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Jalgaon Industrial Sector:

Welcome in Jalgaon Industrial Sector special section!

Team EJalgaon.com is glad to dedictate this section for information communication driven growth in Jalgaon MIDC and related industrial segments. This section covers broader aspects of services/ information desired in Industrial sector and aims to further scale up by evaluating development focussed concerns. We welcome your views/ opinions/ suggestions on info@ejalgaon.com to enrich this further.

What's New?
  • Infrastructural Enhancements - Road works in full pace
  • Electricity - MSEDC availed Ample, continued availability
  • Water - Adequate to Normal Availability
  • Managerial Resources - Lower to Critical Availability
  • Skilled Staffing - Medium Availability
  • Labour/ Workers - Medium to Critical Availability
  • Communication Languages - Marathi, Hindi, English(very less)
  • New Project Land - Unavailable with MIDC, Available for Resale by Non-functional/ closed Units
  • Transportation - Excellent by Road/ Rail transportation available
  • Weeekly Off Day - Saturday, Lesser to No Electricity availability on this day
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