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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2009
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 06th October 2009
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Taluka Total Rainfall(%)
Erandol 104.33
Chopda 104.22
Dharangaon 94.34
Amalner 93.12
MuktaiNagar 88.03
Bodwad 87.93
Jalgaon 83.63
Yaval 75.06
Bhusaval 72.34
Raver 70.74
Pachora 66.88
Jamner 61.70
Water Storage in Dam:
(Last update: 25th June 2010)
(In descending order of Storage percent)
Dam Percentile%
Suki (Tal: Raver) 54.65
Agnavati (Tal: Pachora) 0.20
Hatnur, Taluka: Bhusaval 29.73
Hivra (Tal: Pachora) 0.00
(Tal: Raver)
Manyad, Tal: Chalisgaon 11.73
(Tal: Raver)
(Tal: Raver)
Bori, Tal: Parola 0.00
Anjani 11.45
(Tal: Nandgaon)
(Tal: Pachora)
Tondapur (Tal: Jamner) 0.00
Bhokarbari (Tal: Parola) 4.62
Waghur, Tal: Jamner 0.00

17th November:

Khandesh raining losses primary estimates reaches 23 Crores:
Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar district administration have raised primary estimated figures of sudden continues raining since 10th November. This includes Jalgaon - 15 Crores, Dhule - 6.45 Crores and Nandurbar 1.50 Crores. Administration conducted a review meeting yesterday having presence of district's newly elected minister of State for agriculture. Losses estimate report reveals major animal deaths in Dhule and subsequent banana, Jowar crop damages in Jalgaon.
Raining has increased dam water storage level to 100% in 8 dam while Girana and Waghur dam have also witnessed significant rise. Bhadgaon taluka is on top of list in terms of raining. Please refer Monsoon section for detailed information.

13th November:

Raining kills 4 in Khandesh:
Three days consecutive rain pouring in Khandesh has killed 4 in various incidences in Dhule district. Dhule and Nandurbar districts have hundreds of animals killed and temporary shades getting destructed. Chalisgaon taluka also had large number of animals killed. Raining has also shoot up vegetables pricing following lower inflow in markets. It has severely damaged standing banana crop in many areas. Girana River witnessed flooding in Chalisgaon zone and Girana dam has 3% rises in water levels. District had 90mm raining in 3 days with Chalisgaon on top and Raver on lowest levels. Administration has announced heavy raining (above 100mm) in 7 taluka in district. This includes Erandol, Dharangaon, Bhusawal, Bodwad, MuktaiNagar, Pachora and Chalisgaon.

Raining statistics (total rainfall in 3 days):
Jalgaon - 78mm, Jamner - 91.7mm, Erandol - 110mm, Dharangaon - 81mm, Bhusawal - 96.8mm, Bodwad - 110.5mm, Raver - 50.8mm, Yaval - 61.4mm, MuktaiNagar - 125mm, Amalner - 61.2mm, Parola - 93.2mm, Chopda - 64mm, Pachora - 117.7mm, Chalisgaon - 135mm and Bhadgaon - 91mm.

12th November:

Rain showering paralyses life - sun seen after 3 days:
Khandesh witnessed pouring effect yesterday whole day severely damaging standing crop and disrupting routine life. Raining begun on Sunday midnight continued till today morning and region has seen sun rays after span of 3 consecutive days raining. District's standing ready to pick cotton crop in around 3.50 Lakh hectares area has turned wet. Many agricultural produces marketing committee having Jwar and alike grains arrived have reported gunny bags getting wet during continued raining. Nandurbar district's red chilli is also in deep danger state. Sudden monsoon alike pouring of rain has wiped out farmers dreams with primary estimates of around 200 Crores for Jalgaon, 100 Crores for Dhule and large amount for Nandurbar district.
District administration has raised alert levels and ordered block officers and Tahsil officers not to leave head quarters. It has also notified coastal areas of likely further pouring due to fayan effect moving from Northern Maharashtra coasts.

Raining statistics - Chalisgaon taluka on top:
Chalisgaon taluka has witnessed maximum rainfall during three days continued raining in district. It has recorded 37mm rainfall followed by Bhadgaon - 31mm, Pachora - 26, Erandol - 22, Jalgaon and Jamner - 18.6mm, Yaval - 3.2, Dharangaon - 13mm, Bhusawal - 10.3 and Bodwad and Chopda with 6mm totalling to 246.7mm rainfall in last 3 days.

