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Jalgaon Monsoon - Year 2002

15th November:

294 Villages and cities will face Water shortage this year:
With Summer all set to arrive, Jalgaon people are also in position continuously since last 3 year to face intense drinking water shortage. Around 294 villages and cities will face water shortage say District administration report.
Following is Water storage status of Various Dam in Jalgaon District as on 29th January 2003. Hatnur - 197.250 MLT, Girna - 89.34, Manyad - 15.893, Bori - 8.189, Bhokar Bari - 2.199, Suki - 21.125, Abhora - 4.397, Agnavati - 0.575, Tondapur - 2.815, Hivra - 2.808, Mangrul - 6.270, Bahula - 9.620 

13th November:

Maximum raining in Chalisgaon Taluka:
Chalisgaon Taluka witnessed maximum raining in the Monday rainfall. The District administration has announced talukawise statistics of raining in Jalgaon district as follows.
Jalgaon - 19mm, Jamner - 20, Erandol - 31, Dharangaon - 5, Bhusaval - 14, Bodwad - 0, Yaval - 10, Raver - 8, MuktaiNagar - 33, Amalner - 2, Chopda - 10, Parola - 6, Pachora - 22, Chalisgaon - 85, Bhadgaon - 25.

12th November:

Sudden heavy Rainfall turns City into Cool Breeze:
Last evening the sudden rainfall for more than 2 hours turned entire Khandesh region in to Cold. However showery raining continued throughout the night in entire Jalgaon city as well as some regions in the Khandesh. The full swing Rainfall caused damages to Cotton waiting to be purchased by Government but has benefited the Crop in Plantation.
The Power Supply was switched off for more than 2 hours in the evening time. The Rainfall has marked the real winter beginning in the region.

18th October:

MuktaiNagar and Bodwad records maximum raining on Thursday:
The MuktaiNagar and Bodwad taluka recorded maximum Raining in Thursday's "Uttara Nakshatra" raining. Following figures indicates raining for 24 hours in mm until 17th October, 08am.
Jamner - 11, Bhusaval - 1, Bodwad, 28.5, MuktaiNagar - 36, Pachora - 10, Chalisgaon - 8, Bhadgaon - 2. Until now 115.3% raining is recorded in entire Monsoon 2002.

15th October:

"Uttara" raining expected: Farmers worried:
The Khandesh farmers are awaiting "Uttara" Nakshatra raining anxiously. This raining will add to relief of farmers as heavy hit may up to some extent burn down the crop. There has been significant decrease in crop production from Jalgaon, Dhule district. Nandurbar had satisfactory raining this monsoon therefore has very good production growth for various Red Chilli Spice and others.
The following Chart shows Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar district talukawise rainfall until September 2002 end.

Jalgaon Dhule Nandurbar
(Raining in mm as on September 2002 end)
Jalgaon - 802.5
Jamner - 798
Erandol - 709
Bhusaval - 726
Bodwad - 803.4
Yaval - 705
Raver - 824
MuktaiNagar - 824
Amalner - 563
Chopda - 765
Parola - 775
Pachora - 620
Chalisgaon - 760
Bhadgaon - 791
Dhule - 404
Sakri - 450
ShindKheda - 475
Shirpur - 753
Nandurbar - 1009
Navapur - 781
Shahada - 378
Taloda - 594
Akkalkuva - 766
Akrani - 743

24th September:

