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आपलं जळगावः
मंगळवार, 22 जुलै 2014, आषाढ कृष्ण एकादशी
जळगाव बाजार भावः
सॊनं (प्रति 10ग्राम): Rs. 28,800
चांदी (प्रति किलॊ): Rs. 47,500

कमालः 30.0 किमानः 22.8
सुर्यॊदयः 6.03, सुर्यास्तः 7.07
Happiness is the wondrous commodity, the more your give; the more you have - Madame de Stael
ठळक बातम्या (News Headlines):
  • Escorts fee closure leads to unrest in Jalgaon Corporation:
  • Engineering students posts various demands to NMU:
  • Municipal Council President election – Raver, Parola and Faizpur gets unopposed candidature, election on 22nd July
  • Women democracy day – administration receives 62 complaints that include 61 from Co-operative deposits segment
  • D. T. Ed. spot admission rounds from 23rd July
  • Jalgaon district Council (ZP) announces E-Tendering system from 01st August – to start receipt, payment acceptance through bank transfers

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