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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2012
Monsoon Raining - Last update: 07th Sepetmber 2012
(Beginning 01st June in descending order of rainfall)
Yesterday's Rainfall(mm)
Total Rainfall(mm)
Raver 14.8 420.4
Yaval 20.7 471.8
Chopda 23.3 447.7
Bodwad 3.5 333.4
Bhusaval 8.6 324.3
MuktaiNagar 2.0 378.2
Jalgaon 8.7 302.2
Dharangaon 9.5 340.7
Erandol 8.0 440.0
Amalner 14.0 387.1
Jamner 4.7 276.0
Parola 10.0 494.0
Bhadgaon 3.0 255.8
Chalisgaon 3.0 279.0
Pachora 2.1 292.7

08th September:

Monsoon showers woes standing cotton crop:
The two days continued raining in entire Jalgaon district has affected a bit of standing cotton and banana crop. Bhusawal Tahsil witnessed cloud bursting leading to damages to standing cotton crops. Farms still have water logged which will delay losses assessment by administration by 2-3days. Primary estimation on Raver, Muktai Nagar, Chopda and Bhusawal are largely on standing crop damages along with temporary shelter like houses damages. Ainpur, Khirvad and Ajnad have first day assessment count reaching 2Crores losses to banana. Major cause of losses has been flooding of Tapi River due to full opening up of 36 gates of Hatnur dam.

07th September:

Monsoon flashes region – mega flooding in Tapi River leads woes:
Two days continued raining in medium to showering form added with Vidarbha and Madhya Pradesh heavy raining has consistently risen Hatnur dam back water and catchment area water levels. As a result of this, water has logged in many farms in Raver and Muktai Nagar Tahsil and has also affected Tapi River basin areas crop in Chopda Tahsil. Administration primary reports have revealed losses of cotton and banana on 262hectares in Muktai Nagar and in 30 villages of Chopda.
Opening up of 36 gates of Hatnur dam has led to mega flooding in Tapi River yesterday. Meteorological department has reported average 19.59mm raining in Jalgaon. Raver remained on top of list with 47.6mm raining wherein Pachora had lowest turnout of 5.6mm. Raining disrupted road communication in Yawal Tahsil following water logging on low height River bridges. Parola is on top of Monsoon 2012 charts with 484mm rainfall by now wherein Bhadgaon is in bottom with 252.8mm rainfall.

06th September:

Monsoon’s first rainy day witnessed in Khandesh:
Khandesh region yesterday witnessed this season’s first full raining day with showering continuing throughout the whole day. Heavy raining in Vidarbha and Madhya Pradesh has led to opening up of 36 gates of Hatnur dam. Raining in neighboring Chalisgaon has also helped in increased water level in Girana dam. Tapi River flooding caused due to opening of Hatnur dam gates disrupted communication in many interior villages due to water logging on connecting roads in Raver Taluka. Authorities have reported 334.2mm average rainfall till date.

05th September:

Monsoon showers splashes region:
Delayed and lesser monsoon raining this year remained a major concern and perspective for agricultural dominated economy of Khandesh region. Lord Ganesha’s arrival around in coming few weeks is helping region to regain its momentum with re-arrival of significant raining. Heavy raining in Nashik district has raised region’s largest Girana dam water level to 11% thereby easing drinking water woes for Chalisgaon, Pachora, Bhadgaon and many neighboring places.

04th September:

Rain showering in entire Jalgaon district:
Jalgaon city, Chalisgaon, Amalner and Muktai Nagar yesterday marked raining intervals throughout the day. This rain escaped standing crop and eased a bit of drinking water perspectives.

31st August:

Monsoon raining in Chalisgaon and Chopda Tahsil:
Chalisgaon city and rest Tahsil witnessed medium to heavy raining beginning yesterday evening and continued for two hours. Raining led to damages to standing Bazra crop and also caused water logging in many internal areas. Chopda city and many of its internal villages also marked raining with thunder showers.
Raining has increased water level of Aner dam near Ganpur in Chopda. Dam yesterday had 216.40meters water level and continued rain water arrival is leading to dam reaching its 100% level mark. Climate in region is cloudy since last evening and Jalgaon city as well witnessed showering.