Monsoon 2002 analysis reports:
The Jalgaon district has witnessed the best of monsoon this year in last 2 years. Around 65% average water level is being observed in all major water supply sources of the district and all rivers are flowing with full flow. This monsoon josh has boosted a new enthusiasm in farmers and good crop production is being expected in coming seasons. Everywhere lush green nature love can be seen with ponds full of water and lakes overflowing. The monsoon 2002 initially depressed people with delay but as it began it took away all grievances and has given a new direction to life in the district. Another major interesting factor about Monsoon 2002 is that, maximum raining in this season has been on weekends or nights resulting in very less work loss. Out of 15 taluka, 12 have passed their 100% last year mark.
Jalgaon - 802.50mm (123.23), Jamner - 798 (100.76), Erandol - 709 (111.86), Dharangaon - 691 (111.45), Bhusaval - 726 (105.95), Bodwad - 803.4 (125.53), Yaval - 705 (108.29), Raver - 824 (132.28), MuktaiNagar - 810 (134.75), Amalner - 563 (95.68), Chopda - 765 (116.97), Parola - 775 (138.02), Pachora - 620 (91.63), Chalisgaon - 760 (127.73), Bhadgaon - 591 (95.96). Average Rainfall until now= 729.60 (114.12%). October 2000 end had 86.72% while October 2001 end had 98.95% rainfall.
Project Name Water Storage Capacity (MLT) 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002
Hatnur Dam - Taluka: Bhusaval 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255 255
Girna - Taluka: Nandgaon 523.55 101 523 82 247 306 408 288 69 31 252
Manyad - Taluka: Chalisgaon 40.27 40.27 40.27 40.27 40.27 40.27 40.27 40.27 40.27 32.16 34.35
Bori - Taluka: Parola 25.15 20.44 25.15 24.08 18.30 25.15 25.15 20.79 25.15 25.15 25.15
Bhokar Bari - Taluka: Parola 6.54 1.17 4.98 2.02 2.16 1.07 6.54 5.25 3.33 3.68 4.02
Suki - Taluka: Raver 39.85 39.85 39.85 39.85 39.85 39.85 39.85 39.85 30.51 30.61 39.85
Abhora - Taluka: Raver 6.020 3.35 6.02 6.02 6.02 6.02 6.02 6.02 5.89 6.02 6.02
Agnavati - Taluka: Pachora 2.760 2.74 2.03 0.33 2.76 2.24 2.76 0.13 0.77 0 2.76
Tondapur - Taluka: Jamner 4.638 3.25 3.15 1.45 4.60 3.90 4.64 3.97 4.54 4.54 4.63
Hivra - Taluka: Pachora 9.600 4.56 8.92 5.96 9.60 6.86 9.41 3.02 0 0 9.60
Mangrul - Taluka: Raver 6.407 0 0 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40 6.40
Bahula - Taluka: Pachora 16.330 0 0 0 0 3.28 14.60 3.48 5.22 0 16.33

14th September:

State government declares compensation for flood-affected and over-rain areas:
The state government has declared a 70crores compensation package for flood-affected and over-rain affected areas in the Maharashtra state. 9 Districts including Jalgaon and Nandurbar have been observed as flood-affected and over-raining. State government will pay Rs. 50000 if human-death has been caused or person is missing for more than 1 month. Shops affected will be paid Rs. 10000 compensations, small setup shops will be paid Rs. 5000 and Rickshaws and labours will be paid Rs. 2500.

12th September:

Heavy animal-loss in monsoon raining:
The last week monsoon raining has caused heavy loss in form of death of 969 animals in various parts of the district. Around 405 villages and places have been hit due to this monsoon raining.

07th September:

Life turning normal as monsoon clears:
Life in entire Khandesh is turning back to normalcy as monsoon raining has stopped and today as well is a Sunny day. The 5 day continuous raining caused damages to crops and lives of around 35 people in entire district. The main affected areas were villages and places nearby rivers or dam. However life is turning back normal and people have restarted their work as routine.

06th September:

Monsoon Hungama is ON:
The monsoon raining has collapsed a mobile service tower of BPL cellular in Vasai station. Due to this collapse, the entire BPL mobile service was facing many problems of "Network Busy" and people were unable to make landline to cellular calls also. However the service was restored in last night.
Ainpur, Taluka: Raver road connections were lost due to Girana backwater entering the entire village. Around 2-3feets high water level was seen at all roads and farms.
The 5 day heavy monsoon raining has overflowed and significantly increased level of water up to 50% in the City's main water supply resource "Girana". 41 gates out of 42 have been opened up in Hatnur dam to control the overflow. Today morning the climate has opened up and raining has stopped since last evening.