11th November:

Monsoon alike raining affect life in region:
Entire Khandesh region and rest of Maharashtra continues to witness deep depress zone leading to raining since last 3 days. Raining begun on Sunday night in showering form and has turnWed pouring since today morning. Meteorological department has estimated cyclonic winds in next 48 hours in many areas in State in next 48 hours. Raining has caused around 10 Crores damages to standing cotton, Jwar and Bazra crops in region and would equally affect pulses produces in Rubby. MuktaiNagar taluka remained on top with 23.6mm raining and Amalner with 1.2mm raining by now.

10th November:

Rain showering continues throughout day:
Entire Jalgaon district witnessed rain showering for whole day yesterday since Sunday midnight. Climate continued to be cloudy and there is significant chill in atmosphere. This raining has disrupted Kharip ready to pick crop and equally raised good hopes of Rubby season ahead. Jamner taluka had medium to heavy raining while rest have reported showering.

09th November:

Rain showering in district:
Jalgaon city and neighbouring areas witnessed cloudy climate followed by rain showering yesterday night. Climate is cloudy since morning as well and is likely to have more of showers today.

06th October:

Monsoon raining at its best:
Jalgaon district witnessed second consecutive day of raining on Monday. Raining caused water logging in many internal areas of Bhusawal and electricity disruption. Standing Jwar, cotton crop faced damages due to this raining. District has received 81.76% raining by now. Continued raining has increased this percentage significantly by 7% in last two days. Jalgaon taluka is on top of chart with 70mm raining followed by Dharangaon with 64mm and Bhusawal with 60.7mm rainfall. This raining has full Jalgaon city's Mehrun Lake through good inflow from Ambajhara Lake.

04th October:

Kojagiri festivity celebrated with cheer:
District celebrated Kojagiri Pornima with cheer and enthusiasm. Jalgaon city had 1.50 Lakhs litres milk consumption along with neighbouring Bhusawal taking around 25,000 litres of milk. Jalgaon milk union 'Vikas' sold around 2.50 Lakh litres of milk while rest dairies sold around 1 Lakh litres in all. Jalgaon city and rest district had medium showering raining continued for whole night. This troubled full moon view. Bhusawal division had rain pouring while Yaval, Faizpur, Bodwad, Raver and Jalgaon had medium raining. Climate is cloudy and showering today as well.

26th September:

Monsoon 2009 - mere 73% rainfall until now:
Jalgaon district has an average Monsoon rainfall this season. It has received 511.7mm raining (73%) of its average rainfall during whole season. This includes Chopda on top of table with 109% raining and Jamner on bottom with 54% rain. Farmers still wait desperate pouring for Rubby season cultivation. Parola, Pachora and Bhadgaon taluka have around 64% rainfall while Erandol, Amalner, Chalisgaon, Jalgaon, Dharangaon, Bodwad, MuktaiNagar and Yaval are also on medium levels.

15th September:

Cyclonic winds in Raver, MuktaiNagar:
Raver and MuktaiNagar taluka eastern areas witnessed sudden cyclonic winds yesterday afternoon. This has mounted huge losses to farmers for standing banana crop. Primary estimates reveal 75 Lakhs losses in Anturli (MuktaiNagar) and Rasalpur (Raver) to Jwar and cotton crops. A few of areas also had snowing.

09th September:

Monsoon 2009 relaxes woes - 72% rainfall recorded by now:
District's this season monsoon rainfall disrupted with delayed start and large gaps in between has finally eased pressure. Continued raining since last 15 days has taken this figure up to 72.38% of average rainfall. Continued raining has helped animal feed grass availability and availed ample water storage in dams. Refer our monsoon 2009 section for detailed information thereof.
State has earlier announced 7 taluka of district as water-short taluka for this monsoon. However actual picture could arrive only after Kharip produces yield calculations announcement.

05th September:

Monsoon raining eases water woes - 65% rainfall recorded by now:
Continued rainfall since last 2 days has escaped standing Kharip crop from damages. Most of taluka in district have reported good raining throughout last week. Ratnavati River in Chopda has witnessed flooding and Hatnur dam's 10 gates are open. Kang River in Jamner is also flooding. Jalgaon taluka had 77.8mm rainfall, Erandol had 80mm and Dharangaon had 72mm raining in last 2 days.

