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Socialising plays important role in our personal, family and work life. Jalgaon is amidst few places wherein current socio structure supports equal growth opportunities and upholds respect for each other. Jalgaon district has wide presence of almost all Social/ NGO and have active contribution by both Male and Female Members. There are significant number of Community-specific organisations as well and this includes Seniors/ Youth/ Ladies/ Girls groups categorised to perform segment specific activities. Socialising could prove equally useful for new entrants in terms of widening friends circle, increasing business connections, improving social connects, enriching work/ connected circles.

What's New?
  • Rotary: Rotary Club Jalgaon, Jalgaon Central, Jalgaon West, Jalgaon East, Jalgaon Gold City, Jalgaon Mid Town
  • Rotaract:
  • Inner Wheel Club (Ladies wing of Rotary): Inner Wheel Jalgaon, Inner Wheel Jalgaon East, Inner Wheel Jalgaon New Gen
  • Jaycees: Jalgaon Jaycees, Jalgaon Gold City, Jalgaon Central
  • Lions:
  • Others: Bharat Vikas Parishad (BVP), Saturday Club
  • Many of these Organisations have their owned/ leased Halls for conducting Meetings/ Seminars
Latest News:
  • Jalgaon.org Platform: Showcase your events/ services/ community commitments
  • Organise Business Shows/ Industrial Tours and other mutually benefiiting events - Let EJalgaon.com help you in technology front
  • Need Trainers/ Subject Special Speakers - Let your focus be shared here
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