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Hindu Crematorium in Jalgaon

Sr. Particulars Location
1)Main Crematorium - Neri Naka, MIDC RoadJalgaon
2)Khedi Crematorium - Bhusawal RoadJalgaon
3)Mehrun Crematorium - Mehrun Garden areaJalgaon
4)Pimprala Crematorium - Pimrapala regionJalgaon
5)Shivaji Nagar Crematorium - Shivaji Nagar JalgaonJalgaon

Important Points:

  • All Crematorium in Jalgaon are being maintained by Jalgaon City Municipal Corporation in Jalgaon city and by respective Council/ Panchayat in other places.
  • Most of Communities have their SMS based broadcast systems to convey community member Death and funeral timing. Respective community organisation Heads may be contacted for utilising this service to convey message.
  • You may also look to get Hindu Panchang information for Panchak aspect, if any from nearest Astrologer/ Brahmin.
  • Various Material/ goods required for funeral procession are available at various shops in Neri Naka/ Athawade Bazaar Chowk.
  • Corporation avails 3 quintal burnable wood only at these crematoriums.
  • Most of Funeral processions are taken in Matador alike vehicle readily available with all such arrangements. Family members go along and closed ones follow this vehicle till crematorium.
  • As per Hindu traditions, Body being taken to Crematorium is carried by exactly same family persons on all four sides while entering in Crematorium and keeping body for heavily abode.
  • Make sure to get Crematorium Acknowledgement Receipt from office bearer in Crematorium. This Receipt has to be produced to get Corporation Death Certificate.
  • All crematorium are manual wood burning driven crematorium.
  • There is no Electrical Crematorium in Jalgaon district as of date.
  • Funeral procession follows Baithak and/ or Uthavana in many communities. Baithak is kept at Home with fixed timing given so as closed ones and friends can come and meet members in grief. Uthavana is kept to mark completion of grief cycle with all in relation/ business/ closed circle reaching given place and praying for heavenly abode of soul. This follows reopening of Shops and Establishments and normalising routine.
  • In most of Hindu/ Jain families - 3days/ 7days/ 11days/ 12days are marked for this process and it ends with all family members uniting at home to mark their respect to passing away member.

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