21st August:

Monsoon raining re-arrival marks cheer:
Jalgaon district is witnessed good medium to heavy raining all around since yesterday. District had total of 703mm rainfall since morning. This includes Raver on lowest rain and Erandol on top. Jalgaon had 55mm, Jamner - 31.7mm, Erandol - 64, Dharangaon - 58, Bhusawal - 54, Bodwad - 47.05, Raver - 14.8, Yaval - 58.8, MuktaiNagar - 32, Amalner - 27.2, Parola - 34.8, Chopda - 61, Chalisgaon - 61, Bhadgaon - 62 and Pachora 42mm. By now there has been total 48.13% in district. Please refer Monsoon 2009 section for detailed statistics.

20th August:

Pola brings Monsoon raining cheer:
Whole Jalgaon district witnessed medium to heavy raining yesterday evening. Jalgaon, Chalisgaon, Chopda, Yaval, Jamner and Adavad had heavy raining while Parola, Chopda, Pachora and Bhadgaon taluka had medium raining. This raining has saved standing cotton crop from damages. Belganga Nala flooding led to water logging and disruption in services at Chinchkhede village of Chalisgaon taluka. Raining continued till late night and climate is cloudy today as well. Farmers rejoiced this raining and celebrated it at many places.

07th August:

Desperate monsoon raining awaited:
District farmers are facing harder times with monsoon raining moving out and absolutely no rainfall being observed even in peak Shravana month. There is no good raining in district after continued three days rainfall 15 days back. This is likely to reduce overall agricultural productivity of this season by 10-15% and result in water woes for district. Most of dams are on lowest levels of storage. In all 8 out of 15 dam have no water storage by this time of Monsoon Season.

23rd July:

Monsoon raining pleases region:
Region has witnessed continued 3 days rain showering since yesterday night. This has turned to one of nature's bliss to region witnessed once in last many years. Continued raining has helped farmers' complete cultivation and ease water woes of district. Hatnur dam's all 36 gates are open to full extent following good rainfall in Tapi river areas. Raining has stopped since today morning but climate still is cloudy.

22nd July:

Showery raining pleases with Monsoon best effect:
Whole Khandesh continues to witness showery rainfall begun since Monday evening. Administration has reported average rainfall of 32.6mm while Yaval on top having 58.6mm rainfall in two days. Showering has led to increase in ground water level by a meter. It has opened Hatnur dam's all 36 gates to control water pressure and has sent alerts to villagers on bank of Tapi River. Continued raining is helping in dam and lakes water level increase. Continued raining however has disrupted regular farming works and routine life.
Neighbouring Dhule and Nandurbar districts also witnessed same showering through two days and Girana dam region also had good raining. Mor dam 4 gates are open to control water pressure.

21st July:

Raining pleases whole region:
Khandesh zone is witnessing one of season's best rainfall beginning since yesterday evening. Raining continued for whole night in heavy to medium form. Climate is cloudy and rain showers are in full pace since then. Continued raining and cloudy atmosphere is likely to raise problems in solar eclipse view in the region. This raining would largely benefit farmers awaiting good continued rain.

19th July:

District's 6 dam still dry:
Monsoon 2009 woes are harder to accept facts for district. District's Manyad, Bori, Bahula, Hivra, Agnavati and Bhokarbari dam are still dry. Medium to lower raining by time has escaped standing crop but could cause drinking water woes in rest of year. Mangrul dam is on top of list with 91.54% water storage followed by Mor with 48.48%, Ambhora with 36%, Suki - 56%, Waghur - 2.92%, Girana - 13% and Hatnur with 22.30% water storage. Girana and Bori dam gates are now closed while Hatnur's 8 gates are still open.

18th July:

Rain pours in Amalner taluka:
Amalner taluka is witnessing good raining since last 15 days. It has recorded 212mm raining by now and most of Rivers and dam here are now having water. Taluka has 70,000 hectares land under Kharip cultivation which largely includes cotton - 39,324 hectares, Jwar - 5,521, corn - 6,790 hectares and others. Raining has also eased drinking water woes of region.