28th August:
  • Raining in MP, Hatnur dam’s 36 gates opened for water level control
  • Monsoon raining in Girna, Aner and Bori dam regions

23rd August:
  • Rain pouring in Parola Tahsil

17th August:

Draught situation in half of Jalgaon district:
Jalgaon district has received mere 40% rainfall during this monsoon until 13th August. Hatnur dam has 60% storage and had good raining in catchment area. Administration released dam water around 10-12 times until now and it led to flooding in Tapi River and also eased drinking water problems of Raver, Yaval, Faizpur,  Savda, Chopda and Amalner. Jalgaon district’s major reservoirs Girana and Waghur dam are still running out of storage which will likely lead to drinking water troubles for Jalgaon city, Jamner city, Chalisgaon, Pachora, Bhadgaon and neighboring regions.
Water shortages, lesser raining has led to delays in cultivation thereby putting crop in risk in current stage. Administration would announce first crop earnings list on 15th September and this will make district administration and State government to decide on draught announcement to tackle and introduce further action plans.

14th August:

Monsoon stats enhances amidst blissful raining on Sunday:
Jalgaon district witnessing showering to medium raining since last week has a bit of relaxation on rainfall stats front. Administration has reported 40% of average rainfall in district by now with 264.69mm rainfall.

12th August:

Monsoon bestows in region:
Jalgaon city and rest of district witnessed medium to heavy raining throughout day yesterday. Raining begun around 2.30pm in afternoon in pouring stage and continued for around 3hours and later in showering form. Raining for hours led to water logging in many areas in city. Hatnur dam’s 36 gate are open to control water level in dam area. Showering to medium form raining has raised water level in Hatnur and rest dam are witnessing rising trend.

05th August:

Draught alike situation woes citizens:
This monsoon’s lowest raining till this date has triggered panic in Jalgaon region on likely drinking water shortage in upcoming summer. Until now region has received mere 30% of its average rainfall amidst August mid. District’s major drinking water supplying dam are too short of storage. Medium and small projects are still at zero levels. Region is in desperate need of a rain pouring effect to overcome likely drastic draught situation. Region’s financial backbone cotton and banana agriculture have however escaped of second cultivation with rain showering effect in intermediate time.

01st August:

Monsoon review – department reports 31.4% raining till now:
Jalgaon district has received 207.97mm rainfall in Jalgaon district till yesterday marking it to be the lowest of last few years. This is 31.4% of average raining in district and still district’s 5 medium dam are dry. With 2months of monsoon over, district is yet to see rain pouring effect. Good raining in Vidarbha and MP in last fortnight led to opening up of all 36gates of Hatnur dam causing flooding in the Tapi River.

26th July:

Drinking water issues raises amidst lower monsoon rain:
Dharangaon city yesterday witnessed protest march of citizens on council to mark their rage on council water supplies concerns. City is receiving polluted drinking water since last many years following incomplete water purification project. Citizens protest rally demanded immediate action from council for setting up water purification plant and avail pure and safe drinking water. Currently district’s 28 villages are on tanker supplies.

25th July:

Tapi, Purna rivers floods:
Continued raining in Tapi and Purna Rivers in last 3 days has led to flooding in both Tapi and Purna Rivers. Heavy raining in Tapi and Purna Rivers basin areas in Madhya Pradesh has resulted in water logging in many basin areas in the region. Authorities have reported that Tapi River has crossed alert levels of water levels at Burhanpur and has opened up 36 out of 41 gates of Hatnur dam to ease the water pressure. It has also reported that two youths have drown and flown in flooding of Dhule and Nandurbar districts.