05th September:

Monsoon rain continues:
The Friday began raining is still continue in entire Khandesh and has affected daily routine life and caused 35 lives until now. Some crop loss also has been reported in areas nearby river banks. The Mehrun lake and Ambejhari River are about to flow above danger mark and the administration has already taken precaution note of this.
It has issued warnings for shifting to the people nearby the river and dam area and has adequate police arrangements in all the areas.
Following figures indicates percentile Talukawise raining until 04th September 2002.
Jalgaon - 114%, Jamner - 88, Erandol - 104, Dharangaon - 100, Bhusaval - 98, Bodwad - 119, Yaval - 102, Raver - 120, MuktaiNagar - 125, Amalner - 85, Chopda - 102, Parola - 129, Pachora - 84, Chalisgaon - 104, Bhadgaon - 86.

04th September:

Monsoon raining hits market business:
The Friday began raining is continuously flowing out with full speed. This is resulting in slack business and low turnover all around the markets. The main problem now a day is health. Food outside and drinking water are causing severe health problems and all doctors are enjoying this 'season' of their profession.
Alert has been sounded to villages nearby Tapi and Girana Rivers. Since 40 out of 42 gates of the Hatnur dam have been opened up, the Tapi is flowing with full flow and may cause damages thereof.

03rd September:

Monsoon turns danger, causes heavy damages and losses:
The Friday began monsoon is taking dangerous form. The raining water entered in village "Kurha Kakoda" and has caused heavy damages to the entire village. Tapi, Purna, Girana and Waghur all rivers are flooding with water. 40 out of 42 gates of Hatnur dam were opened up last day to control the overflowing of water in the dam. Due to this opening up, the Tapi River is flooding up and has caused heavy losses to crop and interior villages. We can clearly see the dangerous form of Tapi River if we pass through the Jalgaon - Bhusaval route's Tapi Bridge. The weather department has predicted heavy raining in coming 24 hours in the entire Khandesh belt.
Total talukawise rainfall until now is as follows. Jalgaon - 719.3mm, Jamner - 675, Erandol - 622, Dharangaon - 587, Bhusaval - 689.3, Bodwad - 695.5, Yaval - 635, Raver - 635, MuktaiNagar - 707, Amalner - 452, Chopda - 636, Parola - 704.4, Pachora - 553, Chalisgaon - 585, Bhadgaon - 506. Until now the entire average rainfall is 98%.

02nd September:

Monsoon in full "Josh":
The Friday morning began raining is in full "Josh" these days. There is continuous raining right from Friday morning. Until now some taluka have already crossed 100% raining mark and all major rivers, lakes are flowing with full speed.

30th August:

Monsoon Pleasure continues:
Since Friday morning there is continuous raining in entire Jalgaon district. This monsoon seems to be the better of last 2 monsoons where average rainfall figures in the district have already touched their maximum average until now. Even now around 1 month of Monsoon is yet expected, this year is going to be a year of boost for Jalgaon district. City administration has already stopped tanker supply is satisfied with monsoon progress.
Following figures indicates Talukawise raining until 30th August 2002, 8am.
Jalgaon - 653, Jamner - 613, Erandol - 549, Dharangaon - 537, Bhusaval - 599, Bodwad - 643, Yaval - 588, Raver - 589, MuktaiNagar - 623, Amalner - 384, Chopda - 568, Parola - 628, Pachora - 490, Chalisgaon - 514, Bhadgaon - 426

27th August:
Taluka Raining on 26th August 02 Total rainfall until now Average
Jalgaon 8.70 650.30 99.86%
Jamner 8 612 77..27
Erandol 0 516.30 81.46
Dharangaon 27 534 86.13
Bhusaval 7.90 598.5 87.31
Bodwad 3.90 642.80 100.44
Yaval 8 586 90.02
Raver 5 588 93.32
MuktaiNagar 3 613 101.98
Amalner 14 383 65.09
Chopda 22 568 86.85
Parola 18.20 628.20 111.76
Pachora 22 490 72.42
Chalisgaon 18 514 86.39
Bhadgaon 15 424 68.84
Average 12.0 555.54 87.05