16th July:

Monsoon 2009 - 37 Taluka in Northern Maharashtra with lower raining:
Monsoon 2009 has faded hopes of farmers in the northern Maharashtra region. Out of 39 Taluka in North Maharashtra region, 37 taluka have raining below average rainfall. Farmers are anxious and await heavy rain to escape of likely financial woe by lower rainfall in this monsoon. District has 8.50 Lakhs hectare land under cultivation for this season.

14th July:
  • Monsoon raining - Meteorological department reports 10% more raining compared to last year

10th July:
  • Hatnur dam 20 gates still open - raining in Chalisgaon and Yaval

09th July:

Hatnur dam 20 gates opened:
Rain pouring continues in Yaval, Erandol and Pachora Taluka and Jalgaon city on Tuesday night and Wednesday. This has led to flooding in Tapi and Purna Rivers causing sharp water level increase in Hatnur dam. Authorities have opened up 20 gates of dam to control this rise. Water increase in Tapi River would lead to ease water woes of many villages. Anjani River flowing in Erandol Taluka also had flooding following raining in all villages and places. Erandol has recorded 199mm raining by now while Pachora has 103mm raining and Yaval had 127mm raining. Two days raining had Erandol on top and Yaval on lowest in terms of rainfall.

08th July:

Heavy raining in Jalgaon, Bhusawal and Jamner:
Jalgaon city, Bhusawal and Jamner regions witnessed heavy raining yesterday night. Most of district areas had cloudy atmosphere and humid conditions. Raining continued for around an hour. Jalgaon, Bhusawal and Jamner also had good raining.

07th July:

Hatnur dam 14 gates opened:
Tapi River originating areas raining along with Madhya Pradesh and Tapi River confluence Rivers have led to rise of water levels in Hatnur dam. As a result authorities have opened 4 gates of dam by 1 meter each and 10 gates by half meter each yesterday. This has led to flooding alike full flowing Tapi River. Administration has already raised alerts to villagers living on banks of River for this.

  • Monsoon raining flooding and related reasons kills 8 in district

06th July:

Monsoon raining continues for third day - Flooding in Titur and Aner Rivers:
Monsoon rain showers continued for third consecutive day in whole district. Chalisgaon, Bhadgaon and Pachora Taluka had heavy raining leading to flooding to Titur River. Hated and Bhardu in Chopda witnessed cyclonic winds followed by snowing for around 15 minutes. Aner River also had first flooding of this season. Jalgaon city and industrial area had raining for around one hour.

05th July:

Raining continues on second day:
Monsoon raining has begun its stylish entry in region with most of areas witnessing medium to heavy raining yesterday evening. Jalgaon city had heavy rainfall for around 1.30 hours in evening 6PM onwards. Jamner, Bodwad, Sakegaon and Amalner regions also had raining reported. Administration has issued warning notes to villagers living on banks of River.
Heavy rain showers caused water logging in lower areas of JDCC Bank Colony behind SMIT College area. City areas like Natwar Theatre Chowk, B. J. Market, district stadium front-side and Old Bombay Lodge area had water logging and drained for hours.

04th July:

Rain pouring in Jalgaon city:
Jalgaon city witnessed heavy raining yesterday evening around 5PM for around 30 minutes. This raining led to water logging in many lower areas in city. Bhusawal, Chopda, Chalisgaon and Parola had medium raining. Rain water logging has fouled Jalgaonities

  • Pimprala Rath festivity celebrated with cheer

03rd July:
  • Showery raining in Chalisgaon, Amalner and Chopda

02nd July:

District's 40% land still awaiting good raining for cultivation:
Jalgaon district farmers have harder time this season with delayed monsoon raining. District has received mere 8% raining by this time and as a result almost 40% of irrigable land still lying un-cultivated. District's dams are reaching lowest and zero marks. Region now look forwards to good heavy raining to escape of woes.

Cyclonic winds and raining in Sakegaon (Bhusawal):
Bhusawal Taluka witnessed heavy raining yesterday afternoon beginning at around 4pm. Sakegaon in Taluka witnessed cyclonic winds prior to raining. This caused around 6 large trees falling down and ZP school shades took off. Erandol also had medium raining yesterday night. Jalgaon city also had showery medium raining yesterday night.

