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Jalgaon Business - Set up Business/ Wholesale:

Business/ Wholesale Trade is Jalgaon region's biggest strength due to significant presence of Trade communities from all sects of Society and trading businesses being done from last many generations. Jalgaon wholesale business started with agricultural and food supplies gathered its peak in 90s onwards with rising number of youths entering in variety of wholesale/ distribution channels and Jalgaon being central place to control helped these businesses settle further. Jalgaon city during year 1980 to 1995 witnessed magnifying infrastructural growth with that time Municipal Council taking lead in extending assistance to setup businesses by constructing Shopping complexes across the City in large numbers. Today Jalgaon might be the only city across Country where Municipal Corporation owns almost 15+ mega constructed Shopping complexes and around 8,000 shops and office spaces extended to traders on lease basis.

However the noble idea of extending businesses turned mere money minting machine with many only continuing rotating shops owned for next 8-10years. Low to no maintenance, confused state of basic hygiene facilities, unexpected vehicles growth leading to parking issues added to troubles of shop owners and today Corporation owned shopping complexes are low preference investment means and have 'being at central place' as only plus point. We advise studious approach in evaluating buying in Corporation owned Shopping complexes with clear understanding of lease expiry due and all taxes and bills cleared first. Private markets follows same construction trend with exception of few having good parking and basic facilities understanding.

Wholesale/ Trade in Jalgaon still holds good potential and growth prospects as it remain in never to very low support state from Municipal Corporation and district administration. Traders have been always labelled as tax evaders and no trader friendly local government policy ever came to benefit and boost this sector. Earlier Octroi, Cess and now Local Body Tax continue to woe trade fraternity with overloaded state of paper works. Interestingly Corporation and Administration all tax policies have double tax levy for commercial usage i.e. for traders and facilities wise zero support. In spite of all odds, Jalgaon traders have withstand the tussle and only self-focussed thinking and are moving towards self-built progress path. Last two decades have been real challenge for trade and wholesale sectors due to rising cost, lowering no enhancement in infrastructural facilities, no trade friendly policy and national level players entering markets.

Jalgaon city's businesses have zonal approach with Fule Market/ Central Fule Market/ Baliram Peth - All Wholesale and Retail Clothing/ Dress Material and alike Businesses, V. V. Market (Golani Market) - Service Industry market with many Newspapers, Courier Agencies, Mobile Retail and Wholesale Business, Computer Software Training and Hardware Sales and Bhikamchand Jain Market (both old and news) - Medicine Wholesale, Fertilisers and Pesticides and few Governmental offices.

Wholesale and Retail trade in Jalgaon is amongst popular career picks and Indian markets growing by large and many brands coming up has ushered this segment. Product uniqueness, Customer needs, After Sales support from source company, Cash/ Credit sales prospects, Stocking policies, Replacement policies and marketing support remains crucial perspective for systematic growth in this field.

We welcome entrepreneurs to explore this segment as bright career opportunity and look forward to extend warm support and assistance in growing further.

Team EJalgaon.com

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