Dam water level as on 26th August 2002 is as follows -
Hatnur - 174 MLT, Girna - 74.76, Manyad - 17.64, Bori - 4.557, Bokhari Bari - 1.184, Suki - 39.85, Abhora - 6.02, Agnavati - 2.76, Tondapur - 4.63, Hivra - 9.6, Mangrul - 6.40, Bahula - 11.91, Chankapur - 63.70, Keljhar - 14.78, Haranbari - 33.00, Nagasakya - 1.89.

26th August:

Heavy raining overflows all rivers and dam:
The Saturday began raining for more than 20 hours has overflowed all major rivers in the region and some property and crop losses have been reported in various areas. Parola taluka witnessed highest raining of 214mm. Jalgaon - 147mm, Pachora - 169, Chalisgaon - 140, Bhadgaon - 173, Amalner - 136, Chopda - 100, Erandol - 190, Dharangaon - 170, Jamner - 177, Bhusaval - 91, Raver - 101, Yaval - 130, MuktaiNagar - 113 and Bodwad 135mm is the talukawise raining statistics.
Amalner's Bori River has flooded after 4 years and Kang River in Jamner has flooded after 24 years. Around 15 villages have been severely hit due to heavy raining and no death has been reported in entire Jalgaon district. It now seems that at least this year there will be no Drinking water problem in Jalgaon district.
Nandurbar and Dhule district also witnessed heavy to very heavy raining. Weather department has predicted heavy raining in coming 48 hours in the district.

25th August:

Monsoon is back in full form in entire Maharashtra:
Since last evening there has been continuous full speed raining. Khandesh also witnessed season's the best rainfall and entire Jalgaon, Dhule and Nandurbar districts had heavy to very heavy raining continuing Saturday night as well Sunday morning. Pachora noted 47mm raining until 9pm in the night and many other places in the district noted very heavy raining. All rivers are flowing will water. Tapi River has shown significant increase in water level.
MSEB pleased people with continuous non-stop power-supply round the clock. No power cut has been reported in any of the area even though it was raining with high-speed wind.

24th August:

16 doors of Hatnur dam opened up:
Since last 2 days there has been continuous showering going on in the entire Khandesh area. Considering significant increase in level of water flow in the dam, 16 doors of the dam have been opened up to lower the water level.
Until now Hatnur - 192.2 MLT, Girna - 46.8, Manyad - 9.158, Bori - 0, Bhokarbari - 0.4, Suki - 35.469, Abhora - 6.020, Agnavati - 1.152, Tondapur - 3.8, Hivra - 3.521, Mangrul - 6.407, Bahula - 0, Chankapur - 44.170, Keljhar - 11.160, Haranbari - 30.5 and Nagasakya - 1.17 MLT is the current water level as on 22nd August 2002.

20th August:

Satisfactory Monsoon raining:
As per records from the weather department the monsoon raining from 01st June until 19th August 2002 has been satisfactory and more than last year figures in 7 taluka's of Jalgaon district. Jalgaon, Bhusaval, Bodwad, Yaval, Raver, MuktaiNagar, Chopda are the 7 taluka were there is more raining as compared to last year figures. However rivers and dams are still on normal level and people are expecting more of the monsoon pleasure.
Following is talukawise raining from 01st June 2002 to 19th August 2002. Figures in bracket represent previous year raining for same period.
Jalgaon - 487.01mm (479.2), Jamner - 418 (597), Erandol - 322 (475), Dharangaon - 335 (451), Bhusaval - 494.08 (413), Bodwad - 495 (480), Yaval - 440 (329), Raver - 465 (381), MuktaiNagar - 487 (365), Amalner - 233 (414), Chopda - 421 (385), Parola - 396 (499), Pachora - 296 (390), Chalisgaon - 356 (422), Bhadgaon - 235 (407).
Until now the average rainfall is 61.43% as compared to last years 68.70% monsoon. Dhule has the lowest of just 15% rainfall this year and Nandurbar has just 40% of average rainfall.