01st July:

Monsoon 2009 - 8% raining recorded by now:
District meteorological department has recorded 8.37% average rainfall in district by now. Yesterday raining has led to buffalo and two wheeler flowing in rain flooding. Raver Taluka has reported losses of 3 Lakhs due to Monday raining. Refer Monsoon section for detailed Taluka-wise rainfall.

30th June:

Flooding in Raver, showering in rest district:
Raver city and rest of Taluka witnessed rain pouring yesterday night beginning at 8PM. This led to road traffic disruption on Raver - Burhanpur road and also caused water logging in many of remote, low side areas. Rasalpur and Khiroda also have reports of water logging in many areas. Heavy rainfall in Satpuda hills basin caused heavy flooding to Nagjhiri and Patalganga rivers. Raining continued around for 90 minutes. Flooding caused River water flowing above River Bridge on road. Jalgaon city, Bhusawal, Varangaon, Yaval and Chalisgaon had medium to showering rainfall.

27th June:

Monsoon raining boosts Kharip cultivation:
District farmers are in full pace preparations and processes for cultivation in this Kharip season. District agricultural authority has reported 146,000 hectares cultivated by now which largely includes cotton and corn. Jalgaon has total raining of 41.2mm by now, almost 20mm lesser compared to last year by this time. Amalner Taluka is on top of chart with 62mm raining by now and Bhadgaon with lowest of 11mm rainfall. Visit our Monsoon 2009 section for detailed updates.

26th June:

Monsoon rain showers in district:
Jalgaon district's many areas witnessed rain showering yesterday night. Lightning killed two animals in Pardhade (Pachora). Goraksha-Ganga River in Kurha Kakoda had flooding following rain pouring. Bhusawal, Amalner and Savda had heavy medium to heavy raining for hours. This raining has eased temperature in region and triggered farmer cultivation process.

25th June:

Girana dam water reserved for Jalgaon district:
Jalgaon district still has two special releases of Girana dam water to tackle with delaying monsoon raining and drinking water supplies issues. Malegaon region had raining in recent week easing their water woes and comforting Jalgaonities on use of water. Girana dam has 12% usable storage as of now while rest 8 dam have dried. Administration has also planned to create 106 new well in 71 villages to facilitate water management.

Cyclonic winds causes losses worth Rs. 27 Lakhs in Parola:
Region is facing hard times on natural calamities. Cyclonic winds arrived on Tuesday evening in Parola has caused losses worth Rs. 27 Lakhs 31,500 as per Authorities primary estimates. It further reveals that heavy wind flow took off shelters and shades of many houses, APMC godown and slum areas. It also led to electricity supply cut down following trees falling on supply lines. APMC has estimated losses of 18.15 Lakhs to its Godown shades fleeing. Electricity supply company authorities are still working on phased restoration of supplies.

24th June:

Rain showers in whole district:
Jalgaon city, Amalner, Parola, Yaval and Chalisgaon regions witnessed rain showering yesterday night. Parola had cyclonic winds before raining leading to electricity disruption, trees falling down and temporary shades/ shelters fleeing. Farmers have express joy on this raining and are now giving pace to cultivation for this season. Many areas had rain pouring while a few had showering continued for around 30 to 60 minutes.

21st June:

Monsoon raining and cyclonic winds fade governmental agencies disaster management rollout:
Khandesh region witnessed cyclonic winds followed by thunder showers for second consecutive day yesterday. Lightning killed 3 in Dhule and 3 in Nandurbar and injuries to 5 others. Raining began with cyclonic winds in full blow for around 30 minutes. It trimmed down many trees on road sides disrupting electricity supplies throughout the whole night. Local governances and electricity supply company failed to co-ordinate and implement on-paper praised disaster management plans during real need time. Authorities are working around on phased steps to restore electricity supplies after hours of darkness. Jalgaon city alone has witnessed fall of 33 big trees in last two days raining and wind blow.

20th June:

Monsoon raining marks its thunder showering beginning:
Whole Khandesh region witnessed arrival of this Monsoon season's first rainfall yesterday. Raining began with cloudy winds. Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar had thunder showers beginning from afternoon. Cyclonic winds for around 30 minutes prior to this raining disrupted electricity supplies and road traffic. Farmers still wait good raining to initiate their cultivation for this season. Jalgaon city witnessed wind smoke in afternoon due to heavy windfall.

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