24th July:

Monsoon showering bestows region:
Entire Khandesh is continuing to witness rain showering in medium to heavy form since last 24 hours. Heavy raining in Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha region has led to overflow in Hatnur dam and as a result administration has opened up all 36 gates by 2meters to control water pressure. This has led to flooding in Tapi River. Administration has issued warning to citizens living on banks of River. Raining begun on Sunday afternoon in showering form and picked pace in night and followed showering on whole Monday. Meteorological department has reported 110mm raining by now in last 3days and has reported 25% of average raining in district till date. Neighboring Dhule also witnessed showering since morning.

23rd July:
  • Monsoon showers bliss region – climate cloudy and rain showers around

20th July:

Monsoon raining bliss Jalgaon:
Jalgaon city along with rest of district yesterday witnessed monsoon bliss for around 2hours in medium to heavy form at most of places. This has saved standing crop and has also raised water level in dams. Region had gap of around 8-10days since last raining. Raining began in afternoon and continued in showering form till night. Meteorological department has reported 134mm raining in Jalgaon district till yesterday.
District agricultural department has reported 81% cultivation completion for this season and has 822,800 hectares land under cultivation. This season’s most favored crops include Cotton, Jwar, soyabeen and other grains.

19th July:

Delayed monsoon raining panics farmers – crop condition critical:
Region is facing harsh times on monsoon 2012 and gapped intervals of raining is putting agricultural plan in troubles. Jalgaon district witnessed good startup of monsoon raining in July first week and this raised hopes of farmers. However second and third week have went almost dried putting cultivation in dying stage. If raining gaps for a week more, farmers might be required for re-cultivating their crops. Since last 3 days, climatic condition is cloudy with sunny intervals and witnesses showering for few minutes and later turns off.

12th July:
  • Monsoon 2012 stats – meteorological department reports 19.9% of average raining in last 11days

11th July:

Heavy raining in Jalgaon city:
Jalgaon city yesterday witnessed bestowed monsoon raining for over an hour in afternoon times. This led to water logging at many places in city areas and has chilled climate. Climate is cloudy today as well with sunny intervals.

10th July:

Monsoon bestows bliss – Hatnur dam’s 12 gates open:
Jalgaon district witnessed continued rain showering in medium to heavy form in whole of region. District witnessed clear sun vision yesterday after 3days gap. Hatnur dam’s 12 gates were open yesterday by half meter to control water pressure. Madhya Pradesh and Vidarbha region rains added to good water level in Tapi River.

09th July:

Waghur River floods in raining:
Medium to heavy raining in Ajanta hills and basin areas has led to flooding in Waghur River yesterday. This has led to overflowing rain water in River across the whole region and has eased water issues of Wakod village and animals in the hilly zone.

08th July:

Monsoon showering continues throughout region:
Jalgaon city and rest of district continue to witness raining in medium to showering form in most of areas. Meteorological department has reported 178.10mm raining until now in whole district and MuktaiNagar is on top of chart in raining. Continued showering has equally eased climate conditions and humidity. Continued raining has raised water level in most of dams and this has eased drinking water issues of region.

07th July:

Monsoon ushers in further in Khandesh:
After a prolonged gap of a month, monsoon has started sprinkling its joy all across Khandesh region. This continued showering form raining has escaped standing cotton and has paced Kharip cultivation as well. Meteorological department has reported Nandurbar on top of chart with 114mm raining until last night, Dhule – 95mm and Jalgaon – 77mm rainfall.

06th July:
  • Monsoon 2012 – administration reports 42.9mm rainfall till date, Dharangaon on top of list

05th July:
  • Monsoon showering boosts cultivation work – agricultural department reports around 60% cultivation completed

03rd July:

Monsoon raining stats:
The delayed monsoon raining has finally taken its pace and most of Jalgaon district has reported showering, medium raining to heavy rain in last 2-3 days. Meteorological department has reported 17.933mm rainfall in Jalgaon district until now

  • Monsoon raining leads electricity downturns in most of region – intermediate cuts and outages throughout day

02nd July:

Monsoon flushes whole Khandesh:
Pious Aashadi Ekadashi eve has rejuvenated Khandesh region with blissful arrival of Monsoon raining. Entire region has showering to heavy rainfall since last 2days and climate is cloudy. Raining on Sunday has led to flooding in Bori River in Parola.
Jalgaon district’s Jalgaon city, Bhusawal, Yaval, Chalisgaon, Amalner, Chopda and Parola witnessed medium to heavy raining beginning yesterday evening and continued till late nights. Raver region went dry yesterday raising problems for farmers. State electricity distribution Company’s 132KVA feeder broke down yesterday leading to power cuts in most of Jalgaon city yesterday till late nights.