17th August:

Raining in district:
Since last morning continuous showering is going on in entire Khandesh. The showery raining has pleased people in monsoon. In some areas, the MSEB failed to provide power supply and people were in dark for 2-3hrs. The city area also witnessed power cut of around 1hr in evening 6pm to 7pm. Dhule district has the lowest of only 14% monsoon raining this year with Nandurbar having 40% monsoon raining.

13th August:

Good Monsoon raining in this week:
Since last week there has been good monsoon blessing in entire Khandesh. Jalgaon district has until now noted in all 58.16% raining. Talukawise data is as follows. Jalgaon - 71.68, Jamner - 50, Erandol - 49.70, Dharangaon - 52.42, Bhusaval - 69.20, Bodwad - 74.52, Yaval - 62.21, Raver - 63.20, MuktaiNagar - 72.37, Amalner - 38.07, Chopda - 64.07, Parola - 68.78, Pachora - 42.42, Chalisgaon - 57.82, Bhadgaon - 37.18.

08th August:

Monsoon continues:
The last entire day has been the monsoon day. Raining continued throughout the day with some time gap. Parola taluka noted maximum of 50.40mm raining while Jalgaon taluka noted 22.60mm raining.
There has been significant increase in storage of most of the drinking water supply sources of Jalgaon district.

07th August:

Satisfactory monsoon raining the entire District:
Since last evening there has been continuous raining in entire district till today morning. Following is complete talukawise listing of raining in the district. The figure shown in bracket indicates total rainfall until now.
Jalgaon - 6.26mm (64.47), Jamner - 2.00 (42.55), Erandol - 6.10 (37.24), Dharangaon - 2.00 (43.87), Bhusaval - 7.00 (62.06), Bodwad - 0.00 (70.22), Yaval - 7.00 (56.37), Raver - 56.00 (57.43), MuktaiNagar - 2.00 (70.87), Amalner - 1.00 (36.37), Chopda - 3.00 (60.70), Parola - 3.60 (50.28), Pachora - 6.00 (39.31), Chalisgaon - 1.00 (55.80), Bhadgaon - 3.00 (35.72)

05th August:

Heavy rainfall predicted in North Maharashtra Belt:
The Weather department has predicted heavy to very heavy raining in entire North Maharashtra zone in coming 48hours.
In last week, Thursday and Friday witnessed satisfactory to good raining in entire belt.

03rd August:

Monsoon continues:
This week end and the next week starter seem to be a big pleasure for Jalgaon district. With state government already declaring entire state as "Draught-affected", Jalgaon seems to have a plus point. This week end raining since Thursday has given monsoon satisfaction to common man. Jamner witnessed maximum rainfall of 54mm in the entire district. The weather department has predicted heavy to very heavy raining in the coming 3 days in the entire Khandesh.
However crops are already saved, but drinking water problem will be resolved only when Jalgaon's river are full of sufficient water. Until now most of the rivers are either dry or have a very low water level.

02nd August:

Monsoon showering pleases Khandesh:
Khandesh is witnessing medium size showering since last evening. Jalgaon city is also having good medium size showering and temperature has fallen significantly.

26th July:

Monsoon pleases entire Khandesh:
Since last 2 days there has been continuous showery raining in the entire Khandesh region. The showering has pleased entire Farming community as well as Business people.
Even though the raining is going on the city has very little storage of water in its supply tanks and this issue is going to create troubles for the city in coming days.

22nd July:

Showering in entire Jalgaon district:
Continuing the Saturday pending duty, the rainfall is back in Jalgaon district since Monday morning. Continuous showery raining is going on all around the district and climate is cloudy and pleasant.

