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Jalgaon Business - Setup Retail Outlet:

Jalgaon's large population has Agriculture as primary source of Income and its two annual Cash Crops Banana and Cotton leads Jalgaon amongst new things crazy minds. Jalgaonities have fond desire for experimenting new things in both trade and taste buds. Jalgaon's multi-community trade mixup lures food amongst top attended new area with wonderful retailing avenues still open in it. Second prime retailing zone is Grocery and FMCG goods wherein cost concious and money saving approach makes Jalgaon citizens experiment more than any other neighbor district. Interestingly, Retailing is amongst major business occupation for urban areas in district with over 50% earners working in this area.

Jalgaon Jewelry market growth is phenomenal to prove retail prospects with its wide variety Jewelers amongst attractive destinations for buying marriage and event jewelry. This sector has boon prospects for National Jewelry brands as local jewelers are still to fully adopt technology and resource focus on sales personnel and still operating largely in manual trust driven mode. Jalgaon Cloths, Sarees and Dress Material market having shining days in year 2000 is struggling for rejuvenation. Arrival of branded Sarees/ branded Dresses shops could spur this segment more effectively. Clothing section has witnessed rising count of national brands in Suiting and Shirting.

Branded Restaurants once termed 'won't run' now having variety of players from Thali to Punjabi/ South Indian/ Rajasthani/ Chinese and many alike cuisines and witnesses good waiting and occupancy factor. Local players have good hold in this aspect with maintained quality and cost effectiveness. Segment has welcome notes for cuisine focussed Dhaba/ Restaurant added with weekend entertainment as well. Leisure needs more efforts in support from Local Government and facilities like Water Park/ Private entertainment parks if subsidised for specific period, would cheer citizens struggling to rejoice their weekends. Entertainment industry has unfolded new wings with multiplex and multi-screen cinema theaters opening up and having changed default trend of 12/3/6/9 Cinema viewing to desired comfortable timing.

Jalgaon has good market base for retail activities from branded Salon to exclusive retail outlets and to specific service/ trade or may it be a Speciality Hospital. Jalgaonities have good attraction towards offers based buying and rates comparison and customer service remains key here in remaining attached to clients. Retail ventures needs focus on individual customer attachment rather media based appeals to get repeated buying and loyalty.

We look forward to assist in manifold growth of new ventures/ expansion of established brands in Jalgaon region.

  • Jalgaon has survived in last three decades only on basis of its capabilities of doing good quanta of wholesale and retail trading.
  • Major retail zones in city are Fule Market, Navi Peth, Baliram Peth along with Khandesh Central Mall having Big Bazaar, Inox and various other brands. DMart is popular amongst Jalgaonities in grocery buying. Jalgaon based Anil Kirana, Suresh Food world, Navjeevan Super Shop, Jalaram, Vasant Super shop hold pioneering efforts in retailing.
  • Branded retailing holds growing market with significant spending capabilities and show rooms/ outlets of National popular brand are growing segments.
  • Consignment and Forwarding (C&F), Distributiorship, Agencies, Warehousing of commodities are amongst popular picks of trade communities willing to expand further.
  • Educated and polite salesman, marketing executives are available with most Colleges supporting such recruitment drives by publicising such openings in their campus.
  • Taxation policies, market structures and lower skilled/ experienced resources availability is amongst critical hurdle in trade growth. Most of markets made in city areas are dense filled, have very low cleanliness and lacks basic facilities like washrooms, drinking water and security. Electricity Load Shedding is amongst another critical concern.
  • Geographically central location aspect avails Jalgaon traders wholesale trade platform in entire State and neigbouring Madhya Pradesh as well. Region's most of wholesale trade is in neighbouring Dhule, Nashik, Nandurbar, Buldhana, Amravati, Akola, Aurangabad, Washim, Kalyan districts.
  • Corporation's current financials has led to unstable conditions in its policy formation and most of new policies that include renewal of shops lease, municipal taxes, facilities lacks vision of growth and focus more of revenue collection to repay its debts. Corporation area has Local Body Tax levy (substitute of Octroi) involving lot of paper work.
  • Caution desired in owning a shop/ establishment in in Corporation owned markets with clear legal asepcts evaluation and undersatnding of likely security, parking concerns and basic amenities need taken care of with increased female entrepreneur employment and participation.
  • Branded Jewellery/ Branded Sareers/ Branded Dresses/ Diamond Ornaments holds wonderful growth potential.
  • Rising Health Awareness demands setting up of branded Hospital with all facilities. Such Hospitals run Baroda patterned All-in-One Hindu Crematorium service with Electric Funeral, Air-conditioned Bus for taking last procession to funeral could ideally be a big social boon. Health and Gym segment has presence of Talwalkar and many other local gym.
  • Coaching/ Tuition is yet another segment having large number of retail entrepreneurs/ teachers conducting Coaching classes either at homes or in private space. Branded Coaching/ Kota pattern education equally holds demand.
  • Branded Hotels/ Restaurant can be potential sectors with Jalgaon's special love for delicious food and large commuting citizens from nearby areas for shopping in markets
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