01st July:

Kang River floods with raining:
Jalgaon district’s most of area witnessed grand arrival of monsoon raining on Saturday night around 11pm for 30minutes. This raining has caused flooding in Jamner based Kang River and has turned Madani small project 100% full. Jalgaon’s most areas had medium to heavy raining for around an hour to two hours.

29th June:

Monsoon showers in Jalgaon and Dhule:
Monsoon is moving and spreading faster in Maharashtra and has reached Mumbai. Yesterday it marked shining arrival in many regions of Khandesh yesterday evening. Both Dhule and Jalgaon districts witnessed beginning of rain around 5pm and it continued for around 30 minutes. Dhule had rain pouring wherein Amalner had cyclonic winds and medium rain thereof. Raining has eased farmers panic on standing crop and has brightened good rainfall chances ahead.

27th June:

Delaying raining intense water issues:
Delaying monsoon rainfall has raised triggers of the region with likely drinking water issues ahead. Jalgaon district’s 8 medium dam have zeroed in water levels and region is now fully dependent on Hatnur, Girana and Waghur dam reserved stock. State government in order to ease water issues has ordered ban on use of agri pumps for water lifting and has ordered district administrations to take adequate steps for smoothened supplies.

23rd June:
  • Delayed raining raises likely requirement of double cultivation – farmers awaits desperate rain

21st June:

Hatnur dam water level rises following raining in Tapi River origin areas in Madhya Pradesh:
Tapi River origin area witnessing rain pouring in last few days has led to continuous rise in water levels of Hatnur dam. Authorities have opened up one gate of Hatnur dam to ease risen water pressure. This risen level has eased drinking water woes of Yaval city getting additional supplies of Haripura and Vadri minor project dam.

18th June:

Monsoon likely to enter Khandesh region today:
State meteorological department has reported likely arrival of Monsoon raining in Khandesh region today. The Konkan region witnessed thunder clouds, lightening to mark arrival of raining yesterday along with many other regions witnessing same or more showering effect. Region’s farmers are desperate to get good start for cultivation.

17th June:
  • Farmers awaits Monsoon rain pouring – pauses season’s cultivation

16th June:
  • Monsoon delays panic farmers in region: Administration reports 14mm rainfall from 01st June till date

13th June:

Cyclonic winds and raining woes farmers in region:
Chopda Taluka based Mamalde, Krishnapur and Chunchale villages witnessed sudden cyclonic winds leading to severe losses to standing crop. Many fruits farm and vegetable farms have witnessed damages. In various other incidences of cyclonic winds and raining, four have died in Khandesh due to cloud bursting.

  • Raining showering in Jalgaon city in many areas – humid climate woes life

10th June:
  • Monsoon splendor continues in Jalgaon – Parola, Yaval, Bhusawal witness rain showering

09th June:

Monsoon raining marks its presence on second day:
Monsoon showers continued to mark their arrival in Khandesh region with all three districts witnessing showering raining. Dhule city, Nandurbar city, Sakri, Navapur, Amalner, Chalisgaon, Parola and Erandol yesterday witnessed raining for around 20-25minutes. Authorities have reported 13mm rainfall in Jalgaon district.

08th June:

Monsoon showering arrives in Khandesh:
Mruga Nakshatra based first shower of monsoon arrived in whole of Khandesh yesterday. Climate remained cloudy and humid throughout the day and later witnessed medium to heavy raining at many places. Shahada had rain pouring for around 2hours wherein Jalgaon city and Bodwad Taluka have reported showering effect. Mercury has dipped down below 40 degrees mark since last 2 days following cloudy weather condition

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