20th July:

Monsoon rain pleases entire Khandesh:
The Thursday night started monsoon raining has pleased entire Khandesh and saved crop worth millions. Bodwad noted highest of 68mm, Muktai Nagar noted 42.5mm and Bhusaval 33.40mm were the three maximum raining areas in the district. The lowest hit was Chalisgaon with just 1mm raining and Bhadgaon just 3mm. Dhule and Nandurbar districts also noted good raining.
The raining stopped on Friday night. Even today climate is cloudy and is expect to be favorable in this weekend.

19th July:

Full night raining pleases Jalgaon life:
Friday has been a pleasing day for life of Jalgaon. Since last night there has been continuous medium to heavy raining in the entire district. The raining has made farmers happy as it saved their dying crop. People are happy to see raining after period of more than 20days.
MSEB power cut made life difficult in night. There was power cut for more than 4 hours in night due to heavy raining in the city. Still raining is going on city and as predicted it is expected to continue for the whole day. There is no sunrise today in the city due to this raining and entire atmosphere is cool and highly comfortable.

17th July:

Good rainfall in 5 taluka of District:
There has been a good rainfall in Pachora, Jalgaon, Erandol, Dharangaon and Bhadgaon in last 2-3 days. Pachora noted 33mm, Jalgaon 6.40mm, and Erandol 1mm, Dharangaon 4mm and Bhadgaon 9mm rainfall has been noted.
Until now Jalgaon taluka has in all 319mm rainfall and Amalner has 157mm, which is lowest in entire district. The department has predicted a good rainfall in entire Maharashtra in coming 2-3 days.

16th July:

Low Showers pleases city environment:
The 15mins long low showery rain made city environment pleasing and comfortable for people waiting for rainfall. It seems that GOD himself had came on to wash Jalgaon roads.
Dhule is another victim of low rainfall this year. Until now there has been very low rainfall in the region. Dhule city is already under trouble since last 2years. If the same trend continues this year, Dhule business will come to end.

14th July:

Rain awaited in Bhusaval:
The last week gone rain is awaited in Bhusaval taluka anxiously. If there is no rain in coming 2-3 days it may result in severe crop damage to farmers and loss of lakhs of rupees. There has been no raining in the taluka since last week.

11th July:

No Rain since last week:
The July opening has been dry for entire Jalgaon district with absolutely no raining in the entire week. Considering the previous week's good raining most of the farmer had planted there crops and was waiting for second rainfall to arrive. But if the same scenario continues then farmers will be in deep financial troubles. They will have to replant entire crop as second fall arrives.
Common People are also facing drinking water supply problem as council stopped tanker supply considering good rainfall.

30th June:

Rain continues in the district:
The last week begun rainfall continued on weekend also with full speed. In the noon time there has been good rainfall of around 40-50mins. Saturday, being weekly market day, people got in trouble due to this sudden high-speed rain.
Until now around 322 animals have been killed in the raining and around 157 houses have reported damages. In all a loss of around 20lakhs is being estimated. Chopda's Gul River's bridge got burst due to heavy water flow in the river. District's major water supplier Girana's water base is also increasing. Hatnoor dam's 24 out of 40 doors have been opened to tackle the overflow.

29th June:

