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आपलं जळगावः
रविवार, 01 मॆ 2016, वैशाख कॄष्ण नवमी
जळगाव बाजार भावः
सॊनं (प्रति 10ग्राम): Rs. 30,640
चांदी (प्रति किलॊ): Rs. 45,500

कमालः 44.3 किमानः 23.5
All is riddle, and the key to a riddle is another riddle - Emerson
ठळक बातम्या (News Headlines):
  • Happy Birthday EJalgaon.com
  • यत्र-तत्र लॆखमाला - Valentine's Day | होळी आणि शिमगा
  • Sun-setting of News writing service:
  • Happy New Financial year – Let the year 2016-17 prosper every aspect of your life
  • Jain Farm fresh foods receives 804Crores UK investment
  • State raises ready reckoner rates by 4% - to cost more in property registrations
  • Postal department initiates core services in all branches in Jalgaon district

Detailed News
Updated: 01st April 2016, 11:40am

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