  • Fire in surgical cotton factory in MIDC – loses estimated at 50lakhs
  • Jain sports academy win senior category state level table tennis competition at Pune
01st May:

Happy Birthday EJalgaon.com:
Birthday marks delightful notes of memories of past year and firm commitments for future ahead. Team EJalgaon.com is glad to complete 17years of glorious services to Khandesh community and is committed ahead for the best of information and services from region. Started in year 1998 with striving need of public service information and daily news along with exam results EJalgaon.com has turned to an information enriched portal for Khandesh region with daily updates. At EJalgaon.com we have been successfully able to transform young minds from negative notes marked no growth zone to a self-grown and zealous entrepreneur arena through our enriched information presentation and key areas highlighted.
In last 3-4 years there has been a significant change in governmental handling of information and most of governmental organisations are now having web presence with few starting to update on continuous basis. Team EJalgaon.com reads this as yet another area to enhance and our revamped policies now focus more on innovative and trade growth driving areas rather repeating information from such agencies. EJalgaon.com 2.0 is our visionary all new platform to be launched soon that will have these areas strongly focused along with citizen and guests centric information needs.
At EJalgaon.com we feel years ahead to be more challenging for Khandesh region amidst rising diplomatic feat and younger generation getting being politician or in politics as only financially rich and aspiring career ahead. Education, trade, services and industrial sector continue to tussle with governmental authorities and diplomacy to stand on its legs. Our key ailments continue to be salted with low to no efforts on enhancing life in spite of having best of geographical location and talented youths force to strive for!

Amalner marks summer’s hottest day:
Amalner area yesterday marked this season’s highest of 44.7 degrees temperature leading to intense summer stroke. Jalgaon city had 43degrees, Bhusawal had 42.8, Dharangaon and Parola had 44.6degrees temperature on scale.

Jhipru Anna festivity from 06th May:
Nashirabad’s rural deity Jhipru Anna Maharaj annual festivity on eve of 66th memorial day is being celebrated from 06th until 12th May in Nashirabad. Various religious enchanting, flag hoisting, Parayan and like activities are organised during the eve. Festivity’s key attraction procession is from 8.30am.

Khadse memorial T-20 cricket competition begins today:
Jalgaon city and Tahsil cricket association and Khadse family trust jointly organised State level T-20 cricket is beginning today. This competition has 16 participating teams from across State and it includes 7 teams from Jalgaon and has league matches in group A and group B for qualifier selection with 8 teams in each group. Competition ends on 09th May with prize distribution ceremony and attracts first prize of Rs. 111,111 cash and runner up team getting Rs. 66,000 cash prize along with man of the series title and other awards. Former Indian cricket player Azharuddin is in Jalgaon today to inaugurate this competition in evening.  

  • District administration receives 26Crores grants for 11 MLA, 2 MLC constituency development funds
  • District public representatives to do flag hoisting today on eve of Maharashtra day today
  • Petrol dearer by 3.96 per liter, diesel rises by 2.37 per liter from midnight
  • State Transport buses strike woes commuters – heavy rush in private buses troubles, strike taken off in evening
  • Chalisgaon native Amit Pate gets British Indian young achiever award

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