Central Railway trains delays as rain continues in Mumbai:
Many of the Mumbai-lead central railway Trains have been delayed or rerouted and some cancelled following heavy rainfall in Mumbai and Ahemdabad. A connecting bridge between Mumbai and Ahemdabad was flowed out due to flood in river. Due to this bridge entire Mumbai Ahemdabad Trains route has disturbed. Many of the trains have been rerouted via Bhusaval and some of them are cancelled.
Due to this rerouting the original Bombay to MP, UP, Delhi route trains are getting delayed by hours and people are facing problem. However there is no incidence report in this route. Railway sources say that this situation will take another 4-5days to restore to normal. Till then the entire Railway timetable is bit disturbed.
Some trains that never even said "Hello" to Bhusaval station now have Bhusaval as key route. Some five star trains like Mumbai-Delhi Rajdhani Express, Golden-Temple Mail, Jaipur Super fast Express and Indore-Pune super fast express are being diverted by Bhusaval from 27th June to 02nd July. Special arrangements are being made at Bhusaval railway station for latest updates of passengers. A special team has been setup to help passenger facing any problems.
Jalgaon also is another beneficiary of this diversion. Many trains from Western railways that arrive from Ahemdabad/ Surat are now using Jalgaon as turn-point for their route towards Banglore/ Chennai. Paschim Express, Swarajya Express, Ahinsa Express, Jodhpur-Banglore Express, Ajmer Banglore Express, Hapa-Trivendram Express and Trivendram-Nijjamudin Rajdhani Express are the trains that are using Jalgaon as key turning point.
Imagine if Jalgaon/ Bhusaval could get any of these trains permanently via them. It will make huge benefits for entire Jalgaon district. How beautiful it will be if our area leaders could do something to make such strong benefits to the region?

28th June:

Crop plantation in full progress in entire District:
Considering very good starter for monsoon, farmers have begun their crop cultivation work in the entire region. Agriculture shops are full of people and it's their season after waiting of 1year. There is 7,80,100hect area for cultivation in the entire district.
Farmers are mainly planting Cotton crop that has good margin of profit in Jalgaon area. Raver area is planting regular crops.

Rain continues in the district:
The Monday started rain continued throughout the last day also with some breaks. In nighttime there has been good raining. Until now Jalgaon has total of 77.4mm rainfall. The full dry Mehrun is now full of water and so is the condition of rivers in the region.
Rainfall in Dhule and Nandurbar also continued in full pace.

27th June:

The monsoon rainfall:
The rainfall since last Monday has given relief to people. Since last night the raining has stopped. Rivers and dam in the area are flowing full of water. Municipal council is planning to provide water supply everyday soon as its Girana pumping and Dapora dam are full of water.
More than 200 animals have been killed in the raining.

26th June:

Heavy Continuous rainfall in city gives Monsoon Joy:
The rainfall started on Monday showered for the entire Tuesday also. Due to this all the rivers in the area are now flowing above the danger level mark. The rainfall took lunch break from 1pm to 2pm and then dinner break from 9pm to 10pm. For the entire day there has been continuous medium-speed showering in the entire district. Farmers waiting for cultivation cultivated their crop and prayed for best of monsoon this year. Even though the continuous rainfall disturbed normal-life in the entire city, people were satisfied with amount of rainfall. MSEB also successfully kept is supply ON for the entire day. However in the village areas there has been a long power-cut following heavy rainfall. The Telephone department was most hit with the rainfall. More than 500 lines were disturbed or dead due to rainfall. Parola, Bhusaval, Bodwad areas witnessed maximum rainfall in this period. The adjoining Dhule and Nandurbar districts also witnessed medium to heavy rainfall.
The rainfall stopped on Wednesday morning but the department has predicted heavy to very heavy rainfall in entire North Maharashtra belt in coming 48hours.

Talukawise Rainfall in Jalgaon District:
Taluka 01st to 25th June 2001(mm) 01st to 25th June 2002(mm)
Jalgaon 289.0 77.8
Jamner 73.0 93.0
Erandol 212.6 93.0
Dharangaon 219.0 94.0
Bhusaval 217.9 107.4
Bodwad 92.0 190.0
Yaval 187.0 80.0
Raver 144.0 97.0
MuktaiNagar 80.0 116.0
Amalner 168.0 76.0
Chopda 181.0 92.0
Parola 260.6 125.0
Pachora 93.0 92.4
Chalisgaon 147.0 147
Bhadgaon 143.0 96
Total: 2507.9 1576.6 mm

25th June:

Jalgaon District witnesses season's Best rainfall:
Since last morning Jalgaon is witnessing one of the best continuous rainfall in the entire district. The rainfall is continuous one and people are enjoying it. Initially last night there were some power problems due to this rainfall. But after some hours the power problem was resolved. The rainfall is expected to continue this entire week as indicated in our weather report this week.
Farmers are happy as their lives crop is saved. Monday witnessed around 31mm rainfall as noted by government officials. Most of rivers having no flowing water are now alive. It seems that GOD after long time has washed out entire city with his unique and special showery cleaning system.
Temperature has fallen drastically below 30level and has made Jalgaon people remember of Hill stations like Ooty and Kodai.

