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20th August:

State approves Solar power generation unit at Yaval:
Maharashtra State government has approved 150acres based Solar power generation unit with estimated generation capacity of 50MW units in Yaval Tahsil based Mor dam acquired land. Project is on basin of Satpuda hills in 300acres acquired land of Mor dam and is first amongst solar power units in Jalgaon district. Mor dam was inaugurated in year 1976 and serves thousands of acres of irrigable land in nearby areas.

JDCC Bank BoD meeting review:
Jalgaon district central co-operative bank board of directors met yesterday to discuss various topics on agenda. Body has approved both Belganga sugar factory and Yaval based Y. T. Mahajan ginning mill on lease basis and has announced hefty increase in crop loan limits.

  • District Police sports competitions begin at Police Parade ground
  • Marimata Bara-Gadya festivity celebrated with cheer
  • Corporation officials meeting with State CM for blocks auctioning likely today
19th August:

State cancels APMC taxing on tea, spices:
Amidst first legal battles on invalid taxing by governmental agencies, district traders have succeeded in getting State’s nod on cancelling levy. District agricultural produces marketing committee used to levy market and processing fees on tea powder, red Chilly, sabudana, Anjeer, groundnut, Tobacco, Besan and Poha like items. District traders in its legal presentation to State co-operative marketing ministry through district guardian minister secured confidence of ministry in wrong levy. APMC levy being applicable only to district level produces cannot be charged on other district and other State processed produces bought in district for sales. State ministry has ordered district co-operative department to immediately stop such levy and void its notices issued to traders for non-filling.

The youthful Dahi Handi celebration:
Jalgaon district marked historic high participation of youths in Dahi Handi festivity celebration yesterday. Jalgaon city’s all major Dahi Handi evoked huge crowd of youths to witness and participate in the eve. City’s prestigious Subhash Chowk 35feet Dahi Handi was broken by Shri Ram Mitra Mandal at 7.15pm. Mandal won cash prize of Rs. 11,111 for the same. Shri Ram Mitra Mandal also cracked Yuva Shakti organised 20feet Dahi Handi at Kavya Ratnavali Chowk winning Rs. 5,101 cash prize. LK group organised 25feets Dahi Handi at Sagar Park fascinated youth with Laser show, DJ and Dhol. Tarun Kudhapa Mandal succeeded in breaking this Handi in third attempt. Navi Peth Mandal’s 20feet Dahi Handi at Shiv Tirth also attracted huge youth crowd and again Tarun Kudhapa Mandal cheered on this Handi in third attempt. All these Handi celebrations marked huge rush on nearby areas for over 3-4hours.

District Police tighten its belts for tussle against misuse of social media websites:
Jalgaon district police wide its media circulation has urged citizens to exercise extreme caution in using social networking websites and stay away from anti-social elements spreading anti-community, anti-national and defaming contents through such media. Website group admins will be held responsible for such offenses and strict action under Cyber Laws shall be processed. District Police announced this note amidst upcoming assembly elections, Ganesha festivity and other festivals ahead. Such anti-national and anti-social elements’ posting originating from Jalgaon will be held by district police and this will have inclusion of group members having downloaded the content and forwarded further. Police has urged citizens to notify such misuse/ abuse through telephonic information on 0257-2223333. District Police’s cyber cell is actively monitoring such social networking websites.

  • Gogadev festivity today – fellows to mark procession on eve
  • ASI setup 21 CCTV cameras in Ajanta caves – camera functioning begins from 01st August 2014
  • Axis Bank opens Chopda branch
17th and 18th August:

Dahi Handi festivity celebration today:
Jalgaon city will witness three fascinating Dahi Handi celebrations today on eve of Janmashtami celebration. Nehru Chowk Mitra Mandal’s 20 feet Dahi Handi is at G. S. Ground from 4pm onwards and has Save Daughters as theme line. Yuvashakti foundation’s 20feet Dahi Handi is at Kavya Ratnavali Chowk from 12pm onwards. LK Foundation Dahi Handi is at Sagar Park from 4pm onwards and has Laser show along with DJ and Horses and camels as key attraction. Dahi Handi breaking will have four layers and has max height limited to 20feets in entire region.

Jamner, Muktai Nagar and Bodwad Tahsil Draught-affected:
Maharashtra State Government wide its evaluation of below 50% rainfall in various Tahsil of State has announced draught affected Tahsil list. This includes Jalgaon district’s Jamner, Muktai Nagar and Bodwad Tahsil having less than 50% rainfall during this monsoon as draught affected zones.

Suryodaya Marathi Literary Meet:
Suryodaya Marathi literary meet ended yesterday in Jalgaon with participation of many dignitaries in the literary field marking glee. Meet honored Girija Kaur with fourth All India Marathi literary Bhushan award comprising of Rs. 21,000 cash and memento. It honored Waman Hoval with 11th literary award. Dr. Lakshminarayan Bolli wrote ‘कॄष्ण दॆवराय’ Kadambari won State Sahitya Ratna award wherein Prabhakar Mahajan wrote ‘भुई तापाचॆ बळी’ poetic collection won Khandesh level Ratna award along with Prof. B. N. Chaudhari Dharangaon wrote ‘बंधमुक्त’ poem winning Khandesh level consolation prize.

Jalgaon Corporation Mayor post reserved for Open Category:
Maharashtra State Urban development ministry wide its State wide draw for reservations on Mayor post in various Corporations in State. Jalgaon Corporation’s Mayor Post is now open for General/ Open category after prolonged period wherein Dhule Corporation Mayor post is now reserved for OBC Women category. This reservation will now open up new equations for Mayor Post with many open category candidates in fray to plan ahead.

Malaria spreads in region, authorities urges caution:
Jalgaon district health authorities have reported rising cases of Malaria viral fever added with Dengue. Until now it has 19 Malaria patients and 6 likely Dengue affected cases in Jalgaon city alone. Increased unhygienic condition, zero to very low cleanliness is amongst few critical reasons. Administration has initiated survey at 1,452 villages in district and is sending blood samples to Aurangabad laboratory for further evaluation.

  • No LBT, No Octroi – State level Traders’ meeting tomorrow to discuss further stand
  • Monsoon league cricket – Anjani wins on Bori with first inning lead
  • District Public Distribution Supply office inaugurates E-Checking software for enhancing reporting on Rationing shops
  • ZP water management committee approves 19 temporary supplies projects to ease water supplies

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