24th June:

Good rain in City outskirts, No rain in City:
Sunday witnessed good rain of around 20-25mins in city outskirt areas in the evening time. However there was no rain in main city. The rain has decreased city's temperature drastically and as per BBC reports the city is going to have good rainfall in this week. A 10degrees temperature fall has been predicted in just 2days giving a good sign of rainfall.
There are reports of good-starter in taluka area of Jalgaon district and farmers are happy with the beginning. But this year due to delayed start of rain, around 30% less crop of Banana has been cultivated.

22nd June:

Rainfall in Bhusaval:
After long wait Bhusaval witnessed a good rainfall of around 20-25mins on last day. This rainfall has generation enthusiasm in people and farmers are hopeful of more rainfall this year.

21st June:

MSEB cancels its Power Cut schedule:
Considering startup of rainfall, MSEB has announced cancellation of its 4days in a week power cut schedule in the entire Maharashtra State. This decision was made in effect from the last week and people are feeling greatly relaxed due to this.
MSEB had in all 8hrs weekly power cut Schedule in city areas and 16hrs weekly power cut Schedule in remote areas.

15th June:

Rainfall in Pachora and Chalisgaon:
Even though there is no major rainfall in city since this week beginning, the interior district areas are having good rainfall. Pachora reported 15mm and Chalisgaon reported 37mm rainfall up to 14th June 2002. Bhusaval taluka also reported good rainfall in this week and farmers have started their plantation work.

14th June:

Jalgaon City to get Pure Drinking water now onwards:
Jalgaon Municipal council has setup Ozonisation project to purify drinking water that is being supplied to entire Jalgaon city. The project will begin functioning from 14th June 2002. Jalgaon is second city in entire Maharashtra after Ahmednagar to have such water purification system. People will now get odourless and pure drinking water.

11th June:

Monsoon Rainfall arrives in Jalgaon:
As indicated by the weather department, last night Jalgaon had rainfall for around 20minutes in the nighttime. There has been cloudy environment today also and more rain is expected in these 2-3 days.

10th June:

Monsoon about to reach Jalgaon:
With monsoon beginning all over India, Khandesh is also about to hit with monsoon rainfall in next 24hours in Nashik, Nandurbar, Dhule and Jalgaon districts.

09th June:

Central Team observers take a look at Jalgaon's water problem:
Central government's Team of 7 people took in-depth review of Water problem of Jalgaon district. The team discussed and analysed last 10 years data of rainfall and overall life in the district. It also reviewed water levels in different water supply sources of the district.
The team visited various villages in the district where the water problem in on the intense.

05th June:

Bhusaval Witness season's first rainfall:
After 4days long cloudy environment Bhusaval witnessed rainfall for more than 20minutes last evening. Farmers, city people are happy with starting of rain. There has been significant fall in temperature in last week in entire Bhusaval taluka.
This year Bhusaval witnessed Jalgaon District's hottest environment with Thermometer touching 48.

04th June:

Monsoon arrival gives relax in Temperature:
The two month long 40+ Thermometer is no more now. There has been a significant drop in temperature in entire city since last week's rainfall. Since last two days temperature is in the range of 37 and is dropping day by day. People are feeling deeply relaxed due to this pleasant environment. MSEB also has significantly lowered its Load shading in entire district.

02nd June:

Windy Rainfall hits Jalgaon:
The sudden and most welcomed first rainfall to indicate arrival of monsoon in Jalgaon district. The rainfall was for more than 50minutes in the entire city with heavy wind flow.
Some minor loss has been reported in the rainfall, but overall people are happy with the arrival of monsoon in the city.

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